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'Grey's Anatomy' star Kevin McKidd: 'If I could be Shonda, I'd bring Cristina back'

If Greys Anatomy star Kevin McKidd could take over the show for a day, hed use his newfound powers to bring back a fan-favorite character: Cristina Yang. McKidd, who plays trauma surgeon Owen Hunt in the long-running medical drama, helped kick off the shows season 12 premiere which he...   Read More...

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 12 Premiere: New Beginnings for Everyone

The Shonda Rhimes medical drama kicked off its first full season without Patrick Dempsey.   Read More...

Heroes Reborn premieres modest as Shondaland returns dip

NBC's  Heroes  has returned, but its premiere is not enough to save broadcasts increasingly bummer premiere week. The two-hour debut of  Heroes Reborn  got off to a soft start Thursday night, delivering 6 million viewers and a 1.9 rating among adults 18-49 thats only 19...

Greys Anatomy: Kelly McCreary Talks Maggie in Pieces Exclusive

Wetpaint had the chance to talk with star Kelly McCreary to get the lowdown on all of Maggies emotional turmoil and its shockingly violent side effects!

Celebrate The Returns of Our Favorite TGIT Shows With E! Online's Shondaland Drinking Game!

It's finally Thursday, which means a) we're thirsty (for red wine, specifically), and b) it's the return of all our favorite SHONDALAND shows! During the long, hot summer, we'd look ahead to the bounty of Fall TV that seemed so far off in the distance and really thought this day would never come. Then again, some of us also thought we'd never wear overalls ever again, yet here we are. Our pals at E!, who possibly love TV just as much as we do, came up with a slew of drinking games to combine our two greatest joys (if you didn't catch that, they're a) wine, and b) television). Here's the Grey's Anatomy one for starters. Take a swig or a sip (but maybe not a full shot) every time on of their predictions comes true: Grey's Anatomy Meredith: Mentions Christina's name before Derek's Alex: Lets Jo down because he's worried about Meredith Bailey: Immediately anticipates the worst in a situation and is proven wrong Weber: Has a screaming match with Catherine over Bailey becoming Chief Callie: Runs into Arizona while out on a date Owen: Tells Amelia hat he wants more than a hook up Arizona: Has a scene with Sofia, her daughter, remember? Jackson: Continues to shut April out April: Tells someone how much being a war doc helped her, even though Jackson won't talk to her Amelia: Uses her addiction issues as an excuse to push Owen away once again Jo: Still fixing up that fixer-upper loft Stephanie: Has a storyline of her own. (Poor Stephanie!) Maggie: Plays referee between Meredith and Amelia at home Bonus: Finish you drink every time someone dances it out Check out the other #TGIT drinking games at E! Online .

Ellen Pompeo Performs CPR on Greys Anatomy Season 12 Co-Star Debbie Allen (VIDEO)

In a dramatic video from the Grey's Anatomy set, Ellen Pompeo performs emergency CPR on her co-star!   Read More...

The Most Important Shows on TV: Week of September 21, 2015

This week's Most Important Shows entry is super-sized because of the sheer number of them premiering this week. For more on what's premiering this week, make sure to check out our Premieres & Finales Calendar !   Returning Series: The Big Bang Theory (Season Premiere) Monday at 8:00pm on CBS Why: Leonard and Penny are maybe getting married? Also, more than 20 million people watch this show each week. There are only 300 million people in this country, so that's a sizable percentage. Play the odds, people! I'm sure the nerds (or "nerds" as my actual nerd friends would refer to these nerds) would give you the same advice. Bazinga and whatnot, you know? Besides, Kaley Cuoco's hair looks better now that it's grown out a little bit. Prepare to talk about: Penny and Leonard! Married! Maybe? Probably! So cute — but does this perpetuate stereotypes ? The internet probably thinks so, so you should say it does. Schlubby man with a hot wife? Then again, if the schlubby man is brilliant, is that a paradigm changer or whatever? (Lifehack: just use the word paradigm a lot and people will think you're smart.)   Empire (Season Premiere) Wednesday at 9:00pm on FOX Why: Last season's best new show (for real) is back, which means last season's best new characters is back. Lucious. JK OBVIOUSLY, it's Cookie. LOL, Lucious. Yeah right. No one thinks he's the best. Especially not the justice system, because now he's in jail! Meanwhile, (the nefarious?) Andre, Hakeem, Anika, and Mimi are ready to seal the deal on that hostile takeover of Empire. Prepare to talk about: #FreeLucious! COOKIE; COOKIE; COOKIE; COOKIE; Cookie's outfits; COOKIE; the music; and finally, COOKIE.     Grey's Anatomy (Season Premiere) Thursday at 8:00pm on ABC Why: It's a year in the future, and Meredith and the gang are all back. Well not the whole gang, you know, what with so many of them being dead or in fights with Shonda Rhimes. Medical things will happen, people will bang, and you know what? Life just goes on! Even on TV. Also, Taylor Swift watches this show and is professional best friends with Ellen Pompeo, and are you better than Taylor Swift? I don't know you, so maybe you are, but probably you are not. Also, my best friend, who is an ACTUAL BRILLIANT DOCTOR loves this show, so that counts for something. Prepare to talk about: Meredith, post-Derek: tough-skinned and optimistic-yet-vaguely-haunted, but with great hair, no? How Alex Karev is still around; how Maggie's all violent; why a successful surgeon (with children) still needs roommates.     New Series: The Muppets (Series Premiere) Tuesday at 8:00pm on ABC Why: "It's time to get things started / On the most sensational inspirational celebrational / Muppetational / This is what we call the Muppet Show!" Or at least that's how it used to be, back in the day, before everything went meta and mock-docs became a thing and now, instead of a delightful variety show starring felt beings, we have to pretend that they have lives, complete with confessionals to the camera. I am sad. Also, by now you've certainly heard that Kermit and Miss Piggy broke up and he's got a new slam piece in DENISE (potential last name: The Pig), ugh. Miss Piggy, we've got your back... whatever that's worth. Prepare to talk about: Freakin' Denise, the homewrecker (probably, unless we find out Miss Piggy dumped Kermit's sorry hand-infested ass, in which case, the narrative will change, and I will apologize for even caring); how the delightful old curmudgeons should in all likelihood be dead by now; if this Office -style mockumentary thing is soooooooooo early 2000s.   Scream Queens (Series Premiere) Tuesday at 9:00pm on FOX Why: Ryan Murphy made a new show starring his coterie of ingenues, and some of them will be bitchy and some of them will get murdered. Some of them will be both. A bunch of them are named Chanel! Presumably none of them are named Gap Dream or Axe Bodyspray (though maybe that's for the frat guys). Prepare to talk about: Who gets murdered, like, immediately; whether Ariana Grande uses her weird baby Betty Boop voice or what; why Nick Jonas is in this; what kind of dirt Ryan Murphy has on network execs that they won't stop giving him shows.   Heroes Reborn (Series Premiere) Thursday at 8:00pm on NBC Why: Remember when we all loved Heroes ? I do. Vividly. It had a great first season (mostly)! And then... [sadface emoji; here you can see my excitement come crashing down in the space of one day ]. Eventually, it was ignominiously canceled, and approximately zero people were sad. However, since NBC is all out of ideas (especially since that Coach reboot never really panned out), we have Heroes Reborn , in which the show is... reborn.On the upside, Hiro is back! On the downside, Matt Parkman is back. Blech. Anyway, maybe it'll be better this time around! Just keep repeating that to yourself. Prepare to talk about: Hiro Nakamura: still the best (probably); whether they'll ever manage to get Hayden Panettiere to guest star now that she's on Nashville ; whether, as David Bowie once proclaimed , we really can be heroes, just for one day.     Leah E. Friedman  is the editor of You can follow her musings on  Twitter . p { text-align: justify; }

'Everything Has Changed' in First Trailer for Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy -

In the first trailer for season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy , Meredith ( Ellen Pompeo ) promises in voice-over that “everything has changed.” The 21-second spot does not reveal an overwhelming amount of what’s to come, but it’s clear that Meredith’s life is looking a lot different one year following the death of Derek (Patrick Dempsey). Namely, her new roommates have no concept of tidiness — and one of them takes that to extreme when she’s seen swinging a sledgehammer into the wall. Read the full article at .

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Trailer Promises 'Everything Has Changed'

Let the sun shine indeed! Greys Anatomy released its Season 12 trailer Thursday morning and as heralded by both series creator Shonda Rhimes and the shows recently revealed key art the upcoming episodes will find Meredith in a much lighter place than where we left her. The 21-second promofinds Merwaking up alone (sniff) []

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Poster: Sunny Forecast for Meredith -

Ellen Pompeo can check an item off her bucket list: She finally has a Grey’s Anatomy poster all to herself. TVLine has obtained the official key art for Season 12 of the ABC medical drama, and it features Pompeo’s recovering widow Meredith front, center, solo and perched under a black umbrella. Read the full article at .