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T.R. Knight Returning to Broadway

Grey's Anatomy alum T.R. Knight is heading back to Broadway, according to The Associated Press. Knight, who played Dr. George O'Malley for five seasons on ABC's hit medical drama, will star in David Mamet's A Life in the Theatre as John, a novice actor who's counseled by a veteran performer (Patrick Stewart). Rehearsals for the play are scheduled for August, and previews are slated to begin in September. Source Here

Grey's Anatomy to Develop Jackson-Cristina Relationship?

Following this week's welcome news about Jesse Williams becoming a series regular on Grey’s Anatomy, the discussion must inevitably turn to his character's possibilities. Specifically, Jackson's romantic chemistry with Cristina (Sandra Oh). Cristina and Owen (Kevin McKidd) certainly have had their share of rough patches, and there was already a Jackson-Cristina kiss in Season Six that had fans buzzing. For now, Williams' gut says it probably won't progress beyond that. To Read More Click here .

'Grey's Anatomy' promotes Sarah Drew

It's official: Sarah Drew has been welcomed into Grey's Anatomy's elite Series-Regular Society. An ABC rep confirms that Drew's deal - which kicks in this fall with the start of season 7 - was finalized this morning. News of the former Everwood actress' promotion comes 48 hours after fellow Grey's rookie Jesse Williams joined the full-time ranks at Seattle Grace. It's safe to say that fans will be slower to embrace Drew's new status, given the mostly chilly reception her character - Mercy West alum/McDreamy-obsessive April - has received. But don't underestimate the redemptive powers of both fast-rising star Drew and series creator Shonda Rhimes. And if you're looking for Exhibit A, grab some Kleenex and rewatch April's emotional heart-to-heart with Mer in the season finale. Source Here

Grey's Anatomy' : Jesse Williams gets full-time upgrade

McPrettyEyes is looking at a long-term future at Seattle Grace. Sources confirm to me exclusively that Grey's Anatomy has officially upgraded Jesse Williams to a full-time series regular. His promotion kicks in this fall with the start of season 7. Williams, who joined Grey's last October as part of the polarizing Mercy West merger plot, was quickly pegged as the Invader Most Likely to See Another Season. Those hypnotic baby blues certainly didn't hurt. In my exclusive Q&A with Shonda Rhimes last month, the Grey's boss all but confirmed that Williams - as well as fellow rookie Sarah Drew - would be back next fall. "April and Jackson have really been folded into the group," she told me. "It'll depend on what the studio and the network decide to do with those actors, but I fully advocate to have them [stick around]." I'm told Drew's deal for next season is still being worked on, so stay tuned. Source Here

Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: Glee Finale, True Blood Premiere & Playing TV Catch-Up

Welcome to a new week of TV! If you missed any of your SideReel editorial team's columns last week, and/or want to check out our bios and more, visit our editorial team page: ''' Reel Critics '' As summer TV kicks off, don't forget to check our list of premieres each week like this week's Sink Your Teeth Into This Week's Summer Premieres, All Leading Up to True Blood! , and keep track of all the upcoming summer premieres on our full Summer Premiere Schedule ! What I'm Excited for this Week on TV: We're right in that TV limbo zone where it's time for the final fall show finale of the season, and to start kicking off the summer TV season! I'm excited for new episodes of Burn Notice , Royal Pains , and more this week, but my biggest TV highlights of the week are... Glee - As is the case with all season finales, this comes with a grain of salt. I'm super excited to see all the stops Glee will pull out for the season finale, but it also means the sadness of a glee-less summer. Despite that, I'm excited to see what will happen to our fav glee club now that it's finally time for regionals, and what drama will be stirred up, settled down, or concluded among all the characters. While there has been a lot of character drama since the fall finale, this past episode didn't have a lot of developments beyond Will and Terri's divorce getting finalized and Rachel officially getting her heart broken by Jesse. For the fall finale, I was hyped to see what would happen with all the couplings hanging in the air, but for this finale... what will happen besides the drama of regionals?? Guess we'll just have to wait and see! True Blood - While this thrilling premiere isn't coming until Sunday, I've been excited for it since the moment the 2nd season ended last summer! This show has made summer TV pretty much single-handedly, and it has made my TV-lovin' self actually sad to see summer TV go the last few seasons! I wasn't crazy about last season's focus on the Maryann craziness, but overall the show was still fantastic, so since the plot is looking cool this season including the drama around Bill's kidnapping plus some great new characters like a hottie werewolf played by Joe Manganiello, it looks like it's shape(shifting)up to be a great season! Get a reminder of where we left off last season and more on what's coming up this season on our new episode of This Week in TV 6.06.10 . What are you most excited for this week on TV? Summer Catch-Up Time Now that I'm spending about 20 hours less a week on new episodes of fall TV, there's plenty of time for some serious TV catch-up. (Seriously!) Grey's Anatomy - I did it! I really, really did it! Not only did I catch up on 10 episodes of Grey's Anatomy over the weekend (okay, that's a little embarrassing...) but I got away with waiting an entire 15 days after the dramatic, widely gabbed about Grey's season finale without... any... spoilers. Well, I did know there was something going on with a shooter in the finale, but considering that's all I heard, without a hint about who lived and died or any other plot points, I'd say that's pretty good for someone who spends all day on SideReel, Facebook, and Twitter. I'd lost track of Grey's in February because I just got tired of it, like many a fan did back in the day when they realized there was nothing new or interesting happening, and all the characters had become annoying. But, since I heard the finale was insane and I hadn't heard anyone talk about Grey's that way for years, I had to dig in and catch up with my spare TV time! I found it well worth the catch-up time though it meant staying up far too late after watching the intense finale all alone late at night! So, overall, I'd assume no one is reading this who didn't see the finale yet, so I won't recommend catching up if you haven't, but I would love to hear any thoughts on the finale since I've been avoiding all the chatter about it for weeks! Did you think it was awesome and got Grey's back on track, or was just a hyped up finale for a show that'll go back to the dull norm next season? Breaking Bad - While this one is actually still airing due to its random AMC schedule, it's another one I'd gotten behind on, but this time due entirely to waiting for my Breaking Bad watching comrade to catch up with me, and certainly not due to lack of interest in the show since it's absolutely edge-of-your-seat fantastic all the time! We're still working our way through the new season, which I was getting afraid was slowing down on its greatness and uniqueness until I got through Episode 5 of Season 3 where the plot stepped it up from dragged out family pain for Walt after quitting his meth cooking and selling to him diving head-first back into it with no good family-support intentions this time around! Can't wait to keep catching up through the end of the season coming all too soon on June 13th. What's on your summer catch-up list? The SideReel Editorial Team is on Twitter! Follow Kendra @sidereelKendra Follow Rachel @sidereelRachel Follow Alex @sidereelAlex Follow Dom @animereel Last Week's Editorial Columns Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: Glee, Burn Notice, Royal Pains & Summer Marathon Plans! Alex's Reality Rant: Sizing Up This Season's Bachelorette Hopefuls!

Katherine Heigl listed incorrectly on Emmy ballot â?? after Gold Derby came to her rescue

Attention, Emmy voters: Yes, that's a goof on your ballot. Katherine Heigl isn't in the running for "Desperate Housewives." She's really up for "Grey's Anatomy" despite what the ballot said after Emmy voting commenced at 6 p.m. PST on Friday. The TV academy promises that it will be fixed by Monday morning when staffers return to the office. Meantime, to see the original mistake, click on the image above -- it expands. Frankly, it's a miracle Heigl got on the ballot at all. Clearly, the goof of listing the wrong TV show below her name was made in the mayhem of her name being jammed onto the ballot at the last minute after Gold Derby discovered she was missing from the race. Last Wednesday, Gold Derby discovered that Heigl's name still had not been submitted for Emmy contention only two days before voting was set to begin. It was an omission that surely would've caused an uproar similar to the last time Gold Derby noticed she wasn't listed on the ballot one year after she won best supporting drama actress of 2007. In 2008, Heigl told us, "I did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination and in an effort to maintain the integrity of the academy organization, I withdrew my name from contention." Her shocking candor caused a series insider to fume to EW over her "ungrateful slap in the face to the very writers responsible for her Emmy win in the first place." Soon thereafter rumors flew that writers plotted to kill off her character, who came down with cancer. Ultimately, Heigl's character rallied and left the TV series healthy, but 18 months before Heigl's contract was set to end. Heigl quietly rejoined the Emmy race last year, but she didn't get nominated. When we heard that she had not submitted paperwork this year, we asked her new media rep for comment, but the rep told us via e-mail at 7:49 p.m. Thursday night -- less than 24 hours before the start of Emmy voting -- "She DID in fact submit, so this (report) is NOT true." However, Gold Derby double-checked our source, found out our info WAS, indeed, true, and we alerted the new rep. A scramble ensued to cram Heigl on the ballot before a new uproar could break out. On Friday, we received an e-mail from Heigl's rep thanking us for catching the mistake, adding, "We have sorted it out. In the transition between publicity firms, and unbeknownst to Ms. Heigl (or us), the submission was not completed, but now has been!" This year Gold Derby broke the news that another past winner of best supporting drama actress is not on the Emmy ballot -- last year's champ Cherry Jones ("24"). And her rep will not explain why she's absent. Meantime, past Emmy victor of best supporting drama actor, Terry O'Quinn ("Lost") is back on the ballot after quitting the race last year, but his rep has not responded to our request for an explanation. Source @ LA TIMES

Shonda Rhimes: No Real Wedding for Mer-Der on 'Grey's'

We're kind of OK with the post-it wedding between Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) on Grey's Anatomy, especially considering how Alex (Justin Chambers) and Izzie's (Katherine Heigl) marriage went (he was on the ground bleeding and calling out her name; she was nowhere in sight). But some Grey's Anatomy fans would still like to see Mer walk down the aisle to a waiting McDreamy in tux. To them, Grey's big boss Shonda Rhimes says drop it. "I deeply appreciate the fans and how much they care about Meredith and Derek, but as a woman and a human being and the mother of a girl, I just feel like this idea that somebody in a big, white dress is the be-all and end-all of human existence is a terrible message to send out," she tells Entertainment Weekly. To Read More Click Here .

Is It Just Me: Grey's Anatomy's Lockdown

On the May 20 season finale of Grey's Anatomy, a roving gunman with a grudge went on a killing spree at Seattle Grace Mercy West. But would anyone off the street really be able to have the run of the joint? According to Dr. Glenn P. Kelley, a cardiologist at East Jefferson General Hospital in Metairie, La., there's good news and bad: "Patient room doors do not lock," says Kelly, "so that doctors can get to them if we need to." However, "supply rooms, pharmacy rooms, and rooms with sensitive/expensive equipment and call rooms all definitely do lock." Oh, and there are entire wards- maternity and psychiatry, for example - that are kept on 24/7 lockdown to prevent the wrong folks from getting in or out. Translation: A stint in the nuthouse has never looked so good. Source Here

Greyâ??s Creator Has a Plan for Next Season â?? And Evan Lysacek!

Grey’s Anatomy fans were rendered speechless after Thursday night’s two-hour season finale. Caution: spoilers ahead! A gunman opened fire at Seattle Grace hospital, killing doctors Reed (Nora Zhehetner) and Charles (Robert Baker). Derek (Patrick Dempsey), Alex (Justin Chambers) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) were wounded in the melee, and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) revealed she was pregnant, only to miscarry later in the episode. After the show aired, “I had to get out of the house,” Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes told PEOPLE. A self-confessed “crazy, sick, stalker skating fan,” she headed straight to the ESPN Zone reception for Olympic figure skater and current Dancing with the Stars finalist Evan Lysacek, who was in Los Angeles for the Smucker’s Stars on Ice tour. While the Grey’s subject matter was emotional and disturbing, Rhimes says, “My cast was very happy. It was an amazing acting challenge for the actors. Everyone was playing at the top of their game.” As for how things will resume next fall — Owen did profess his love to Cristina after all — Rhimes says, “There’s always a plan.” But for the next several days, Rhimes will focus on Dancing’s finale. “I vote for Evan,” Rhimes admits, and jokingly ponders casting Lysacek — scrubs and all — in one of her medical dramas. “I don’t know if our hospital needs a skater, but maybe in South America,” Rhimes said, referring to her new ABC mid-season medical drama Off The Map. “Somewhere in the middle of the Amazon jungle, there he is.” Lysacek and partner Anna Trebunskaya face off against Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough, and Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. If Rhimes could script the perfect ending, the two-night season-10 ballroom showdown would provide “some excitement. I want a last act twist. I want a shocker!” –Monica Rizzo Source: People

TV Ratings: 'Grey's Anatomy' shooting nabs 18-49 demo, but CBS wins Thursday

The "Grey's Anatomy" season finale was almost enough for ABC to best CBS for an overall win, but the doctors of Seattle Grace couldn't quite save the night (or several of their team). Instead, the finales of "The Mentalist" and "CSI" took the crown for CBS again. CBS averaged 12.4 million viewers and a 7.7 rating/13 share in households. ABC was nipping on its heels with 11.8 million and a 7.6/13. FOX's finales took a respectable third place with 7.4 million, 4.6/8. NBC trailed in fourth, though they were up from last week, with 5.0 million viewers, 3.2/5. The CW's rerun of "Smallville" was last with 1.4 million and a 0.9/2 share. ABC took the all-important 18-49 demographic with a 4.1 rating. The other networks were far behind, as CBS had a 2.6, NBC and FOX tied for third with a 2.4 and the CW had a 0.5 in the demo. To Read More Click Here .