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Photos - Grey's Anatomy 7.09 "Slow Night, So Long"

Last night we posted promo photos for the upcoming November 11 new episode of Grey's Anatomy.  This morning, we have photos for the November 18 episode from ABC. THE RESIDENTS ARE ON THEIR OWN WITH THE DREADED NIGHT SHIFT AS THE ATTENDINGS GO OUT TO PLAY, ON ABC'S "GREY'S ANATOMY" To Read More Click Here.

Grey's Anatomy Promo & Sneak Peek: "Something's Gotta Give"

We were expecting some resolution on several stories, but last night's Grey's Anatomy, "That's Me Trying," seemed to leave even more up in the air. What does the future hold? Next week, heavier security measures than ever are put into place as a team of doctors, led by Chief Webber, attempt to save the life of a political figure from the Middle East. Cristina decides to throw a housewarming party, and Alex shows up late from a weekend away to his first day of rounds with the new Pediatrics Attending, Dr. Phil Stark. Here's ABC's first promo for "Something's Gotta Give" ... Source & Preview

New Grey's Anatomy Webisode

Beginning in early October, ABC started posting Grey's Anatomy webisodes on its website every Thursday.  The plan is to run them once week until November 18 (after which they'll post a bonus "Making Of" webisode on November 25).  We're currently on the fourth webisode, which is entitled "Nerves". Following the hospital shootings, Seattle Grace-Mercy West is faced with a serious image problem. In this new web series, Chief Webber and his staff confront the issue by attempting to create the hospital's first sizzle reel! To Read More Click Here.

Grey's Anatomy: Mock Tragedy Strikes Seattle Grace

Trauma will strike Seattle Grace once again in Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy when a plane crashes into a bus just outside the hospital. Or at least that's what Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) tells the doctors. After winning the $1 million grant for his disaster training pitch, the Army doc will set up a mock trauma outside of the hospital. "He basically sets up a mass casualty situation out in the parking lot of the hospital, creating this crazy environment to push the residents so they can learn about mass-trauma situations that aren't necessarily orthodox," McKidd says. In torrential downpour, the doctors must triage the patients, which are dummies with note cards explaining their symptoms. "At any given moment I can flip over that card and give the person new symptoms," McKidd says. "He keeps them there until every single patient dies." To Read More Click Here.

Sneak Peeks - Grey's Anatomy 7.07 "That's Me Trying"

After last week's documentary-style episode, Grey's Anatomy will be returning with a new episode this week on November 4.  We've already posted promo photos for the upcoming episode and now we have four sneak peeks below from ABC. CRISTINA IS FINALLY FACED WITH A DO OR DIE SITUATION, ON ABC'S "GREY'S ANATOMY" Mandy Moore ("A Walk to Remember," "Saved!"), Ryan Devlin ("Veronica Mars") and Amber Benson ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") Guest Star "That's Me Trying" - The residents are pushed to their limits when Owen puts them through a rigorous trauma certification drill; meanwhile, Cristina is also tested when left alone to monitor a very ill lung transplant patient, on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 11 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (Rebroadcast. OAD 11/4/10). To Read More Click Here.

Photos - Grey's Anatomy 7.07 "That's Me Trying"

A new episode of Grey's Anatomy will be airing this week on November 4.  Below are promo photos and a synopsis from ABC. CRISTINA IS FINALLY FACED WITH A DO OR DIE SITUATION, ON ABC'S "GREY'S ANATOMY" Mandy Moore ("A Walk to Remember," "Saved!"), Ryan Devlin ("Veronica Mars") and Amber Benson ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") Guest Star. To Read More Click Here.

Grey's Anatomy Promos & Sneak Previews: "That's Me Trying"

The drama is really building on Grey's Anatomy. Cristina reaches a boiling point next week, as evidenced by these promos and sneak preview clips from "That's Me Trying." Dr. Yang is finally faced with a do-or-die situation that forces her to rediscover the fire. How will she respond? And will Arizona and Callie really leave for Africa as a happy tandem? We posted a photo gallery for the episode earlier. Now, here's ABC's first promo: To Read More Click Here.

Grey’s Anatomy Star Jessica Capshaw Welcomes Baby Girl

It's a girl for Jessica Capshaw and husband Christopher Gavigan, People reports. The Grey's Anatomy star, 33, gave birth to Eve Augusta on Oct. 20. "The family is thrilled to welcome their newest addition," her rep told People. Capshaw, the daughter of actress Kate Capshaw, and her husband already have a 3-year-old son, Luke. The couple married in 2004. Source Here

Grey's Anatomy' boss vetoes controversial Alex/Izzie plot

It appears Izzie Stevens has cheated death once more. In an effort to give Alex/Izzie fans some closure in the wake of Katherine Heigl’s abrupt departure last spring, Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes contemplated bringing their love story to a tragic end this season. She stops short of saying cancer survivor Izzie would’ve died off screen, but — keep reading and do the math. “We discussed a lot of options, and the one we settled on felt like the [best idea] without having Izzie actually there,” she explains. “But it also felt like the cruelest possible thing.” To Read More Click Here.

TV Ratings Report: What National Pastime?!?

What does it say about the popularity of baseball these days when the World Series gets crushed in the ratings by shows that can be recorded on a DVR? 8 p.m. World Series: 12.3 million viewers The Big Bang Theory: 12.8 million/$#*! My Dad Says: 10.8 million It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: 6.98 million Scared Shreckless: 8.2 million/Community: 5.7 million The Vampire Diaries: 3.5 million 9 p.m. CSI: 14.1 million Grey's Anatomy: 10.7 million World Series: 11.77 million The Office: 8.05 million/Outsourced: 5.9 million Nikita: 2.6 million 10 p.m. The Mentalist: 14.6 million Private Practice: 7.8 million The Apprentice: 3.8 million Source Here