Netflix Gets Exclusive Rights to Mako Mermaids Sequel to Hit Teen Series H2O- Just Add Water

Netflix has announced that they have acquired the exclusive rights to Mako Mermaids, the sequel to the hit teen Australian series H2O – Just Add Water from Jonathan Shiff. The flagship mermaid-themed series gained popularity in many of Netflix’s markets including the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland and the Nordics. READ MORE...

Important! {SPOILER ALERT}

It has been confirmed by one of the directors that in season 3, Rikki and Zane break up and Zane starts dating Sophie, Will's sister. Using this to her advantage, Sophie tries to get the cafe renamed "Zane's" instead of "Rikki's". The couple will be a rerun of the relationship between Lewis and Charlotte. There has also been speculation that Sophie finds out about the mermaid secret. (This is mostly during episode 20, "Queen for a Day")


so heres some things i heard 1. ash will be on the show ONCE IN A WHILE along with charroltte 2.emma is coming back at the end of the season ANYONE ELSE HEAR THIS ? IS IT TRUE ? i like bella but rikki's the best

Episodes 4 and 5 are out!

its on youtube. not the best quality though but you can still see it! here's part 1 of episode 4- 2- 3- here's part 1 of episode 5- 2- 3-

Episode 2 is out!

there is part one of a great quality of H2O episode 2!!! you can find the other parts pretty easily but if you need them here they are

Uk Air Date confirmed

I was reading through this months' Sky Mag and found on the Nick page, H20. It said about Bella being a new mermaid and that this would air in October half tern 2009. Week starting 26th Octomber! :D

Season 3 opening and preview!!! CHECK IT OUT(:

okay so I got bored (as always.. lol) and i decided 2 c if i culd find ne other updates 4 season 3... quess what?? word is that australia has officially released episode 1 of season 3!! YAY!!!! but unfornuately the videos arent ne where on the web:( or atleast where i can find that is.. but i did find on youtube an official season 3 music trailer and a preview of the first episode "crocodile tears"!!!! season 3 is said 2 b realeased in the USA in october?? can ne one confirm that 4 me?? plz and thanks and enjoy the videos!!!!! Music Trailer (Indiana Evans is signing the song) "Crocodile Tears" Preview Clip Credits go to(: thepaintedworld (posted the trailer) renanziito (posted the preview clip) ^^ thanks guys ur the best and just possibly saved the lives of many young teenagers(:

Season 3 news

Ok so i'm not sure about any of this but this is what I've heard. *Emma moves away to film the messengers 2 but is in the first episode *Lewis disappears after a hurricane *Rikki and Zane breakup :( *Rikki likes Will who accidentally unleashes powers of makko island and turns the water against the girls *Bella, a mermaid since she was 8, is a singer who wants to date Zane but Rikki won't let her (so maybe this means she still likes him!!!!) *I have heard different things about Bella's power: I have heard they give her Emma's power and that she can turn water into slime... kinda weird... *Zane is heart broken and is determined to revel makko island's secrets *Season 3 premieres in October on channel 10 in Australia That's it I think add more if I missed something

Season 3 pictures and a scene clip[only 24 seconds]*(:!!!!

okay c i was searching around 4 season 1 and 2 episodes 2 rewatch and i stumbled upon a season 3 scene clip. its only lyke 24 seconds and it has some man speakin in another language but i was lyke well hey atleast theres still something i got 2 c! well i also found some videos ppl made w/ pictures of season 3 and soo on. i own NONE of the videos and i have no clue watsoever as to of where they got the pictures... so ya here they r(: and if you go to and click on video and then type in H2O Just Add Water season 3 there is alotta videos up just search through and you may find something interesting(: just take these links and copy paste them into your browser and they should work that way enjjjjoooooyyy(: -this is just a video of pictures of Season 3 -This is the scene clip i found. its only 24 seconds and there is some man talkin in a different language through almost the whole time if any one speaks this langauge and can translate it will b greatly appreciated! -Skip to about 1:55 and there is a collage of the girls as mermaids. there is emma, cleo, rikki, charlotte, and EVEN bella - here is another video of some season 3 pictures - and this one i thnk i lyke the best on pictures wise.. it shows alot more than the others.

h20 season 3

Airing late 2009 Cleo and Rikki face their last year of high school without Emma, who's left town with her family, but are confident they know everything about their mermaid powers and Mako's secrets. But when Will — a freakishly skilled free-diver — uncovers a new cavern on Mako, he unwittingly unleashes a force that turns water against them. Luckily for them, they befriend a new mermaid, Bella, who brings an all new energy to the group. It seems they may need her help as Zane, heartbroken at being dumped by Rikki, is out to exploit Majo's secrets and may destroy everything if the girls can't stop him. Note: filming on series 3 will finish at the end of April 2009. The series will not air in Australia until late 2009. if u want more info go to-->