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'Hawaii Five-0': Chi McBride steps up for a change-of-pace episode

"Hawaii Five-0" takes a bit of a departure with Friday's (April 3) episode. You'll see not one shootout or car chase, and McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) is only in a handful of scenes.Instead, the episode focuses on a case that hits very close to home for Grover (Chi McBride). Clay Maxwell (Mykelti Williamson), an old friend and former partner from Chicago visits the island, and they initially have a great time catching up.The next day, however, Maxwell's wife (Kim Wayans) dies in what appears to be a hiking accident. Grover is initially heartbroken for his buddy -- but then begins to suspect the death was no accident, as you can see in the clip above.RELATED: 'Hawaii Five-0' 100th episode: Life without McGarrett is ... not that badThe change of pace is good for both his character and the show, McBride tells Zap2it: "If you can execute it well, then it's healthy for the life of the...

What Will Ruin Kono and Adam's Wedding on Hawaii Five-0?

  All signs are pointing to a wedding between Kono ( Grace Park ) and Adam ( Ian Anthony Dale ) on the season finale of Hawaii Five-0 , but will they get hitched without a hitch? Of course not, it's TV! Kono and Adam are totally crazy-nuts in love. That's not the problem. "Everything's quite good with that ...   Read More...

CBS Sued Over 'Hawaii Five-O' Theme By Composer's Family

A lawsuit by Morton Stevens' children alleges that CBS wrongfully filed a renewal registration after he died and that the new show infringes their rights.   Read More...

Hawaii Five 0 5x19 - Promo Kahania Close Shave

McGarrett and Odell try to protect a young man hunted by a gang; Jerry is falsely accused of crimes. Airs Friday March 13 on CBS.

Hawaii Five-0 5x18 - Promo "Pono Kaulike"

Chin and Danny are taken into custody over past deadly transgressions; McGarrett seeks Joe's help. Airs Friday March 06 on CBS.

Hawaii Five-0 Sneak Peek: Danny and the 'Killing Machine' Return to Therapy

Perhaps Hawaii Five-0s unseen therapist should just wave the white flag and let Steve and Danny agree to disagree? In the above sneak peek from tonights episode (CBS, 9/8c), Five-0s top cops are subject to another round of therapy, just as they were in the Season 5 premiere. This time around, the topics at hand []

Who's the New Wo Fat on Hawaii Five-0?

  Now that Hawaii Five-0 's McGarrett ( Alex O'Loughlin ) has killed his archnemesis Wo Fat ( Mark Dacascos ), will another villain be groomed to replace him as the show's Big Bad? Remember when Danny ( Scott Caan ) and Chin ( Daniel Dae Kim ) borrowed $5.5 million from Chin's jailbird former brother-in-law ...   Read More...

Hawaii Five-0 5x14 Promo ''Powehiwehi''

Kono fights for her life when she discovers the identity of a notorious criminal who has never been seen. She also confesses to Adam that she is conflicted about their future together due to his ties to his formerly corrupt family business. Airs Friday Feb. 6 on CBS.

Hawaii Five-0 Picture Preview: Adam is Back!

The latest string of Hawaii Five-0episodes have been rather Steve-centric. While we aren't complaining about all of the time we get with Steve it is nice to get a change every now and then. By the looks of these photos, I think it is safe to say that we are in store for an installment centered around our favorite and only female member of the H50 team.   Read More...

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 13 - La Po'ino Preview

Five-0 must find a kidnapped patient infected with a contagious and lethal strain of bird flu which the culprits intend to weaponize. Airs Friday January 30 at 09:00 PM on CBS.