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What's next?

Well, now he proposed, will she say yes? IS she the MOM?? Any ideas? theories?

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother iz funneee! YaY!

Season 3 Finale : Miracles

Ted has a brush with death, which makes him evaluate his relationship with Stella.

You Be the Judge: Britney on Mother, The Remix

Tonight was the big night (or the second big night, more accurately)! Britney Spears was back on How I Met Your Mother , reprising her role as the slightly clueless, slightly stupid, completely Ted-obsessed Abby. I want to hear your reactions to her performance. Mine are as follows: I know you shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you. What I mean is...I know that How I Met Your Mother owes a large part of its renewal to this newfound Britney Spears partnership, so I won't rip her apart. That being said, I can't help but feeling like whenever Britney speaks that she sounds very forced. It's like she's trying too hard (at least she's trying though, so I give her credit for that) and it just doesn't quite work. At any rate though, Britney wasn't even a major part of the episode, so I wasn't so offended that I got angry. More concerning though is that judging by the end of tonight's episode as well as additional statements made by the show's creators, it seems as though HIMYM is still leaving open the possibility for additional Britney Spears appearances. My Britney patience is starting to wear thin - any more Britney and I will be offended, because I just don't think she is actually adding anything to the show (beyond ratings). So now it's your turn! What did you think of Britney on HIMYM: The Remix as well as the episode in general?

Will Forte from SNL was on!!

I love the guest stars they are getting. Will Forte as Randy, his rebound bro, was pretty hysterical. Anyone know when Britney is expected back or what she might play?

A ted without a Barney?

The 17th episode wasn't the best, more so because if Barney and Ted cannot be friends anymore, there isn't much "have you met Ted" and without that whats the show?! :D

Episode 17 from Zango is adware

Zango, formerly 180solutions and Hotbar, manufactures known adware and spyware typically required to access partner's games, DRM-protected videos and software. Zango software is listed as "Adware" by Symantec. McAfee states, "this program may have legitimate uses", but describes it as a "potentially unwanted program", and an "adware downloader". That's from Wiki.

HIMYM Mother Theory

I have a theory to who the mother is. In the St. Patricks Day episode at the bar imediatley after the commericial about half way thru the show, ted approaches Barney and right before he talks to barney, he bumps into a brunette girl and says sorry. in total its about 2 seconds, but i think the producers made him bump into her for a reason.

episode 15

yo when is episode 15- "simmons report" going to be uploaded???? please upload it soon a possible im dieyin to watch it lol

The Mother

So I'm reckoning, the mother, the 100% made for ted woman from the dating service, the yellow umbrella girl and wait for it..... the slutty pumpkin are all one in the same. Their faces have never been seen.