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There's definitely some good summer reality TV. For me, this includes So You Think You Can Dance , Top Chef Masters , and I'm even warming up to The Fashion Show (Bravo's shameless Project Runway copy upon losing the show to Lifetime Television ). Then...there's the other stuff. So, we've decided that it would be fun to put to a collective SideReel vote what is the absolute worst excuse for a reality TV show that somehow managed to end up on television? As the title states, you'd basically rather gouge your eyes out than sit through an episode of... Some possible options: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Jon & Kate plus 8 (dear god I have heard enough about these 2 clowns...) Hitched or Ditched Real World: Cancun The Superstars Here Come the Newlyweds Wipeout I Survived a Japanese Game Show More to Love (coming soon...basically The Bachelor with overweight people) Big Brother 11 NYC Prep Comment with your selection. Feel free to nominate a different show than the ones listed here or to renominate a show that has already been mentioned. Have fun identifying the bottom feeders of summer television!

Who Are These Celebrities?

I fear we have forgotten what the word celebrity means: One who is celebrated. Look at the cast of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (How do you abbreviate that? IAC...GMOOH? That doesn't save any time). I find it funny that we "celebrate" these people by humiliating them - not that they don't deserve it. But the consequence of this public disgrace is that these people, who would be fast forgotten, are having their 15 minutes of fame extended. I mean...Stephen Baldwin? Come on. Call me when "Bio-Dome 2: Back in the Dome" comes out.

I'm A Celebrity... Heidi and Spencer

would you watch the show if they weren't there? [spam link removed]

'I'm a Celebrity...' Premiere: Totally Hooked or Ready to Book? - Featured

Last night brought us the fantastically overdramatic premiere episode of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! - and WOW did Heidi and Spencer ever deliver the drama! I thought these two were unbearable (and the train wreck you can't pull yourself away from) living their A-List lives on The Hills , but throwing these pampered brats into the jungle was magically delicious. Yes, I'm certain the casting crew chose these two because they knew Heidi and Spencer would fall apart and also purposefully create drama, but fake or not, I adored watching them! It was fantastic to see Heidi have a heart attack about the rough conditions of the camp, not being able to sleep with Spencer (in both ways that can be meant), Spencer on the phone with NBC complaining about the low-level celebs they were stuck with and the terrible conditions, and oohh the freak-outs that came after all that! Spencer, I don't care if you think you're being a clever "villain," you are a jerk through and through, and we all adore to watch you make a fool of yourself repeatedly. Oh wait, I'm sorry, he's a new Christian still learning to control his temper, so let's not be too harsh. As the hilarious "Frangela" said, afterall, you can't get mad when little children have temper tantrums because they're just learning to deal with their emotions and they don't know or mean what they're saying. Now, on that Christian note, fake freak-outs or not, God bless these celebs for putting up with Speidi for a day, much less the possible 3 weeks! So after Spencer's 6th temper tantrum, the gang actually got to compete which was typical gross stuff like eating bugs and animal parts, pitting the women against the men. So with the fun and grossness of the challenges so far and the engrossing drama that is Speidi plus the other competing celebs, were you loving this summer reality newbie, or were you not enthralled enough to stick around? Add your comments below! Also, I'm representing SideReel in a blogger contest around this reality madness, "I'm a Blogger, Get Me Out of Here," which could send me to Costa Rica to live blog the finale! All of you wonderful voters got me to Round 2 of competition which will have voting open Wed - Thurs (5/3-5/4), so please keep an eye on SideReel News for an update on how and where to vote! Thanks so much!! Photo courtesy of

Janice's unfair advantage?

I know its only a reality show but janice has already appeared in the uk verison of this show (but she was amazingly funny the whole time), so she will know what to prepare for! what do you think?

NBC Site Interviews

There are actually some really great interviews on the NBC site that people should check out (Heidi and Spencer are definitely worth watching, Sanjaya too!) There is also a really good group interview they do where they discuss what made them sign up, and Rob Blagojevich discusses his interest on being somehow affiliated with the show (since he can't fly to Costa Rica!) |shows|dropdown Interviews and Photos