I'm a Celebrity's Holly Montag and Janice Dickinson on "Sanj-olly" and Salley

Thursday's I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! featured a double elimination, in which America chose to get rid of celeb sib Holly Montag and perennial loudmouth Janice Dickinson. Montag wasn't ready to leave the jungle after loving "every minute of it" - especially the moments she shared with former American Idol finalist Sanjaya Malakar. "Sanjaya's my best friend," Montag explains. "We got very close, but nothing romantic; it's not very private there. [But] we can be 'Sanj-olly.' I love that. That's the cutest thing I ever heard." Off-camera, Holly insists that "everything's great in the Pratt/Montag bunch." When asked about her rocky relationship with brother-in-law Spencer Pratt on The Hills, Montag said, "Since then we've just come to a mutual understanding. He's the funniest guy I know. I'm so happy we're getting along and it's been great. I'm very pleased that they're married." Fellow evictee Janice Dickinson wasn't shy about sounding off on cast-mate and NBA vet John Salley. "It's John Salley's world, on- and off-camera," Dickinson told "We didn't see eye-to-eye at all. He is a four-time champion NBA ballplayer who pushed a middle-aged woman... I didn't like being manhandled by Mr. Salley." But today, the model and reality show fixture is doing well. "For a middle-aged woman going through menopause, as a single parent raising two teenagers, I'm just fine and dandy." Source Here

Janice Dickinson to Stay on 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here'

It looks as though Janice Dickinson is not going the same way as Speidi. After being rushed out of Costa Rica to receive medical treatment for a viral infection, the model decided to remain in the competition for I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! . It was discovered that Dickinson entered the show while suffering from bronchitis. Throughout the contest, she confessed to being very uncomfortable due to hunger, and even admitted that she felt "backed up." Her fellow contenders shared her pain, but tried to help out the best they could. American Idol 's Sanjaya Malakar assisted Janice Dickinson before she was taken by the ambulance. After a series of yoga poses and eating a number of fruits like papayas and prunes didn't alleviate the model's aches, he massaged her stomach but to no avail. This led the staff to diagnose her with a viral infection and rush her to the hospital. "Today, we really believed she's sick," John Salley said. Patti even told the rest that she had to hold Janice's hair back while she threw up that night. While Janice Dickinson was away, the rest of the celebrities had to deal with an entity far worse than a stomach cramp. A snake crept into the camp, endangering the occupants. While Patti and John were awakened by the commotion, there were no stars harmed. Later on, Dickinson was treated at the hospital and eventually returned to I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here to finish what she started. Feeling better and refreshed, she chanted "Family! Family!" and was welcomed into the camp once more. She announced that she was glad to be back, and that she especially missed her friend, Hills star Holly Montag. Excited to return to Costa Rica, Janice Dickinson joined the others in electing a new camp leader. Lou Diamond Phillips had his turn for two terms and after the Q&A trial, it was John Salley who took over the position. See what happens next on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here when it airs tonight on NBC. Source Here

Ratings: Think You Can Dancers Get Hotter - Featured

Thursday's ratings rundown: * 8 pm/ET ABC's coverage of the NBA Finals, led by a Jimmy Kimmel special, was the night's most-watched fare, averaging 11.3 million total viewers across primetime. I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! , down 100K week-to-week, placed third behind a Bones repeat. * 9 pm Fox's So You Think You Can Dance results show (8.7 million viewers) gained 6 percent week-to-week to edge out a CSI repeat and claim second. Pitted against NBA overtime on the West Coast, Burn Notice (5.2 mil) was down from its season premiere. * 10 pm Episode 3 of NBC's The Listener (4.4 mil) plunged 17 percent, placing a distant third behind basketball and a Mentalist repeat. USA Network 's Royal Pains matched its premiere audience of 5.6 million and became the cabler's first scripted series to grow its demos in Week 2. Source Here

Daniel Baldwin Leaves 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!'

Daniel Baldwin may be a late addition to " I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! " but he is one to leave early. On the Thursday, June 11 elimination night, the brother of fellow contestant Stephen Baldwin was publicly voted out although he only stayed for 9 out of 11 days. "Coming home babe," Daniel said referring to his pregnant wife, Joanne. "See you guys." The actor was playing for his mother's breast cancer charity, The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund. Upon his departure, Holly Montag hugged and promised him that she would help the charity. "Whatever we can do for your mom's organization," Holly said. "Great cause." He was the second to leave the competition after the eviction of comedienne Angela Shelton last week. Angela's working partner Frances Callier withdrew on the eight day, roughly the same time celebrity couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt voluntarily walked out of the competition for the third time. With 8 contestants left, the competition continues putting the celebrities under non-privileged condition. Janice Dickinson has been accused by her camp mates of stealing the treats while the only singles, Holly Montag and Sanjaya Malakar, may spark a jungle romance. Source Here

Ratings: Is I'm a Celebrity Suffering a Lack of Speidi Bite?

Wednesday's ratings recap: * For the first time in three weeks of head-to-head competition, Fox's So You Think You Can Dance toppled ABC's (special double dose of) Wipeout, 8.7 million total viewers to 8.42 mil. * I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! , now sans drama magnets Spencer and Heidi Pratt, welcomed 4.6 mil to the jungle. That's a drop of 600K from the survivors' last outing, and the show is now off a full 28 percent from its season premiere. * At 10 pm/ET, the penultimate episode of ABC's The Unusuals drew 4.67 million viewers, placing third behind CSI: NY and Law & Order repeats. Source Here

I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here: Angela Shelton Says Being Eliminated "Wasn't that Bad"

There's usually tears and screaming from contestants who have been evicted in reality shows, but I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! has proven that it's hardly the usual fare. Comedian Angela Shelton of the duo Frangela was the most recent contestant to be leave the show. Even though she didn't make it far into the competition, she still managed to keep up her mood. It must have been relieving to be far from the Costa Rican jungle and all those bugs - one of which was a recurring pest named Speidi, but Angela Shelton isn't holding grudges. "[T]hat wasn't that bad, being eliminated," she told The Deadbolt. "You know, outside of not being able to bring home what I wanted to for my charity, Covenant House, I'm very grateful to America in a lot of ways." While there were numerous obstacles that hindered the celebrities from winning, a specific complaint from most of them was about the insects. In a way though, the contestants got their revenge - by eating their pesky little enemies. "I'm going to tell you: at first you don't like it and you want them away from you," Shelton said about the bugs. "And then you're just like, "Maybe that's a little protein. Maybe it'll help me get through this hungry night without these rice and beans." You get over it quick." The 39-year-old star went on about the unappetizing treats they were served. "Everything we had, besides the rice and beans, the stuff that's for the trials and stuff, it's all disgusting. I mean, disgusting, and it's something you can't get rid of, the taste. It took me two days to get the milkshake cow intestine taste out of my mouth." Shelton also had comments on the remaining challengers of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. Below are some of her remarks, from the fan favorite Sanjaya to the fickle Speidi. On Daniel Baldwin's surprise arrival: "It was so shocking and such a breath of fresh air. He is hysterical and such a hard worker." On Sanjaya: "I think Sanjaya will be in the top whatever, 2 or 3, or whatever it is. He's one with the jungle. I mean, one, with it. He's covered in mud, he doesn't care about any of that - I'm going to tell you Sanjaya's weakness: his problem is he's getting bored." On John Salley's outburst: "He is all about peace and it takes a lot to get somebody like that that hot and that mad and sort of out of control for a moment. And I tell you, he has regretted it and he is pained about it, and every single moment of that remorse is absolutely sincere." On Spencer and Heidi: "I don't know if they got out and were like, "We got to go back." I know that they begged to come back. Maybe it's true. Maybe they've had a conversion and they really feel like they should go back and do better and act right. One can only hope." Catch a new episode of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here on NBC. Source Here

Ratings for The Bachelorette, The Closer and More

Some recent ratings highlights: * With I'm a Celebrity waning, The Bachelorette surged 13 percent week-to-week on Monday night to average 7.2 million total viewers over its two-hour run. Here Come the Newlyweds (4.77 mil), however, dipped 5 percent. * The Closer returned to an audience of 7.14 million, slipping just 8 percent from its Season 4 opener. Raising the Bar in turn kicked off its sophomore run with an audience nearly double (3.6 mil) its Season 1 finale. * I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! delivered 5.19 mil, which was on par with its most recent outing but down 18 percent from its premiere a week ago. In fact, the reality series placed fourth during the 8 o'clock hour, then floated up to third at 9, squeaking past a Bones repeat. * Sunday's Season 5 launch of The Next Food Network Star emerged as the-watched series premiere in Food Network history, serving 2.2 million viewers (a 16 percent increase over the competition's previous opener). Source Here

Help SideReel Win 'I'm a Celebrity' Blogger Contest, FINAL ROUND! - Featured

SideReel's kendra (yep, that's me!) is taking part in NBC's blogger contest around their new summer reality series, I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! . The blogger who wins after 3 rounds of competition will be sent to Costa Rica to live blog from the set of the show! Thanks to all you awesome Reelers, I've made it on to the 3rd and FINAL ROUND of the I'm a Blogger...Get Me Out of Here competition! Here's what the final round is all about: ROUND 3 - EXTREME EXPERIENCES! Find the most extreme outdoors/survivalist experience company out there and report on some of the trips they offer and what people choose to do for "fun." Voting is entirely by email for this round, so check out my entry here: Final Round: Extreme Experiences by Kendra White Then send an email vote to Voting runs from today, Tuesday 6/9, to Thursday 6/11 at 10pm PT. Only votes to that email address, not on this post here on SideReel, will help me win the chance to live blog on the show set in Costa Rica! Thanks so much for your support in this intense, blogger-eat-blogger competition!

Heidi Hospitalized Due to Punishment on 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here'

These celebs may be getting physically sick in the jungles of Costa Rica, but we're definitely getting sicker watching them. The Hills star Heidi Montag has been reportedly hospitalized due to her participation on the reality competition I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! . Sources say that it's an "undisclosed illness" that's keeping her from playing on the show, but it's probably just her elitist attitude. Apparently, it was the Lost Chamber challenge that made it worse for Heidi Montag. The shame of begging for their spot back on the show wasn't enough punishment for her and husband Spencer Pratt. They had to be locked in a room filled with a variety of vermin, which we think is more than necessary. On the last episode of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, Heidi and Spencer were sent to the Lost Chamber to atone for their departure and return on the show. It was announced that the Pratts would be merely spending a night inside their jungle cell, but Spencer's sister said otherwise. Stephanie Pratt posted on her Twitter that Speidi was actually "locked in a dark room for three days" and without food and water. It does seem like an exaggeration accusing the network of brutal acts towards their stars, which isn't even likely. Did Heidi and Spencer deserve that? Still, such a comment is what we'd honestly expect from these reality TV stars. Stephanie even went on to tweet, "I know they pulled some s----y antics but really nbc? Too far." NBC hasn't commented on the condition of Hills star Heidi, but it's been reported that a stomach infection was what led her to seek medical attention. Spencer even accompanied his wife to the hospital for it. However, TMZ states that she has already left the hospital, and later got treatment for gastric ulcer. Whatever happened to Heidi over the weekend, we'll find out once another episode of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here airs tonight an 8pm on NBC. Really, the contest is getting to be more and more like a soap opera. Source Here

Ratings: Game 1 of NBA Finals Shoots and Scores for ABC

Thursday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET ABC's coverage of Game 1 of the NBA Finals - which was kicked off by a Jimmy Kimmel special - topped every hour and was the night's most watched program, averaging 9.4 million viewers from 8 to 11 pm. In the 8 o'clock hour, I'm a Celebrity placed fourth (behind repeats of Bones and CBS comedies) with 5.18 mil. That is, however, an 8 percent gain from the night prior. Speidi wants to take credit for the bump, I am sure. * 9 pm So You Think You Can Dance 's reveal of the Top 20 bested a CSI repeat by drawing 8.2 mil, but dipped 10 percent week-to-week. The premiere of NBC's The Listener placed fourth with 5.25 mil. * 10 pm A second episode of The Listener drew 5.34 mil, lagging far behind basketball and a The Mentalist repeat. Source Here