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Photos - Justifed 2.06 "Blaze of Glory"

Last week's episode of Justified left Boyd in a very sensitive position, and from the looks of these promo pics from next week's episode, "Blaze of Glory,"  Boyd is going to land in a very familiar hot-seat.  How will this play out for Justified 's anti-hero?  The sub-plot is interesting in that it has seen Boyd make more a of transcendence than a transgression. Boyd was tempted to return to his evil ways, but instead of going back to the ruthless criminal that he was he has become a new kind of criminal.  Will his descent continue towards the recesses of his dark past, or is this slip up a doorway into an odd form of legitimacy?  It seems like - given Boyd's position in the pics below - that he might be being recruited by the US Marshall's office. Interesting stuff. Read More...

Justified Episode Promo: "Blaze of Glory"

Justified continues a very strong second season this week with the episode "Cottonmouth." Our critic raved and gave it 4.5 stars. How will the FX drama follow up? With an installment titled "Blaze of Glory." It will center on a veteran criminal who gets tangled up with Winona during a botched bank heist. Enter Raylan, on a war path to bring this man down. Check out the official preview now and return to TV Fanatic immediately after the episode concludes for a thorough review:

Larenz Tate Gets Justified

The charismatic actor first broke out as teenage gangsta O-Dog in the Hughes Brothers' 1993 inner-city saga. Since then, he's mostly played nice guys in movies like Love Jones and on TV series like FX's Rescue Me . The cable net's top-notch crime drama let Tate cross over to the wrong side of the law as a violent convict who flees a halfway house — and who happens to be the ex-brother-in-law of Deputy U.S. Marshal Rachel Brooks (Erica Tazel). She teams with Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) to track him down....

Ava to Find "True Love" on Justified

Those on Team Rayva were given reason to hope on last night's episode of Justified . As for the rest of the season? In a new interview with TV Line, Joelle Carter dishes extensively on her character. What can fans expect from her personal life as this FX drama moves ahead? "It’s a slow burn, and it’s leading up to something pretty spectacular that I think the fans are really going to like," Carter says. "They’re going to like Ava’s journey “home,” in a sense of her finding herself and what she’s capable of. She goes back to her true character and embraces it. And I think that I can say that, yes, Ava finds true love." Read More...

Carter: 'Justified arc is spectacular'

Justified   star Joelle Carter has revealed details of her character's new romantic storyline. The actress told   TV Line   that Ava's blooming   romance   with Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) will lead to "something pretty spectacular" at the conclusion of the second season. "I think she knows that Boyd had a good heart, and she's been involved with his family... for so long that it's familiar for her," said Carter. "She's gone back to what's familiar, and Boyd is the only kid she really has around." She continued: "They've always cared about each other to an extent. Like she said in the first season, people can change. I think she truly believes that." Carter suggested that Ava might be willing to forgive reformed thug Boyd for his actions. Read More...

Justified Episode Preview: "The I of The Storm"

A bus gets hijacked on next week's all-new episode of Justified . And who do you think Raylan first suspects of committing the crime? In the following promo for "The I of the Storm," though, Boyd said it wasn't him. Will that actually hold true? We'll see, and Raylan will stay on it because the hijacking leads to a murder. Watch the official preview for this episode now:

TV Tonight: What's On Wednesday 2/16

Tonight's Wednesday line-up has two exciting series premieres on deck! First check out Survivor: Redemption Island, where former castaways get a second chance at taking out the competition, then check out the new Criminal Minds spin-off, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. See what else is new tonight: 8/7c The Middle  on ABC Survivor: Redemption Island  on CBS -- series premiere! American Idol  on FOX Minute to Win It  on NBC 8:30/7:30c Better With You  on ABC 9/8c Modern Family  on ABC Criminal Minds  on CBS Minute to Win It  on NBC 9:30/8:30c Mr. Sunshine  on ABC 10/9c Off The Map  on ABC Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior  on CBS -- series premiere! Law & Order: Special Victims Unit  on NBC Top Chef  on Bravo Justified  on FX Hot in Cleveland  on TV Land What will you be watching?

Justified Spoilers: Who is the "Heart of the Season?"

Justified is off and running on season two. What can fans expect from the remaining 12 episodes? Speaking to TV Guide, executive producer Graham Yost asks viewers not to forget about Loretta, the young girl Raylan rescued on last week's premiere. How come? She's the "heart of the season," Yost teases. Viewers will be seeing a lot more of Loretta, as Mags tried to play adoptive mother to her. "She does have a real soft spot for Loretta because she's the mother of three boys and was the only woman in the household for many years," Yost says. "You'll see the depth of that bond from Mags' point of view and what transpires because of that. There are unforeseen consequences."

JUSTIFIED “The Life Inside” Season 2 Episode 2 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of the FX original series, JUSTIFIED “The Life Inside” Season 2 Episode 2 which airs Wednesday February 16 at 10 pm. Episode Synopsis : JUSTIFIED “The Life Inside” Season 2 Episode 2 – Raylan chases a pregnant fugitive who has fallen into the hands of human traffickers. Read More...

Justified: Right on Target

On   Justified , when two hillbilly thugs walk into a room with an ominous-looking bag, you know they're not toting the makings of a picnic. Anything might be inside: explosives, guns, a bear trap. For   Timothy Olyphant , who stars on FX's crime drama as the low-key but deadly deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens and is now a producer, the secret to the show's rich yet unhurried storytelling is how it triggers the imagination. "I keep thinking about all the things that could be in the bag," says Olyphant to staff writer Dave Andron as they sit on location in South Pasadena, California, outside of a police museum that's doubling today as a jailhouse in rural eastern Kentucky. "Now the thing that tickles me most is live animals," says Olyphant, who is dressed in full Raylan gear: nicely cut suit, collared shirt, tie, cowboy boots and, of course, his Stetson. "How about a...badger?" Olyphant collapses in a fit of giggles. "Badgers!" he drawls, riffing on  The Treasure of the Sierra Madre . "We don't need no stinking badgers!" Read More...