Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kim Praises Scott and Kourtney

Despite the rumors that Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian's relationship is falling apart, Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kim knows that things are well between them. It's actually been better than ever, ever since the couple welcomed their son Mason Dash into their lives. But to reject all the tall tales, let's hear what the 29-year-old reality star sister has to say. She told Us Weekly about the transformations she's seen in Scott these days. From being the neglectful boyfriend he was back then, he's now smothering Kourtney and Mason with attention. "He's always at home helping Kourtney," Kim Kardashian said of Disick. The Keeping up with the Kardashians actress also took note of the presence of baby Mason. "It has for sure brought them closer." To Read More Click Here .

Top Moments of the Week: Octomom Laughs, Kourtney Delivers, Jack's a Daddy and More! - Featured

TV was all in the family this week. Damages ' Carol Tobin kept her dead father's secrets by killing his mistress. Brother cowboys Cord and Jet had fun with hats on The Amazing Race . Kourtney Kardashian gave the doctors a hand in the delivery of her son. Lost 's Jack has a son! And Octomon charmed the ladies of The View - and America - with a laugh as gentle and full-throated as a well-aged Cabernet. Welcome to Top Moments: Family Style Edition! 8. Best Introduction: On Damages , Carol Tobin (Ana Reeder) proves she's not afraid to kill to get what she wants. She poisons her father's mistress, Danielle Marchetti, silencing one of Patty's key witnesses. Sly, no doubt, but how long will it be before the cops realize the same poison killed Louis? 7. Best Use of a Bag: Cowboy hats need protection too. On The Amazing Race , cowboy Cord forgets to bring a hat protector, so he improvises, using a plastic bag to shield his trademark Stetson from the Chilean rain. (See this pic of Cord and brother Jet to understand the difference.) The bag comes in handy later when he uses it to carry eggs in the Roadblock, pushing his team to a first-place finish in the leg. 6. Best Case for a Lawsuit: Grow up, American Idol judges! Rather than observe and offer constructive criticism of hunky singer-songwriter Casey James' cover of "Heaven," the panel cracks jokes about Kara undressing Casey with her eyes while Kara mock-swoons, making sure she's the center of attention during his performance. To Read More Click Here .

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Khloe Not Rushing Motherhood

As their days of wedded bliss go by, Khloe Kardashian and husband Lamar Odom have begun to think about raising a family. They may have the support of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians clan, but it still isn't the same as having children of their own. While the 25-year-old reality star admitted that she isn't in a rush to get pregnant that easily, she did admit that nothing's stopping her from doing so. Translation: she's not taking any birth control. Talking to Steppin' Out magazine, Khloe Kardashian claimed that she and 30-year-old sports star Odom aren't really obsessing over babies. "We're just being a healthy married young couple," she announced. "I'm not sitting here staring at an ovulation calendar. I'm not saying to Lamar, 'Okay, it's time, let's go!' Yes, I'm not on the pill, but people stir my words around. Let's just say sometimes I talk too much." To Read More Click Here .

Tuesday Ratings: Olympics Win Again But Fall Below Torino Games - Featured

NBC's ratings for the Winter Olympics dipped below those of the 2006 Winter Games in Torino for the first time Monday night. The broadcast was watched by 20.9 million viewers, enough to easily win the night. But ratings fell 25 percent from last Monday night and were down 7 percent from the same night during the Torino Games. The 2006 games were the lowest-rated games in recent history, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Most of the other networks stuck to repeats, but the "Women Tell All" episode of The Bachelor (11.2 million viewers) performed very strongly, falling only 5 percent from last week's normal episode. Ratings for Fox's 24 (7 million viewers) were on par with the previous week's numbers, while CW's One Tree Hill (2.2 million viewers) and Life UneXpected (2 million viewers) were up from last week in the adults-18-to-49 demographic. On the cable front, Keeping up with the Kardashians' season finale drew 4.8 million viewers Sunday to becomes E!'s most-watched broadcast ever. Source Here

Idea Thrown in for 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians: The Movie' - Featured

" Keeping Up with the Kardashians " ended the fourth season with an impressive rating and the family is now looking at a bigger picture. Kim Kardashian wrote on her official blog that she loves the idea of bringing the reality show to wide screen. To support her wish, she has suggested some names in Hollywood who would be suitable to play them. Proclaiming that she would be the executive producer if indeed it will make it as a movie, Kim said, "Khloe would definitely be played by Liv Tyler. She's tall, beautiful and curvacious with great facial features." She added, "Kourt's the smallest of us three, so I think someone like Vanessa Hudgens would be perfect because she's petite and she's kind of quiet and intimidating at the same time, haha." As for herself, Kim picked Penelope Cruz because she wants the sexy accent. However, Kourtney Kardashian has a different thought of who should be Kim, writing "Kim would obviously have to be played by Jennifer Lopez. She's an amazing actress and who could be more perfect to play Kim." The sisters are unanimous in picking Christian Bale to portray Kourtney's boyfriend Scott Disick. Other celebrities in their wish list include Dakota Fanning as Kylie Jenner, Rachel Bilson as Kendall Jenner, Taylor Lautner as Rob Kardashian as well as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas as Kris and Bruce Jenner respectively. "Keeping Up with the Kardashian" ended another season on Sunday, February 21 with 4.8 million viewers. It broke its own record and E!'s primetime average which was previously held by the 2002's "The Anna Nicole Show". Source Here

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kourtney Clears Up Infidelity Rumors

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have always been plagued with false accounts regarding their relationship, so this really isn't new to them. There was a rise in cheating rumors between them lately, causing the Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars to speak up. As usual, they both debunked the tall tales. The couple was spotted at Las Vegas on Friday night, posing on the red carpet for the Dash fashion show at Jet Nightclub. The two of them were perfectly content with one another's company, dominating the Mirage Resort and Casino with their joyful presence. It's probably because they're laughing off all the rumors. Talking to People magazine, the 30-year-old Kourtney Kardashian said that she was aware of the damaging effects these made-up controversies have. That's why she doesn't take them to heart. To Read More Click here .

Top Moments: Lost Gives Answers, Idol Crushes Dreams and More!

It was kind of a half-hearted week for TV: The Olympic cauldron malfunctioned, Tiger Woods made a weak apology, Kara DioGuardi tried unsuccessfully to convey an actual emotion and Lost got on our last nerve by giving us an answer that raised 10 more questions. Welcome to Top Moments: Not Quite There Edition. 11. Worst Snafu: After the militaristic precision of the 2008 Beijing Games' spectacular opening ceremonies, it's not unusual that expectations for Vancouver would be more... managed. But who could predict that the mechanized Olympic cauldron would break at the very moment of its unveiling? But that's exactly what happened, as the world watched Wayne Gretzky make this face. 10. Most Poignant Death: On a show like Big Love, all secrets are eventually revealed, and so it goes with Alby's secret affair with handsome (married) Mormon Dale. Though Bill promises to help him "get through this," a distraught Dale instead hangs himself inside the love nest that Alby had secured for their assignations. 9. Worst Table Manners: We've never been fond of Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Scott Disick. But Kourtney's baby daddy sinks to new depths by crashing an important birthday dinner for Kim. When Kris realizes he's had too much to drink, she tries to cut him off, but not in time to prevent a scuffle with a waiter that ends with Scott shoving a $100 bill in the poor guy's mouth. To Read More Click Here .

Kim Kardashian: The Engagement Questions Are Getting Annoying

Just when you thought Scott Disick's drunken debauchery on last week's Keeping Up With Kardashians couldn't get any worse, wait until he crashes Kourtney's baby shower in the finale! caught up with Kim Kardashian to get the scoop on how the new parents are faring, how she likes being an aunt and what question she hates having to answer. To Read More Click Here .

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kim Causes Twitter Stir by Exposing Air Marshal

Just like her sisters, Kim Kardashian can't seem to keep personal matters to herself. E! Online reports that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star caused yet another controversy in the Twitter-verse, all because she revealed the identity of the Air Marshal sitting beside her. Now, these guys are supposed to maintain their anonymity throughout the flight. It's to ensure the safety of the passengers, but it doesn't look like the 29-year-old reality star was aware of that. While on a flight from New York City to Los Angeles, Kim Kardashian took to her Twitter account to tell her 3 million followers about her exciting experience. Obviously, the act was met with criticism. "I'm on the wifi," she wrote. "I am sitting next to an Air Marshall! Jim the air marshall makes me feel safe!" While the Keeping Up with the Kardashians celebrity did indeed feel secure there, perhaps the other passengers didn't. Her revelation certainly caused disapproval among those who heard. Realizing this, Kim Kardashian followed up her update with another one. In the hopes of calming people down, she wrote: "RELAX I just told u guys the Air Marshall is sitting next to me, highly doubt anyone is twittering like me on this flight! shhhh" As some of her fans told her off, the reality star wrote yet another explanation for what happened. "Air Marshall's are supposed to keep their identity concealed," she added. "He did! I am just a private eye & assumed, so I asked him & he was honest!" Well, we can't really confirm if this Jim guy is actually an Air Marshall for that matter. Wouldn't you think anyone employed as that wouldn't risk losing their job for a conversation with Kim Kardashian? Of course, the star didn't want that to happen either. As her final tweet for the evening, she said: "OK I hope I don't get in trouble...logging off now! xo." Source Here

Kim Kardashian's New Fragrance Has An Original Name - Starpulse

Celebrities like to smell good. And many of them are doing whatever they can to make us non-celebrities smell good too. Kim Kardashian launched her new fragrance, Kim Kardashian, at Sephora in New York City yesterday. If her perfume smells as good as she looks, we want in! See more photos after the jump. Poor Kim has been dealing with a lot of riff raff lately. She's currently caught up in a legal battle with her former maid over allegations of unpaid wages. Isabel Hernandez is suing Kim and her ex-husband Damon Thomas for breach of contract and is demanding $29,000 in damages. To Read More Click Here .