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This episode needs to be removed

Revisted #1 was part of a previous season, and the summary on the sidereel page is of Season 3 Episode 12. Someone please remove this episode from the list.

I've fixed the episodes!!!

OK, Fox aired them out of order, but I fixed them on here. Ep 4 - Labeled as Mojito's, actually Casa Roma Ep 5 - Labeled as Lido di Manhattan Beach, actually Mojitos Ep 6 - labeled as Le Bistro, is actually Lido di Manhattan Beach Ep 7 - labeled as Casa Roma, is actually Le Bistro Casa Roma was aired early, hence the problems.

Stop posting wrong episodes PART 2

so apparently people are posting episode 6 stuff even before it's shown besides that, the episodes they are posting are episode 5 anyhow.

Mojitos - wrong links

All the links for Season three episode 4 are supposed to be for a cuban restaurant called Mojitos - all the submitted links are on a previous episode - Casa Roma Please find the right links!

agggh regional blocks!!

Agh please can someone link the two new eps for people to watch outside the US?!?!? If I see one i'll do it...... Many thanks Charmx

Links not working

divxshows links not working.