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Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Dec. 11, 2009

* Sanctuary (10/9c Syfy ) There are many ways to prove that you're valuable to a group effort, like volunteering to take on additional responsibility and sharing helpful insights, but nothing says "team player" quite like taking a bullet for the cause. Kate (Agam Darshi) gets her "shot" to impress the rest when an underground mob catches wind of an Abnormal shipment. Michael Shanks (Stargate SG-1) guest stars. * The View (11/10c ABC) The ladies of The View salute a show that has been on ABC even longer than Barbara Walters has: All My Children. The veteran soap (it'll celebrate the big 4-0 on Jan. 5) is moving its production facilities from New York to L.A., with episodes from its new studios slated to begin airing in February. Today's guests include series creator Agnes Nixon and a number of regulars, including Susan Lucci, an AMC fixture from Day 1. * Yes, Virginia (8/7c CBS) Eight-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon's famous letter to the editor of New York's Sun newspaper in 1897 asking if Santa is real is the basis of this delightful 2009 animated tale. Beatrice Miller provides the voice of Virginia, who searches for signs of Santa in her neighborhood but continually comes up empty. When she realizes the local paper's motto is "If you see it in the Sun, it's so," she dashes off a letter to its initially reluctant editor (voice of Alfred Molina) knowing the newspaper prints only facts. The convincing holiday script is aided by top voice talents, including Neil Patrick Harris and Jennifer Love Hewitt as Virginia's befuddled parents. * HALO Awards (8/7c Teen Nick) This brand-new awards show features Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Hayden Panettiere and LeBron James - but they aren't award recipients. Instead, they are honoring four teenagers who have become leaders in helping their communities. In addition to getting to meet a celebrity who shares their passion about the same cause, the teens receive funds for their causes and scholarship money. The man responsible for this event is Nick Cannon, who also serves as the host and executive producer. * Law & Order (8/7c NBC) Lupo and Bernard are on the case when a campaign volunteer's body is found with the word "Fed" scrawled on his chest in a story that bears an uncanny resemblance to the real-life case of the late Bill Sparkman, a census worker whose body was found with the same inscription. The episode also features Benjamin Bratt, who reprises his role as Rey Curtis. Source Here

LAW & ORDER "Shotgun" Season 20 Episode 10 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of LAW & ORDER "Shotgun" Season 20 Episode 10 which airs Friday November 20 (8-9 p.m. ET) on NBC. Episode Synopsis: When an elderly man defends his shop from an armed robbery, Detectives Kevin Bernard (Anthony Anderson) and Cyrus Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) suspect that this incident could have been an inside job. After further investigation, the detectives discover that the mugging might have been a scare tactic for a shakedown. Also starring: S. Epatha Merkerson (Lieutenant Anita Van Buren), Sam Waterston (District Attorney Jack McCoy), Alana De La Garza (Connie Rubirosa), and Linus Roache (Michael Cutter). Source & Preview

LAW & ORDER "For The Defense" Season 20 Episode 9 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of LAW & ORDER "For The Defense" Season 20 Episode 9 which airs Friday November 13 (8-9 p.m. ET) on NBC. Episode Synopsis: LAW & ORDER "For The Defense" Season 20 Episode 9 - After a key witness for a murder trial is found dead outside her hotel room, Detectives Cyrus Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Kevin Bernard (Anthony Anderson) become involved in a spiraling case that unravels into an intricate conspiracy, leaving additional witnesses lives in danger and Rubirosa in the crossfire. Black market dealings, affairs and drug cartels intertwine to expose the risk of taking the stand as a witness when corrupt officials control the court. Source & Preview

Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Nov. 13, 2009 - Featured

* White Collar (10/9c USA Network ) The discovery of a large cache of gold puts Neal and Peter on the trail of a smuggler who's dealing in Iraqi artifacts. At the start of their investigation, they suspect a U.S. soldier may be involved in the dirty dealings. But soon a corrupt news producer who's embedded in the area catches their attention and could possibly lead them to the missing artifacts. * Smallville (8/7c The CW ) Clark is in trouble and ready to confess all, but it's not really his fault. He has two wonderful twin helpers to blame. The shape shifting-brother-sister duo Zan (David Gallagher) and Jayna (Allison Scagliotti) have made their way to Metropolis. Though their intentions are good, the pair botch some crime-fighting opportunities and land Clark in the hot seat. To clear his name, Clark has no choice but to admit he is the Blur. Or does he? * Degrassi A The Next Generation (8/7c Teen Nick)' In Part 1 of a two-part episode, football star Riley continues to deal with issues concerning his sexuality. A rather embarrassing situation occurs in lifeguard class, and this makes him more determined than ever to prove to everyone (including himself) that he's not gay. So he tries to sleep with Fiona, thinking that will stop the rumors once and for all. Elsewhere, Anya takes self-defense classes and lies to Sav about it. * Medium (9/8c CBS) It's Friday the 13th, a time of folkloric superstition and fear - but then again, every day is a Friday the 13th kind of day for Allison, the supermom with the sixth sense. Yet there's good luck for eldest daughter Ariel when she lands a new boyfriend. Mother knows best, however: Allison soon comes to suspect that the young man is a killer. We then switch gears to middle daughter Bridgette, who gets in hot water after posting disconcerting videos of a man on the Internet. David Arquette, brother of series star Patricia Arquette, directed the episode. * Law & Order (8/7c NBC) After a witness in a murder trial is shot to death outside of her hotel, Lupo and Bernard trace the killer's trail back to a used-car exporter. When the investigation exposes a chilling pattern involving a former DA-turned-shady lawyer, ADA Connie Rubirosa (Alana De La Garza) finds herself in a compromising position. Source & Preview

Mad Men's Rich Sommer Discusses His Law & Order Guest Spot

It's going to be a busy weekend for Mad Men star Rich Sommer. Before the AMC drama wraps up its third season Sunday night (10/9c), Sommer will appear in a ripped-from-the-headlines episode of Law & Order (Friday at 9/8c on NBC). "The episode is sort of inspired by the woman who drove the wrong way down the Taconic [Expressway]," Sommer tells us. "I play her boss, and after some investigating, they begin to suspect him a little bit, that somehow he may have been involved." Although the role sounds significantly darker than Harry Crane, the baby-faced nice guy he plays on Mad Men, Sommer says the two characters have more in common that one might expect. "This guy is not actually that far off [from Harry Crane]," Sommer says. "Harry's very ambitious and so is this guy. And I think if Harry let his ambitions get the better of him, enough to cloud his judgment, he could end up being this guy. It's only a few degrees off - he's still a nice guy, but it will be interesting to see how it plays." Harry's judgment has been a little off this season on Mad Men. When one of Sterling Cooper's biggest clients' come-ons were turned down by closeted art director Sal (Bryan Batt), the client asked Harry to remove Sal from the campaign. Even though Harry's inaction led to Sal being fired, Sommer says his character had no choice. "He was screwed either way," Sommer says. "Whether he called Roger then, or Roger found out the way he found out, Roger still would have said, 'Why the hell was he calling you?' It wasn't Harry's fault. The only thing he did was work late and pick up the phone, but it's still going to come back to him because blame has to be put somewhere. He could have called, but since he's screwed either way, I think it was worth rolling the dice and hoping it would just go away." Sommer also took part in one of this season's most shocking and lasting images: Harry and a group of onlookers being splattered with blood when a drunken secretary runs over a visiting exec's foot with a riding lawn mower. Sommer says he wasn't quite sure about the scene when he read it on paper. "I was the first one to question how it was going to fit in the show. I didn't really understand it," Sommer says. "I do that all the time, and then, of course, it's weaved in beautifully somehow. So I remember just being like, 'What the hell is going on? Are we jumping the shark? Is the new term "mowing the foot"?' I was nervous, but it turned out shockingly and beautifully. They know what they're doing; I should trust them more." That scene seems so long ago, now that we know how the men and women of Mad Men experienced the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Sommer says the episode was tough to watch. "Seeing it all put together, it made me feel sick a little bit," Sommer says. "My only moment that I can compare to that is obviously 9/11, and watching that episode, I felt almost like I did watching United 93. There's just that feeling of watching people go from innocent to knowing. That was the hardest part of the movie for me, and you get that in the show. You see all these people floating around, and then all of a sudden it's crystallized and it's painful." Naturally, Sommer was tight-lipped about the top-secret season finale, but he says it's an appropriate closing to this chapter of the show. "I think this has been our best season yet, and I think that the finale holds up in that way," he says. "It's going to be big. It answers questions, and it asks plenty more. It's a good one. We've said from the beginning that this season was about change, and I think that carries through up through this finale." Source Here

Exclusive: Elliott Gould Signs On to Law & Order

Elliott Gould will go all vigilante for a guest spot on Law & Order , has learned exclusively. The veteran film star will play a disgruntled business owner who takes the law into his own hands after a crime spree in his Harlem neighborhood. Gould, 71, received an Oscar nomination for 1969's swinging dramedy Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice and co-starred with Donald Sutherland in Robert Altman's film version of M*A*S*H. More recently, Gould recurred as Ross and Monica's dad on Friends and co-starred with Brad Pitt and George Clooney in the Ocean's capers. His episode is scheduled to air Nov. 20. Source Here

Law & Order: Behind-The-Scenes Look With The Stars Of The 20-Year-Old Series

" Law & Order " is about to break a record as the longest-running primetime drama in American television history. The current record holder is "Gunsmoke," which ran for 20 seasons as well, and since "Law & Order" is about to hit that benchmark it is only a matter of time before they break it altogether. It is most certainly the longest lasting show currently on TV, with one of the most consistent fan bases that follows it and the two spin-off series. Honestly, over the years it seems like the show can do not wrong, taking on serious and controversial cases on a regular basis and commenting regularly on the justice system. Read More: - Behind-The-Scenes Look At 'Law & Order' With The Stars Of The 20-Year-Old Series

LAW & ORDER "Boy Gone Astray" Season 20 Episode 7 - Preview

Watch a preview of the Law & Order "Boy Gone Astray" Season 20 Episode 7 which airs Friday, October 23 (8-9 p.m. ET) on NBC. Episode Synopsis: When a young woman is found dead in her apartment, a few tell-tale signs quickly lead Detectives Cyrus Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Kevin Bernard (Anthony Anderson) to believe thatthe killer was not after her wealth. After finding suitcases filled with money and drugs in one of the victim's apartments, the detectives watch a security video from her lobby. The video exposes two potential suspects leading the detectives to a drug cartel. Also starring: S. Epatha Merkerson (Lieutenant Anita Van Buren), Sam Waterston (District Attorney Jack McCoy), Alana De La Garza (Connie Rubirosa), and Linus Roache (Michael Cutter). Source & Preview

Law & Order Tackles Letterman Sex Scandal

First Jon & Kate, now David Letterman. For its latest ripped-from-the-headlines story line, Law & Order will take a page out of the Late Show host's sex-with-staffers extortion scandal, Entertainment Weekly reports. The episode will focus on a female talk-show host in her 40s, married with children, who gets blackmailed when someone gets wind of her affairs with her female employees. Things take a turn for the worse when someone involved in the trysts winds up dead. Letterman, who came clean about his affairs last month, isn't the only pop-culture reference in the episode. According to The Wrap, the female host, named Vanessa Carville, co-hosts a daily chatfest with a panel of women not unlike The View. NBC could not confirm the report. What do you think? Is it too soon to take a dig at Dave? Source Here

LAW & ORDER "Human Flesh Search Engine" Season 20 Episode 6 - Preview

Watch a preview of the Law & Order "Human Flesh Search Engine" Season 20 Episode 6 which airs Friday, October 30 (8-9 p.m. ET) on NBC. Episode Synopsis: When Sid Maxwell (Guest Star Rene Ifrah), owner of a fashion company is found dead, Detectives Cyrus Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Kevin Bernard (Anthony Anderson) assume asphyxia. But when fashion photographer, Terry Clark (Guest Star Jeremy Beiler), leads the detectives to an alarming discovery of Maxwell's true identity, they uncover a suspicious website with threatening web posts. Also starring: S. Epatha Merkerson (Lieutenant Anita Van Buren), Sam Waterston (District Attorney Jack McCoy), Alana De La Garza (Connie Rubirosa), and Linus Roache (Michael Cutter). Source & Preview