Will anyone actually watch an Eames and Goren-less Criminal Intent?

I know I won't. I have no interest in watching without them, and the episodes they weren't front and center in made me only wish they'd come back soon. Without these two, this show can be cancelled, as far as I'm concerned.

can someone send basic instructions - thanks

Hi, can someone post basic instructions for us newcomers to sidereel. (thus far I've only watched TV via and play, 2 steps; and directly from the networks, same procedure. I can't figure this system out. thanks, GG

What will become of Goren?

So what are some of the theories on how he'll make his exit this season!? They have always been great, IMO, at creating exit stories for each character, and given the complexity of Goren, I bet it's going to be pretty intricate. Think it will have to do with the trauma over his old stalker? So many possibilities!

Law and Order: CI: Revolution (season finale) - open thread

From TV Squad: And so ends the first season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent with Jeff Goldblum as one of the stars (alternating the lead role with Vincent D'Onofrio). There are fans who love the Goldblum episodes and those that only want to see the veteran D'Onofrio in the lead. I noticed that the plots of the Goldblum/Nicholson episodes seemed to be really ambitious, but I don't think that made them better. What grade do you give Goldblum for his first season? Source

Anyone else having trouble with Criminal Intent?

I've only had the first 2 episodes this season show up on my schedule. Tonight I went to their page just to check and see when the next one would be on, and found 2 with results, but no air dates, and that weren't on my schedule. Anyone else having this problem, or know anything about it?

new season

pls i need 2 kw when d new season of law and order: criminal intent is gonna air

love interest

now dat nicole wallis is dead, there isn't even a bad relationship 4 goren 2 come home to LOL. i just wish they would give him some1, he's so alone now no mum, no brother, no mentor, no NOTHING. dat could make any1 go mad. O! n eames doesn't qualify as a love interest that would b just too weird n borderline sickening.

Seaon 2: Tudou links- not working

As stated above most episodes only have a Vids link, which is pretty shady or tudou links. The tudou links on the other hand doesnt work, and if you manage to find one that does its only half of an episode. Where did all the 56 links go? Atleast they worked, even if they loaded slow.

Crime shows getting better or worst

I love a bit of My CSI, Criminal Minds and Law & Order, but do you believe they are getting {more violent or less} - {Interesting or Boring} - {Bad guys all the same or there have been changes}. CSI = Getting boring but has a couple good storylines now and then like the miniatures killer; Grissom and Sara's work affair . Criminal Minds = The last episode posted that I watched was Ep20 S3 that was a gripping episode I need to know what is going to happen next . Law & Order = There are so many I only ever watch the Criminal Intent and Special Victims Unit but its hard to catch onto the storylines so I kind of steer clear but I will watch it when I have no other choice of stuff to watch (My Least Favourite Show). Post your thoughts and view I want to know [pick your brains Mwah ha ha ha] on any crime show of your choice that is on sky cause that's all that I have funnily enough or on sidereel. PLEASE AND THANK YOU

"" links

please note that the "" links aren't free - just fyi. The site seems kinda shady. If you're gonna pay for eps I'd stick to Amazon or iTunes, IMHO.