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Why was it cancelled?

I blame the fact that they didn't promote it enough. None of my friends heard of the show, and I only heard of it through sidereel.

Correct Me if I'm Wrong

I believe that's a young Cara in the soft-core porn flick "Bound Cargo", 2003 just not using the same acting name. watched it the other night on some DivX site and one girl sure looks like a young Cara search around for if your interested.

How do I make my post show up on SideReel pages?

richard cypher and kahlan amnel

Legend of the Seeker episode 17 link?

If you have any links for E17 (megavideo) i appriciate, then send it in a comment please.

where are the episode 17 links?

They got nothing for me. If you find any link that works ( megavideo ) i appriciate, then post the link in a comment please.

Where are the episode 16 links?

The links for the new episode should've started trickling in about SIX HOURS AGO; was there even an episode this week? If there was one, I sure as hell couldn't have watched it on TV, as my mom and her loser boyfriend always seem to time their weekly fight for when it airs here, around 1:00am... Anyone know what the hell is up?

Is it returning for a third season??

I read somewhere where they said it was not coming back for a third season because there was not enough viewers is this true?? If so it is ridiculous because it is such a good show..I will cry..

A Question for Uploaders

Why is it that 15-30 mins after most shows are aired they can be watched online but this one (and Project Runway even Survivor sometimes!) always take so long to be added!!!!!!! I understand that less popular shows don't show up on the web as fast (like 18 to Life and Legend of the Seeker) but this quite well knowen and to my knowledge still a fair amount popular show sometimes isn't up until the next morning!!!! I don't have a working TV so I watch all my shows online so if a show is over at 9pm I start looking at about 9:30pm and by now (12:15am) I am starting to get mad that it isn't up yet! Anyways I was just wondering.... thanks for letting me rant! lol!

richard's blonde hair

i actually liked the blonde hair, i hoped they wouldve kept it a while longer haha

Sister Nickys return

I like how sister nicky has returned in this episode but now the action needs to pick. Sister nicky needs to cause some type of havock with her increabable powers cause up till now it has just been all talk of how powerfull she is but it is time we see it for ourself too!!!