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The new phropecy.

I've been thinking about the phropecy of the mother confessor for awhile now and something about it bothers me alot. It states as long as the mother confessors pure heart beats the keeper is doomed to fail. Now at the moment the bad guys take that to mean she has to die, but there is another way around this phrophecy and if the writer's prusue it would lead into another season. It says her pure heart. So it her PURE HEART is such a threat why not get someone to join their team. Someone everyone blieves to be good, someone to gain their trust and slowly dye the confessor to The Keepers color. Taint her pure heart so she is no longer a threat. Just a thought. What do you guys think? Maybe I'm watching to much naruto. I got the idea from episode of naruto where the bad guy turns a main character evil to get him on his side.

richards magic is gone

so what i gather from "dark" is that nicci has Richards magic. if thats so then cara's agiel shouldnt work since its connected to the lord rahl. and the only way to be the lord rahl is if you have the gift. so they sorta screwed up on that one.(i think) by the way did you also think of that.

Is the character of Leo in the books?

I was just wondering whether the character of Leo is in the original books, or if they just created it for the show. Can anyone who has read the books please answer this? By the way i did like this weeks episode, there was plenty of nice action, and really good graphics. I had a suspicion that Leo might be killed, since Richard would have to carry the sword, but i didn't expect it to be so soon. Can't wait to see what happens next. Too bad, it seems next weeks episode is just a repeat of a previous episode.

Stone of Tears and Book

Isn't this series greatly diverting from the original book. Does Richard meet the sisters of the light in the second book? I thought it was in the third or forth book. It's been 5 years ago since I read Stone of Tears. Anyway this is a very well written TV series, almost as good as you can get near such a great series of books. I think the new look of Kalen is great!!! I guess the sisters of the light are suppose to be white. I wonder when the emperor of the old world will come in this season? Can't wait!!!!

Light and Dark CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CONTAINS SPOILERS * * * * * * * Can anyone explain kahlan's outfit for the past 2 eps?? The dark makeup, thigh boots and that dress thing. And the sisters of the light and their red harem dresses LOL! Ok onto serious stuff now....The Denna/Zedd storyline made absolutely no sense. Also I don't like the way they killed Denna. How is she supposed to be good and help Kahlan and Richard if they killed her off before she redeemed herself? Aside from that the episode was surprisingly true to the book. Though they crammed it all into one ep and that kinda ruined it for me because it was so rushed. I really wish they would change the baneling storyline. They make them more like zombies than actual people. This weeks episode they're supposed to be in the old World. How did they reach it so quickly? And what is up with Nicci being all helpful to Richard? Well i'm in the middle of looking at Dark right now so I'm off to watch the rest.

Shows Improvement ( No pun intended )

Based on the Sword of Truth series, First off, not the books the Legend of the Seeker has become a formidable force of entertainment on its own as the second season starts. Not so Zena'ish as last years installment and starting to stand alone, as well. In the first season people were all bitching, "that's not how it happened in the book". Its not going to so sit back and watch the show for what it is, great action, great stories and great characters. It seems to me that the show is starting to build on its own strengths with out the book series for insurance which is good because the last couple of episodes have been building on characters such as Cara, Zed and Richard from what we've been watching week to week not what we've read in the books. I think the second season has taken a whole different line and just gone off on its own, it feels fresh and original. There are some things I'd still like to see number one Mud People they were cool, The Sisters of the Light(and Dark) think we will see them soon and Mriswith maybe next season if they lead into Bold of the Fold. Besides all that Cara is damn hot and I feel bad every time she gets beat up LOL.


Spoiler * * * * * * * * * * * * Ok, this is the first serious objection I have to them changing the storyline from the book. Good ppl aren't supposed to go to the Keeper. They're supposed to go to the Creator. The whole idea of them ending up as banelings as soon as they die is so opposite the way it is in the book! Ok, now that i've vented Istill like the series and I will be watching next week. Hopefully they will have redeemed themselves by then.

Supposed to be Seeker tonight for the 2 hour 2 day premiere.

LEGEND OF THE SEEKER which premieres with a two-hour event with the first episode on on November 7 and a second one on November 8, 2009 (check you local listing for time and channel). So why is it not on the schedule?


I just want more! can't wait for second season! I hope next season there are more cool characters and legendary creatures... last season was already extremely awesome i hope this season they bring more magical characters to love. They need hot charcaters! Besides that I hope their graphics improve more not that last season wasn't good... it's good but needs more spunk and realistic touch you know... really love this series it's like watching a movie!!!! totally remarkable :)

whats for season 2

i was wondering whats going to happen for season 2. it seems that the writers are going to have an annoying time making a script. because in the first season they took ideas from the book and they followed the main idea of the book. but they strayed too far from the book and i dont think they will be able to base season 2 on the second book.