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Lincoln Heights Full Episodes

LINCOLN HEIGHTS Season 4 episode 1 (PREMIERE): "Home Again" - Preview
LINCOLN HEIGHTS "Relative Unknown" Season 4 episode 7
LINCOLN HEIGHTS Two Hour Season 4 Finale - Season 4 episode 10
LINCOLN HEIGHTS Two Hour Season 4 Finale (Season 4 episode 9)
LINCOLN HEIGHTS "Bully for You" Season 4 episode 8 - Preview
LINCOLN HEIGHTS "Persons of Interest" Season 4 episode 2
Cancellation Buzz: Lincoln Heights Not Renewed For Season 5 - Featured
Music Guide to Lincoln Heights Episode 4007: "Relative Unknown"
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So Things Really Do Work Out In The End: "Lucky" (Season 4 Finale, Part Two)
Everything Comes Full Circle: "The Gathering Storm" (Season 4 Finale, Part 1)
Lincoln Heights Review: "Relative Unknown" (Season 4, Episode 7)
Just Live Your Life (LH Season 4, Episode 6: "With You I Will Leave")
Life, Love & The Pursuit of Family (LH Season 4, Episode 5: "Trash")
Home Again Suttons? (Lincoln Heights Season 4, Episode 1)
Suprise, Surprise...It's Grow Up Time (Lincoln Heights Season 4, Episode 4: "Time to Let Go")
All's Well That Ends Well? (Season 4, Episode 3: "Aftershock")
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songs in the last two shows!!!!