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Lost episode 5 - This Place is Death discussion

Wow i have to say this is the best episode this season it was amazing . Wowsers simply amazing episode...... I feel like this was a very intriguing line right there. It proves that Christian I guess is not just a talking puppet for Jacob (or against Jacob, whatever you may think). It proves he still has a conscious and has his own thoughts. Also did you see the look on bens face when he heard Desmond say that Elosie is Daniel's mother!? At last something that Ben didn't know about the island and charlotte being on the Island it was really shocking. The only negative part is Hurley is still not there?

Big drop

Show dropped from rank 4 to rank 9, I'm guessing it's not as good as people thought it was? Not really wanting to start watching it if it's not.

the survivors? spoilers!

................................. ................................ ................................> ok heres a thoery, in one of the behind the scences episode i saw, sawyer n some of the others still on the island were wearing outfits belonging to the darma people (think thats how you spell it), so my theory is that they had to join them and become some of those people, now in previous episodes we know that ben killed off all of those what if through all the time travel ben kills of the surviours in the past!!!! and a theory about the wispers that the islanders hear is that it is really the people from the past trying to talk to them to warn them of something? not sure if all that made sense so sorry if i was had to get...


was anyone else really not that impressed with this episode but decided they made up for it bcus we still have Jin? oh and the danielle thing?

Lost 'The Little Prince': A Shocking French Connection? - Featured

The Little Prince Spoilers Included! I was not that impressed with last week's Lost episode 'Jughead' after the completely thrilling premiere, but this week's 'The Little Prince' wowed me all over again! It still wasn't as insane and exciting as the premiere as can be expected, but we got some great Oceanic 6 development, and then just when I thought finding out the info about Aaron and Claire's mom, Sawyer seeing Kate in the past on the island, and the other drama on the island were the surprises of the episode, right at the end we got the whopper: Jin's alive!!! An even better perhaps? He was rescued by a young and pregnant Danielle Rousseau and her French crew! Wow! And so begins Jin's travel through time as well - now that wasn't something I was expecting! So were you expecting to soon find out Jin was alive or were you shocked to see him turn up? And now that he has, what do you think is to come for Jin? The promo for next week showed Ben telling Sun he knew Jin was alive and he could prove it, so will the Jin focus be around Sun's story or will we actually start following Jin on the island too? It's going to get pretty complicated if we're following at least three different groups of people, so could that mean Jin quickly falling into time with the other survivors or will we just not see much of Jin on the island now that the main point of him being alive has been made? Share your thoughts and predictions! Photo courtesy of

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******Spoiler Alert****** ************************************************************ ************************************************************ ************************************************************ ************************************************************ ************************************************************ ************************************************************ OMFG HE IS ALIVE! Did any one else think jin was alive it turn out he is!!!!!!!!!!

Should I try...

watching more Chuck or Lost? I have just started on these shows. Although they are old news to some people, it's definately new to me. Unfortuneately I can only fit one of these two amazing shows into my time. Which one should I pick?

What's happening with the links?

Ive noticed the entire set of links for LOST has been deleted several times now in the past few weeks/days, what's going on? For us site owners, it takes time and effort to add these thinks and we'd like to think they are going to stay standing for a while. I understand if it's due to complaints from copyright holders, but what's going on?

Don't use Supernovatube anymore!!

Hi, Guys...I would recommend you guys not to use SupernovaTube anymore...Since they have got Zango on the video page and its really not advisable to download the toolbar.So avoid using SupernovaTube links as well as please avoid adding those links!!

Isn't Lost just Great?

It's One of the greatest tv show of all time in my books, but let me hear from you.