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Idris Elba on U.K. TV Diversity: 'Luther' Lead Came Only After U.S. Move

The star will add his voice to those speaking out about the lack of diversity on British TV during a speech in parliament.   Read More...

Luther & Idris Elba Hit U.S. Viewership High In Season 4 Debut; Steady In UK

Absence certainly made hearts grow a little fonder on this side of the pond for the return of Luther this week. Season 4 of the Idris Elba drama pulled in 252,000 total viewers for its more than 2-hour special last night on BBC America . That's up 22% in total viewers from what the Season 3 premiere of the Neil Cross-created series drew on September 3, 2013, a Tuesday on the cusp of the fall season . Among adults 18-49, the 9 11:45 PM, Season 4 had 65,000 viewers for ...

'Luther' boss previews 'whole new chapter' for Idris Elba-led series

Plus, a cannibal killer and how Elba rejoined the fray for the one-off holiday special

Oh, That Alice: Luther Can't Live With Her, Can't Live Without Her

Ruth Wilson may be off having an Affair , but her red lipstick is all over the latest incarnation of BBC America's Luther (Thursday, 9 p.m.). Idris Elba returns to star as John Luther in what's billed as the show's fourth season, and he hasn't lost a step. Apparently playing a severely damaged London detective is like riding a bicycle, if you're Idris Elba.

Luther Sneak Peek: Idris Elba Challenges a Thug to a Staring Contest Guess Who Wins? (Watch Video)

Who needs a gun when you have a look that could kill? BBC Americas three-hour Luther movie event (Thursday, 9/8c) brings that rhetorical question to glorious life, and weve got an exclusive sneak peek at one of the specials fiercest face-offs. In the above clip, Idris Elbas titular badass pulled out of seclusion to...

Idris Elba, Man You'd Like to Cling on, Is Playing a New Alien Race in Star Trek Beyond

The makers of Star Trek Beyond   did put handsome human male Idris Elba in an alien suit for the upcoming sequel, but they want to let you know that at least that alien suit is totally original. As director Justin Lin tells Slashfilm , Elba's character, Krall, is a member of a "new species that we discover in this chapter." To go along with that, the director also promised fans that the new villain would introduce a new "very distinct and valid" perspective on the Federation's Prime Directive: "His character is really challenging the way of the Federations philosophy."Perhaps by introducing Robert's Rules of Order ?

Sherlock Meets The BBC's Other Great Detectives In This Fun, Weird Promo

Mashup video edits are universal favorites among fans, and have been for ages. Wars and Trek ? Sure. DCs live action movies and TV shows in one trailer ? Fantastic! The BBC mashing up its hit crime shows Sherlock , Luther , and The Fall ? Okay thatd bewait, hold the phone, what?? Read more...

Luther, With Idris Elba, Returns to BBC America

The tortured detective at the heart of this series goes up against a cannibalistic serial killer.   Read More...

The Most Important Shows on TV: Week of December 14, 2015

Which TV series will your friends (and the entire internet) be talking about this week? Stay informed—or at least be able to fake it — with SideReel's weekly guide to The Most Important Shows on TV.   Adele Live in New York City Monday at 10:00pm on NBC Why: Because hello from the other side / She must have called a thousand times / To tell you she's sorry for everything that she's done / But when she calls you never seem to be home / Hello from the outside / At least she can say that she's tried / To tell you she's sorry for breaking your heart / But it don't matter it clearly doesn't tear you apart anymore. Prepare to talk about: How much everyone loves Adele, including you, because you're not immune to Adele's charms! No one is! She's just the coolest and she has a great voice and "Hello" is your new jam, obviously. It's the world's jam.   The Expanse (Series Premiere) Monday and Tuesday at 10:00pm on Syfy Why: Because it's been a long-ass time since Syfy (of all channels!) had an honest-to-god space opera, and this one, based on the book series of the same name, is GREAT. It's intriguing, creepy, space-y, sexy, AND MORE. There aren't any aliens, but trust me, it's got a good story that can be sustained across multiple seasons. Prepare to talk about: Just what happened to Julie Mao; whether you'd be a Earther, a Martian, or a Belter; whether you'd be up for zero gravity sex; what's up with Detective Holden's hair; space: still the final frontier.   Luther (Special) Tuesday at 9:00pm/BST on BBC One and Thursday at 9:00pm on BBC America Why: Idris Elba is one of the sexiest men alive, and he's back playing Luther, the tormented detective you love most (seriously, this stuff is way better than Sherlock #hihaters). OK, it's not a full season, just a feature-length special, but it has 100% more Rose Leslie ( Game of Thrones ) and cannibalism than previous series. No word on where Ruth Wilson's Alice might be, though. Prepare to talk about: Where's Alice?! Who's eating people in London?! How if Idris Elba isn't going to be the next James Bond, they should just shut down the franchise altogether; how much you miss Rose Leslie on Game of Thrones (sorry about the spoiler!).     Leah E. Friedman  is the editor of You can follow her musings on  Twitter . p { text-align: justify; }

Luther Creator Neil Cross Sells Hard Sun Crime Drama To BBC One

Neil Cross is getting back into the detective business with BBC One . The network has ordered six-part pre-apocalyptic drama Hard Sun to be produced by Kate Harwoods Euston Films . Set in contemporary London, it will feature detective partners and enemies, Elaine Renko and Robert Hicks, who seek to enforce the law and protect their loved ones in a world that every day slips closer to certain destruction. But what's the point of justice in the face of Armageddon?  Read More...