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Netflix to Drop Most BBC Series, Movies

Netflix will eliminate most of its BBC programs by January 31st due to an expiring contract. Shows like Doctor Who, Luther, Black Adder, Fawlty Towers, Coupling,Top Gear, House of Cards (the original British version), Wallander, and morewill disappear from the streaming networks lineup in the event an agreement on a new deal isnt reached.   Read More...

Idris Elbas Luther Returning in 2015

  On the heels of yesterday's perplexing news that an American adaptation of Luther is in the works comes this much more encouraging announcement: There will be more (original, British) Luther installments coming in 2015, starring Idris Elba. BCC America announced today that there will be two 60-minute Luther s on the way. They'll film in the U.K. in March and air later in 2015, and while any Luther is probably good Luther , two episodes feels awfully meager. The first season was six episodes, and the second and third four each. Don't we deserve more Luther ? We do. We also deserve more Alice, while you're at it.  Read More...

Luther Getting an American Remake

  Fox is developing an American adaptation of Luther because, apparently, the word Gracepoint doesn't ring a bell. According to Deadline, the network has given a put-pilot commitment to the series, which will be written and executive-produced by Neil Cross, who was behind the original. Idris Elba will also executive-produce, though it doesn't look like he'll reprise the role. Luther is indeed fantastic scary and moody and intense but it's still yet another a show about a troubled cop who takes things personally. It hard to think of something less essential than a remake of it.   Read More...

Idris Elba Talks NO GOOD DEED, Getting to Play a Bad Guy, the Potential Return of LUTHER, and More

Screen Gems will release director Sam Miller‘s (Luther) new thriller  No Good Deed  tomorrow.  The film stars  Idris Elba  as an escaped convict with a dangerous past who makes his way into the home of a devoted wife ( Taraji P. Henson ) and her young children.    As you can tell from  the trailer , Elba isn’t in his usual good guy mode here.  I recently had a chance to sit down with the actor and we talked about how satisfying it was for him to play someone so evil.  We also talked about the physicality of his scenes with Henson and the possibility of more  Luther  episodes (along with a movie). Read more...

'Luther' to Get Russian Remake as BBC Worldwide Gears up for Program Showcase

A record number of buyers, including first-timers DirecTV and Google Play, proves that shows from the BBC and British indies continues to draw global interest.    

The SideReel Center for Breaking Bad Rehabilitation

Breaking the Habit You can feel the first pangs of withdrawal starting.  After all, you've had a relationship with Breaking Bad   for 5 years, and now they just expect you to quit cold turkey?  Don't they know that's not how the  meth  critically-acclaimed cable drama game goes? Turns out that's exactly how it goes. Sure, there's that  Better Call Saul  spinoff happening, but it's just not the same,  so before you go all  Trainspotting , we've put together a list of suggestions of shows that will ease the harsh comedown . They're all excellent dramas and any one of them should bind to the correct receptors in your brain — and think of all the time you'll have now on Sundays to devote to them! Turns out quitting has its perks.   Luther  S1E1 : Episode 1 If there's one thing Walter White could always do on  Breaking Bad , it was compartmentalize. Detective Chief Inspector John Luther (portrayed by the always-brilliant Idris Elba) is not quite as able. His work not only comes home with him, it consumes him. Unable to arrest Alice Morgan, a genius-level psychotic, for the murder of her parents, he ends up drawn to her in an intimate way, consumed by his quest to put logic to sociopathy.   Rescue Me  S1E1 : Guts Talk about an antihero. Dennis Leary's Tommy Gavin, a veteran New York City fireman and 9/11 survivor, is a self-destructive alcoholic with anger management issues. Not only that, but all of Gavin's friends and family are problem-laden as he is, which, over the course of 7 seasons, leads to a lot of heartbreak, violence, and despair. Sounds like a really fun time, I know, but  Rescue Me  was far from a run-of-the-mill cable drama — it was the first show that truly took       the post-Giuliani New York ethos to its logical (if extreme) conclusion.   Sons of Anarchy  S1E1 : Pilot It's not all sunshine and daisies in Charming. This (fictional) Northern California town is home to the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, a tortured — and occasionally torturous — motorcycle gang that really, truly tries to live by a moral code. Keeping drugs out of your town = good; using violence and intimidation to do so = effective, albeit maybe-kind-of-sort-of unethical?  Sons of Anarchy  is practically a Greek tragedy in scope, so don't get too attached to anyone.   The Fall  S1E1 : Episode 1 Like   Luther  above,  The Fall  is a British import in which a devoted cop tries to get inside the head of PURE EVIL. You might think I'm joking, but in this case, the serial killer has reached Buffalo Bill levels of depravity while playing the devoted husband and father at home. Gillian Anderson trots out her British accent (which she comes by honestly, having spent part of her childhood in England) as a detective who sees herself in the murdered young, professional women.   Boardwalk Empire  S1E1 : Pilot It's always a nice thing when character actors get a chance to star, and the cast of  Boardwalk Empire , HBO 's visually arresting Prohibition-set drama, is made up entirely of character actors. Taking a look at gang activity and political corruption in 1920s and '30s Atlantic City, New Jersey, this Steve Buscemi vehicle doesn't skimp on the sex, violence, and all-around crazy evilness that comes with prolonged exposure to the Jersey Shore.*   Homeland  S1E1 : Pilot All is fair in love and war... and psychiatric disorders and brainwashing and terrorism, according to Showtime 's Homeland , an adaptation of the Israeli series Prisoners of War . Claire Danes' CIA agent Carrie Matheson is on a mission to prove that the recently returned POW Nicholas Brody has been turned by the terrorist group that captured him. Complicating this is her battle with bipolar disorder, and the fact that, uh, [Spoiler Alert]  she bangs him. Basically, everyone on this     show could be the unreliable narrator of a Dostoevsky novel, and it's pretty damn glorious.   Homicide: Life on the Street  S1E1 : Gone for Goode Alone on this list in both provenenance (an American broadcast TV drama) and age (it debuted in 1993), Baltimore-set  Homicide: Life on the Street was the precursor to The Wire . Following the personal and professional lives of the detectives of the Baltimore Police Department's Homicide Division and featuring a brilliant ensemble cast, the series was one of the first to really take a look at the complex motivations that drive street crime in a large, decaying city, and frankly, every                subtly layered, morally muddled crime drama owes this forerunner a huge debt.   The Sopranos  S1E1 : The Sopranos This mob drama (set in North Jersey, of course*), one of the defining shows of the 2000s, started out with crime boss Tony Soprano (the late James Gandolfini) in therapy to deal with panic issues related to, well, being in the mafia. The 7-season run showed the tribulations of both of Tony's families, and was arguably the first television drama to accurately display classic existentialist angst  — a trait exemplified by its polarizing series finale. *I would apologize for the Jersey jokes, but I grew up there, so I'm entitled.   Now, if you've seen ALL of these, then please, take a break (and maybe get a drink) and go watch some  comedies . For real.   Leah E. Friedman is the editor of You can follow her musings on Twitter .

'Luther' Season 3 sneak peek: Meet Mary Day, John's new love interest

"Luther" is finally back with Season 3, and it's bringing along a new love interest for main character John Luther. Meet Mary Day, a character new to the world of "Luther" played by Sienna Guillory. A sneak peek at tonight's episode, which can be seen on TVLine, shows Mary and John reconnect after what is described as their "eventful first meeting." In the clip, John can be seen cracking not one but several smiles during his phone call with Mary. Considering their crackling chemistry, it will be fun to see Mary and John's relationship play out over the course of the four-episode third season. "Luther's" first of four episodes premieres tonight on BBC America at 10 p.m. ET. The other three episodes will air on each subsequent night....

'Luther' all about 'shades of gray with flashes of color'

In the early days of "Luther," BBC America's miniseries returning for four nights beginning Tuesday, Sept. 3, those responsible for creating the show's look gathered.James Keast, the costume designer, recalls the director telling them, "Go off and find something relevant to the series."The director wanted "shades of gray with flashes of color, lots of bits of pink, purple or red, and everything else is colorless," Keast tells Zap2it.Tasked with this assignment, Keast turned to a fantastic Ukrainian photographer "who wanders the streets of Moscow photographing people who have no hope - a lot of kids, prostitutes and alcoholics," he says. He calls the shades and textures "no hope colors."With those cheery thoughts, Keast built the wardrobe for "Luther." Though most detectives in Great Britain wear a suit on the job, John Luther (Idris Elba) does not."He is a maverick and pushes the limit of what he can get away with," Keast says. Though Luther looks...

Idris Elba Talks LUTHER Season 3, Luther’s New Love Interest and His Relationship with Alice, Exploring a Prequel Story, and Future Seasons

The crime drama  Luther  returns to BBC America for its third installment (airing as a four-night event from September 3rd through September 6th), which finds Detective John Luther ( Idris Elba ) struggling to cope with his own demons. He’s back under intense pressure, with two conflicting crimes to investigate and a ruthless ex-cop determined to bring him down, all while attempting to pursue a chance at happiness with Mary Day ( Sienna Guillory ). Read More...

'Luther' Creator Eyes Movie Version

Neil Cross has written a prequel movie script for the character played by Idris Elba in the U.K. cop show.