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Where is the other baby?!! (Season 2)

We all assumed (at least I did) that the cute blond toddler in the 4th episode was Peggy's. Especially since in the 2nd episode, she is asked by her sister (Anita Olson Respola) to "say goodbye" which prompted our introduction to said cute toddler. So... what do you make of the fact that Anita was pregnant in Peggy's OMG-I-just-had-a-baby (or rather Don-helped-me-so-I-owe-him) flashbacks in this last episode (E5)? I keep thinking about it, and wish it was all a book so I could jump to the end to know the truth right now! Could it be that Peggy's baby was actually given up for adoption? (Before the premiere I was certain she would just abandon the baby at the hospital and continue her life... maybe she did... with the help of her mother+sister.) Or could it be that something bad happened to the Anita's baby?! (Which would better explain the hidden animosity and backstabbing confessional of episode 4.) This season started slowly, and I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed and also confused about the 2 year jump. But after these last 2 episodes, I'm glad I didn't give up on the show.

MAD MEN Drinking Game

I obviously had nothing to do at work today, so I came up with the MAD MEN Drinking Game. To play the game you need the following: 1 Decanter filled with Scotch, Bourbon, or Whiskey Set of highball glasses Ice (optional) Step 1: Game Preparation If you like ice in your drink, place 2-3 cubes into a highball, otherwise drink like a man and leave the ice to the women Liberally pour your choice of liquor into glasses for you and your pals Gather the kidds around the TV and watch MAD MEN. Step 2: Playing the Game You should drink anytime you see or hear any of the following: Racial Slurs Witness Sexual Harassment in the workplace Gossip about a Divorcee Flashback to World War II Pete pouts Peggy falls in love Someone has an affair A tragedy occurs (Example: Nixon looses, a plane crashes, someone has a heart attack) Betts ignores the vibrant woman alive within trying to break out Someone orders a pretentious entree (Example: Vichyssoise, Oysters) Any time the boys drink to a brilliant idea Joan flirts Joan acts like a Mean Girl One of the office girls is caught crying in the lady's Betts has a doctor's appointment Feel free to Add your own to the list...

Disappointed by Season 2 premiere?

Anyone else disappointed with this? I love the show. I'd actually put it on my favorites, but I was really disappointed with the first episode this season! I liked how some questions from last season are still left a mystery. That kind of intrigue is why I keep tuning in. I'm not certain I like the new Betty or the new Peggy to be honest. I used to really sympathize with both characters, but I did not in this first episode. Plus, I feel like nothing happened! Nothing tremendously exciting to me. If I was a new viewer, I probably would've been let down. Anyone else? Feel free to disagree!

Tonight's Premiere

Can I just say that I am SO psyched for tonight's Season Premiere? I used to watch Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Cambell) when he was a kid in the movie Masterminds, so I began watching purely for that reason. After Episode 1, my bf and I fell in love with the whole show. I cannot WAIT to see what has changed!! Please excuse my giddiness :)