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Guys I Love this programe, but I would like to warn others that may not know, the links to the site have a firewall disabling virus on it. It doesn't always do it on the first view but it is deff there I ahve taken the time to verify which links are doing it. I find it a real shame as they have good quality links on them and always work. but never mind enjoy the rest of them, just be aware.

Medium will be BACK for Season 5 in Winter 2008 !!

Hopefully, sooner though. See here:

Ok...just speculation

I just finished watching Car Trouble. Do you guys think he will cheat on Allison? Especially since when you read the bio about the premise of the show. Its supposed to be based on the real Allison's life during her first marriage.

other links

try this (i haven't yet but they sometimes have good links) also, if an episode is recent enough, check the channel's main site for it, most of them have full episodes online. and if you download Veoh tv, you can search and find almost anything there! i hardly ever watch anything''s got full-length movies and their own channels, too. it's almost like a Direct-tv for internet...:)

answer: anyone else annoyed

This could be a small spoiler: I think spending all the college-money would have been a big thing. It's kind of normal to have doubts about that! And in the end she trusted him. That's what important!

Anyone else annoyed?

Anyone else as annoyed as I am by how amazingly unsupportive Allison is of her husband?

darn it

hey where can i find a link to burn baby burn part 2 that isnt hulu...cuz that one doesnt work my part of the world lol.... anyone got the goods?...plz hand them dyin to find out what happens next on medium:))