Originally aired in the UK on BBC1, SyFy offers up this period drama about the fantastic world of Merlin as a young man.

Merlin Full Episodes

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Merlin Season 5 Episode 10 “The Kindness of Strangers”
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Merlin Series 5 Review “The Kindness of Strangers” — Emrys, beware!
Merlin Series 5 Review “With All My Heart” — Can Gwen Be Saved?
Merlin Series 5 Review “The Hollow Queen” — The Sarrum, The Witch and The Reusable Plot
Merlin Series 5 Review “A Lesson in Vengeance” — There’s a Traitor in Arthur’s Midst…
Merlin Series 5 Review “The Dark Tower” — An Impenetrable Forest and a Burning Boat
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