Status: Hiatus
Airs: Wednesdays, 9:00 PM ET on ABC (30 min)

Modern Family is a single camera mockumentary about three suburban couples (traditional, gay and multi-ethnic).

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B List (96 shows)
Shows I don't care to watch again. The shows are not bad, but I have way better things to do than watch them again. Life is short!
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LGBT friendly shows.
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Documentaries (3 shows)
by cjirani
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Top Comedy (40 shows)
Die of laughter
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My Top Shows (30 shows)
I've completed or am up to date with 80+ shows and these are my all time favorites.
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Comedy (35 shows)
I'm more of a fan of comedic movies than television, but these are the best from TV.
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ABC/Outlook (1 show)
by cjirani