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My Name is Earl 4x19 My Name is Alias

Anybody want to help me out with the song that Danny Glover is singing along to while sitting in the car?

What happened to all the season 3 links?

I have just started watching Earl and I got yo season 3 and all the links do not work. I also tried other TV sites and none of them have working season 3 links either. Is there someplace I can get caught up so I can go on to season 4?

MY NAME IS EARL "Big Bad Voodoo Brother" Airing Thurs 10/30/2008

Check out MY NAME IS EARL "Big Bad Voodoo Brother" airing this Thursday, October 30, at 8pm on NBC.

top gear theme in Episode 9 : Randy in Charge (�of Our Days and Our Nights)

Hey everyone donno if ne one noticed but when earl interviews the prisoners for the scare the school children about prison life the background score is TOP GEAR theme song!!!!!!!

season 4

my name is earl is my fav tv show tying with scrubs. can someone tell me if ithere is going to be a season 4?