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NCIS Episode "False Witness" Season 8, Episode 10

"Turkey DNA database?" "I know. It's a wonderful time to be alive, Gibbs." NCIS had its It's a Wonderful Life episode — or the closest it'll ever get — with the Christmas-themed "False Witness." And Abby was right. What's not to celebrate about living in the days of forensic miracle and wonder, as Paul Simon might put it, when a near-exact match can be made on a turkey corpse, and all of YouTube can be scanned not just for cute cat videos but tell-tale pixel problems that lead to a near-exact match on a critical camcorder? What did you think of "False Witness"? Do you want Annie Wersching back? Are you glad DiNozzo's prankishness is back, or did you prefer his brief respite as a one-track crimefighter? What ancient dance do you hope to see Abby learn next? To Read More Click Here.

NCIS: "Enemies Foreign" Season 8, Episode 8

"I don't think a round of applause would be out of order," DiNozzo told a conference of former agency directors toward the end of "Enemies Foreign," the latest — and, for this season, so far, greatest — episode of NCIS. Michael O'Neill and the others assembled big-wigs refrained from cheering, but we can. As the first of a two-parter, it's hard to say exactly how satisfactorily the whole scenario will play out in the end. But this setup was NCIS firing on all contradictory cylinders at once: simultaneously comedic and suspenseful, serious and self-mocking, plot-driven and character-centric, tight and loose. Do you agree that "Enemies Foreign" is the series' best episode so far this season, or are you waiting on next week's domestics before making any calls? To Read More Click Here.

Empty Coffee Cup from "Guilty Pleasure"

At 23:55 when Gibbs puts down the coffee for Holly, the sound it makes sounds like an empty cup. They should try to make it not so obvious, but Mark Harmon has gotten very good at drinking out of an empty cup and making it look real. He does it in almost every episode so I guess he gets to practice... lol. But did anyone else notice this?

Director's office

Can anyone confirm that in the director's office the large framed photograph on the door wall is a photo of the 99s? The 99s were a group of women aviators also chaired by Amelia Earhart, and if it is, what is the connection with the Director? let me know; I am very interested in the photograph, prop or not. Thank you

JETLAG laged a little somthing???

This ep seemed to "lag" (for lack of a better word) a little filling. It's like it just kept trying to be interesting and then it would hit a wall. I am above all an NCIS fan since the shows beginning, but I am also as bigger TIVA fan aswell. I had anticipated this episode as one that would offer a little more into the goings on between Tony and Ziva while in Paris. After all.... that is what the man himself told us to expect! There was more fire in the last 15 seconds of this episode then there was in the whole 43 minutes! But.... will those 15 seconds just be forgotton, swept under the rug, never spoken about again like all those other tiva moments or will we start seeing flashes of paris that involve not Gibbs and Jenny but tiva? After all, Who did sleep on the couch?

power out

very interesting episode. i like it. if i were in the shoes of the guys i would be uncomfortable being part of power outages while investigations are goin on. luckily the team has ducky and abby as resourceful and talented in forensics.

What in your opinion are the 5 shows that get better each week?

OK I was watching The Mentalist this week and got to thinking there are several shows that I think get better every week, and I was wondering if I was the only one? So here is my top 5 shows: 1. Castle 2. N.C.I.S. 3. Numbers 4. The Mentalist 5. Bones I had several runners up, like (The Forgotten, N.C.I.S: Los Angeles, Mercy, C.S.I.:NY, Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Theory, and others) but the 5 I listed are the top 5. So what are yours?

tv shows

whats going on with tv shows at the moment they seem to be all over the place one week both ncis and ncis la is on the next its not same with the good wife it seems like fridays and sundays are the same cant tv networks sort themselves out the holiday season is over no excuse

dunham and tims monologue at the end

Is ncis trying to reference fringe and criminal minds ? What is up with that ?

QUESTION- Favorite character?

I watch NCIS essentially for the caracters. I consider that these people got the best chemistry with each others. Unlike other criminal tv shows, I don't really care for the cases, as long as Tony pranks and kids everybody, Gibbs slaps everybody's head, Ducky talks way too much and Abby stays like she is, I'll watch that show for another 6 seasons. That is exacltly why this show (with The Office) will never get old. SO, my question for you NCIS lovers is: What is your favorite character? Me, being a sci fi geek, and a little weird considering all these people, my favorite person is McGee, or Probie, or Timmy, or McGeek, or McFlowerPower, or whatever name's the others give him. Timmy is my favorite chacter because he's such a good guy, always there for everybody and also very funny in his own way. Who else Tony would tease if he left?