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NCIS Preview: Gibbs' Shooting Triggers a 'Fundamental' Tonal Shift for Series

NCIS vet Michael Weatherly wouldnt be the first to suggest that the CBS dramas May finale perhaps didnt leave everyone guessing as to the fate of team leader Leroy Jethro Gibbs, who in the closing moments got shot twice by a terrorist networks very young recruit. I dont think anyone thought that was []

CBS Premiere Spoilers: Guest Stars! Serial Killers! Russian Satellites!

Guest stars galore! Cliffhanger questions answered! And a whole lot more! CBS has come out with the official descriptions for all returning fall shows. What can you expect when hits such as The Big Bang Theory and The Good Wife return? Find out now...   Read More...

Why Are Tony and Gibbs Fighting on NCIS?

  After being shot in the Season 12 finale of NCIS , Leroy Jethro Gibbs ( Mark Harmon ) has a long road to recovery ahead of him. Gibbs' ordeal will have both physical and psychological ramifications, according to show boss Gary Glasberg . The changes to his personality will put Gibbs at odds with his ...   Read More...

Jon Cryer Is Heading Into Surgery On NCIS

  Jon Cryer spent 12 years playing a chiropractor on Two and a Half Men , but his latest doctorial role is a bit more...surgical. Cryer will be sporting scrubs in the premiere of NCIS , where he will play Dr. Taft, a Navy surgeon who has Gibbs life in his hands after he was shot in the season finale.   Read More...

NCIS Season 13: Gibbs Was Left Bleeding What Happens Next?

TVLine hits rewind on the TV seasons biggest What Happens Next finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes Rule No. 45 tells us, Clean up the mess that you make and CBS NCIS will have to do just that when Season 13 arrives, seeing as Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) was last []

'NCIS' Boss on Gibbs' Devastating Twist, Season 13's "Impending Danger"

Gary Glasberg tells THR about the final scene's "long-term effects" and reveals which familiar face is returning next season.   Read More...

'NCIS' Boss on Ned's Death, Finale's "Shocking and Disturbing" Closing Scene

Gary Glasberg tells THR that this season's last episode will find Gibbs and Tony in "some very dangerous territory."   Read More...

NCIS Season Finale Photos: Finding Neverland

It's the NCIS season 12 finale - and the team is still reeling from the shocking loss of one of their own. Agent Dornegat'sbrutal death has left ripple effects throughout the team, but it's more important than ever to stop the global terrorist group using the internet to recruit children to their cause. Will the NCIS team be able to find the head of this organization and cut it off? Will Dornegat's mother, CIA Officer Teague be there to help?   Read More...

Is One NCIS Death Theory Boosted or Debunked by NCIS: LA Crossover?

A newly announced NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles crossover and more curiously, the timing of it seems to snuff one theory about the significant loss hitting the original series next Tuesday. Or, maybe, supports it? CBS official twitter feed on Wednesday night revealed that NCIS fave Michael Weatherly will cross over to the LA offshoot []

Who's Going to Die on NCIS? Ziva?

  The NCIS team will deal with a tragedy before the season is out - but who's going to die? "It's a fan favorite, and I think it's going to be quite a shock," star Emily Wickersham , who plays Ellie Bishop, tells . "It was a shock to me, and I think it will be a shock to the fans."   Read More...