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Previews of 'NCIS' 7.05 "Code of Conduct"

In celebration of the imminent Halloween, " NCIS : Naval Criminal Investigative Service" employs a story revolving around the festivity. In "Code of Conduct", the NCIS team discover that a Marine known for his practical joke is found dead on the Halloween Eve. They think that the victim's pranks may contribute to ghoulish retribution. Also, Ziva tries to adjust to her new role on the team. "Code of Conduct" airs on Tuesday, October 20 at 8/7c. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source Here

NCIS "Good Cop, Bad Cop" Season 7 Episode 4 - Preview

Watch a preview of the NCIS "Good Cop, Bad Cop" Season 7 Episode 4 airing Tuesday October 13 (8:00-9:00PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Episode Synopsis: When a Marine's body surfaces halfway around the world, the investigation sends the team) in a startling direction, on NCIS , Tuesday Oct. 13 (8:00-9:00PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Source & Preview

Tonight's TV Hot List: Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2009

* NCIS (8/7c CBS) The death of a marine on foreign soil has the team in the middle of an investigation that also forces Ziva to confront her past. The tenuous connection between who Ziva was and who Ziva is now - and where her loyalties lie - has been simmering below the surface since the season started. It not only affects cases, but her relationships with both Gibbs (a relative father figure) and Tony (a potential romantic partner). * Dancing with the Stars ) Last night the contestants performed four dances that were brand new to this show: the bolero, the Charleston, the Texas two-step and the lambada. However, for someone this venture into new territory will mark the end of his or her journey on the show. That person could very well be Michael Irvin, who narrowly escaped elimination last week. Also: Shakira performs "Did It Again" and "Hips Don't Lie," and the pros demonstrate next week's dances. * Hell's Kitchen (8/7c Fox) This is it, food-fight fans: a three-way (and two-hour) culinary smackdown featuring Ariel, Dave and Kevin, with the winner getting a top job at a new resort in Whistler, B.C., the site of the skiing venue at the Winter Olympics next February in Canada. But before the finalists start practicing their schussing or their "ehs," they had better have perfected their risottos and beef Wellingtons, not to mention their use of Canadian bacon. * 2009 Hip Hop Honors (9/8c Vh1 ) The sixth-annual event celebrates the 25th anniversary of seminal hip-hop label Def Jam Records. The Roots perform "Rock the Bells" with Eminem; Kid Rock sings "I'm Bad"; and KRS-One, Wale and Gym Class Heroes collaborate on "No Sleep Till Brooklyn." Hip-hop icons Public Enemy take on "Rebel Without a Pause" and share the stage with S1W, the Roots, Tom Morello and Boots Riley. Tracy Morgan hosts the event, which also features Fabolous, Foxy Brown, Redman, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Mary J. Blige, DMX, Ludacris, Warren G and Trey Songs. * Frontline (9/8c PBS) Is Afghanistan becoming President Obama's Vietnam? As the administration ponders shifts in strategy, the newsmagazine's 27th season opener focuses on the war via field reports from the front lines, including the Taliban stronghold in Helmand Province, and an interview with Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan. The program also looks across the border to Pakistan, which is purported to be a launching ground for militants to attack U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Source Here

NCIS Preview: What Exactly Happened to Ziva?

Ziva (Cote de Pablo) may be back at her desk on NCIS , but she's far from being fully integrated back into the team. When a marine's death on foreign soil is connected to the freighter on which Ziva was held captive in the Season 6 finale, she will not only get involved in the case, but she'll also have to face her past. The good news for viewers: We'll finally get to see just what happened during Ziva's captivity. "We're filling in the blanks," executive producer Shane Brennan tells "In the audience's mind, we're filling in how she ended up being captured by Salim, and the audience gets taken on a ride back to her time on the ship. It's a companion piece to the season opener." As is usually the case with NCIS, everything is not as it first appears. "It's done in such a way that the audience will be kept guessing as to what happened," Brennan says. "It's a very clever, engaging, not-to-be-missed episode." Brennan says the back story will make it clearer why Gibbs (Mark Harmon) hesitates to trust Ziva enough to make her an NCIS agent. Naturally, Gibbs already knows more than the audience. "I don't think there's ever a time in Gibbs' life that he hasn't known more than he's let on," Brennan says. Brennan says the unresolved issues between Ziva and Tony (Michael Weatherly) will be dealt with to a lesser extent, but that conflict will continue to be important in the weeks ahead. "Certainly this episode will help resolve some - I won't say all, but some - of the questions that have been left hanging over the last couple of episodes," he says. "Those questions are in the process of being answered, and what you'll have over the next couple of episodes is a resolution of the issues that they've grappled with in the very recent past." Even though the new season is barely under way, Brennan is already thinking of the finish line. "We've got the rest of the season laid out, in terms of what the audience is going to learn about our characters and the way their going to be thrown together in some very dynamic and interesting episodes." NCIS aire Tuesdays at 9/7c on CBS. Source Here

NCIS Latest Episode: Season 7, Episode 3 - 'The Inside Man'

When a blogger that accused NCIS of a cover-up turns up dead, the NCIS team has to find out who killed him and take another look at the closed case. Watch & Discuss: Watch NCIS: Season 7, Episode 3 - 'The Inside Man' Read NCIS' Review: Season 7, Episode 3 - 'The Inside Man'

Previews of 'NCIS' October 13 Episode

In "Good Cop, Bad Cop", the investigation of a Marine's death on foreign soil forces Ziva to confront her past. Last week Ziva announced that she wanted to quit Mossad in order to join NCIS as real and true agent. On another news, "NCIS" has been deemed television's most-watched program for second week of TV season. According to Nielsen, last week's number of 21.4 million viewers became the biggest for the series in its seven seasons history. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source Here

NCIS "The Inside Man" Season 7 Episode 3 - Preview

Watch a preview of the NCIS "The Inside Man" Season 7 Episode 3 airing Tuesday October 6 (8:00-9:00PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Episode Synopsis: The team must take a second look into the death of a lieutenant after the blogger who accused them of a cover-up ends up dead on NCIS , Tuesday, Oct. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Source & Preview

NCIS: DiNozzo and McGee in the Slammer?

What happens when the people who are supposed to uphold the law don't? NCIS ' Tony Dinozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) will find out in Tuesday's episode, and we've got the mug shots to prove it. In "The Inside Man," a blogger accuses the team of mishandling its investigation of the murder of a lieutenant, even alleging that NCIS covered up the real crime. When the blogger ends up dead, the team is forced to reopen the old case to clear itself of any wrongdoing. To that end, Dinozzo and McGee resort to some less-than-ethical means of evidence collection, which doesn't sit well with D.C. police. Before you know it, they're headed to the slammer. Will Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Vance (Rocky Carroll) be able to bail them out? NCIS airs Tuesday at 8/7c on CBS. What do you think of the boys' mug shots? Source Here

NCIS Latest Episode: Season 7, Episode 2 - 'Reunion'

Gibbs is forced to dig into the past when a murder of a Marine and his two friends turns out to be linked to his team. Meanwhile, Gibbs faces a tough challenge as he holds Ziva's fate in his hands. Watch & Discuss: Watch NCIS: Season 7, Episode 2 - 'Reunion' Read NCIS' Review: Season 7, Episode 2 - 'Reunion'

TV Ratings: 'NCIS' gets even bigger Tuesday - Featured

Fast National ratings for Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2009 " NCIS " continued its amazing start to the season on Tuesday, setting another series record for viewers and carrying CBS to a big ratings win for the night. None of the other networks really even came within shouting distance. CBS averaged 17.1 million viewers and a 10.7 rating/17 share in households in primetime. That was more than double the number of viewers for ABC (8.4 million, 5.6/9), which held off NBC (8.2 million, 5.2/8) for second. Fox came in fourth with 5.9 million viewers and a 3.4/5. The CW (2 million, 1.4/2) trailed. CBS also scored a victory among adults 18-49 with a 4.0 rating. NBC finished second in the demographic with a 3.1, beating out FOX's 2.7. Soft demo numbers at 8 and 10 p.m. dropped ABC (2.0) to fourth. The CW drew a 1.0. Tuesday's hourly results: 8 p.m. CBS: "NCIS" (20.65 million viewers, 12.5/20 households) NBC: " The Biggest Loser " (8.5 million, 5.3/9) FOX: " Hell's Kitchen " (6.5 million, 3.8/6) ABC: " Shark Tank " (5.3 million, 3.5/6) The CW: " 90210 " (2.5 million, 1.7/3) 18-49 leader: "NCIS" (4.6) 9 p.m. CBS: " NCIS: Los Angeles " (17.4 million, 10.7/17) ABC: " Dancing with the Stars " results (12.5 million, 8.3/13) NBC: "The Biggest Loser" (9.6 million, 5.8/9) FOX: " So You Think You Can Dance " (5.3 million, 3.1/5) The CW: " Melrose Place (2009) " (1.5 million, 1.2/2) 18-49 leader: "NCIS: Los Angeles" (4.1) 10 p.m. CBS: " The Good Wife " (13.4 million, 8.9/15) ABC: " The Forgotten (TV) " (7.5 million, 5.1/9) NBC: " The Jay Leno Show " (6.6 million, 4.3/7) 18-49 leader: "The Good Wife" (3.1) Ratings information includes live and same-day DVR viewing. All numbers are preliminary and subject to change. Source Here