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NCIS: Preview of Episode 7.8 "Power Down"

There's a city-wide blackout on tonight's episode of NCIS, so when the team literally finds themselves in the dark, quite literally. They're investigating the death of a lieutenant and an attempted robbery, and somehow, this is connected to the power outage. What does this mean? This means, all of Abby's (Pauley Perrette) high-tech gadgets are for naught, and everyone's trying to approach the case just like they do in the olden times - of course, reference to Gibbs' (Mark Harmon) age will be a running joke. On the last episode of NCIS, Vance (Rocky Carroll) became the target of an assassin, who just happened to be young, beautiful, and deadly (and sort of brainwashed). Apparently, Van had been after this assassin for 17 years since she was responsible for the death of his patrol partner. Check "Power Down" tonight on CBS. Source & Preview

NCIS "Power Down" Season 7 Episode 8 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of the NCIS "Power Down" Season 7 Episode 8 airing Tuesday November 17 (8:00-9:00PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Episode Synopsis: The team literally finds themselves in the dark when the investigation into the death of a lieutenant is connected to a city-wide blackout, on NCIS, Tuesday, Nov. 17 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Source & Preview

NCIS: Preview of Episode 7.7 "Endgame"

If last week's episode was all about Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and his legendary mentor, tonight on NCIS , it's all about Vance (Rocky Carroll). So for those who like him, it's your lucky week. For those who don't like him (and there are a lot, judging from the comments), maybe this can change your mind? On "Endgame" Vance's family is once again put into danger when an assassin from his past returns to threaten their safety, and the team works on helping Vance face his troubled past. The assassin in question, however, is not just your typical assassin. It's the number one assassin the world, the type who'd dip bullets into lethal poison just to be on the safe side. As if that wasn't bad enough, she's also a knockout. And she's after Vance, his family, or both. On the last episode of NCIS, we got to meet Gibbs' fabled mentor again, and the episode explored Franks' family life. As it turned out, his dead son doesn't exactly have the best in-laws in the world, and powerful mother actually hired two guys from a private military company to abduct her estranged daughter and granddaughter and bring them back to her. As luck would have it, Gibbs was involved in the case because the two dead guys were found on his boat, which he dropped off in Mexico to Franks. Later in the episode, it was revealed that it was Leyla herself who shot the hired men, with father-in-law Franks attempting in vain to cover it up. Source & Preview

NCIS Gets Real U.S. Secretary of the Navy for a Cameo

The United States Secretary of the Navy will make a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of NCIS , has learned exclusively. Secretary Ray Mabus will appear in the Nov. 24 Thanksgiving episode entitled "Child's Play," a rep for the show tells us. Mabus will play an NCIS agent. In the episode, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the team have to put their Thanksgiving plans on hold when the investigation of a dead Marine leads them into the life of a 12-year-old prodigy (Madeline Carroll), who may be the killer's next target. Lisa Sheridan (Invasion) and Francis Capra (Veronica Mars) will also guest-star. Although Mabus won't be playing himself, NCIS has featured a secretary of the Navy character on the show before. Jude Ciccolella ( 24 ) portrayed the secretary in three episodes last season. Source Here

USA buys syndication rights to 'NCIS' spinoff

In what might be an industry record, CBS' freshman drama series "NCIS: Los Angeles" has been sold into syndication after seven weeks on the air. CBS TV Distribution has licensed the show to USA Network, which has enjoyed great success airing reruns of franchise flagship "NCIS." The spinoff, which stars LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell, is going for roughly $1.9 million per episode. It will start airing weekly in the fall of 2011. The unusually quick deal is testament to the popularity of the "NCIS" brand -- and the ability of top cable networks to capitalize on crime procedurals in syndication. In its seventh season, "NCIS" has grown to become the most-watched drama series on TV. Ratings for "Los Angeles" have been consistently strong on Tuesday nights.

CBS Reduces Numb3rs, Increases Order for NCIS, CSI and More - Featured

The episode total for Numb3rs has been scaled back - from 22 to 16. has confirmed. CBS reduced the crime drama's season order, first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, leaving uncertain the 6-year-old show's future. The show premiered this season to 7.92 million viewers (and a 1.8 rating among adults 18-to-49). It's most recent episode brought in 7.8 million viewers (and a 1.7 rating among 18-to-49). also has confirmed that the network increased the season order from 22 to 24 episodes for CSI: Miami , NCIS , NCIS: Los Angeles , How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. CBS also increased orders for CSI , CSI: NY , Criminal Minds , The Good Wife , The Mentalist and The Big Bang Theory to 23 episodes. Those pickups were first reported by Entertainment Weekly. What do you think of Numb3rs' cutback? Source Here

NCIS: Robert Wagner to Play Tony's Dad

Robert Wagner will guest-star as Tony's father in the 150th episode of NCIS . Tony and his dad will reunite in the episode, which is slated for January. An added layer to the casting is that Michael Weatherly, who plays Tony, portrayed Wagner in the 2004 TV movie The Mystery of Natalie Wood. Other patriarchs who have stopped by the series include Michael Nouri as Ziva's father and Ralph Waite as Gibbs' dad. Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2009 - Featured

* V (Reimagined Series) (8/7c ABC) Fans of the 1983 miniseries about extraterrestrials who visit Earth under false pretenses can fondly recall hero Marc Singer, hottie-baddie Jane Badler and a pre-Freddy Krueger Robert Englund paying his dues. So what does the reboot have going for it? Genre vet Morena Baccarin ( Firefly ; Stargate SG-1 ) takes the pretty-villain role whilst Elizabeth Mitchell ( Lost ) and Joel Gretsch ( The 4400 ) develop a case of scrutiny for the alien visitors. * The Biggest Loser (8/7c NBC) The Biggest Loser gang hit the road for a challenge-packed trip to Washington, D.C. First up, the players gather volunteers for a large-scale workout led by Bob and Jillian at the Washington Monument. Then they meet with U.S. senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Bob Casey to discuss health education before heading out for another challenge involving the city's landmarks. After that, they prepare a fresh salad at the White House with chefs Sam Kass and Cristeta Comerford. But the attention quickly shifts back to the game when it's time to weigh in on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. * By the People: The Election of Barack Obama (9/8c HBO ) A year ago, the U.S. chose the first African-American president, Barack Obama, in its history. As the nation goes to the polls again today, this 2009 documentary is a comprehensive reminder of his two-year journey to the White House, from a contentious primary season to Election Day 2008. Directed by Amy Rice and Alicia Sams, and produced by Edward Norton, the film shows scenes you never saw on the news, and captures candid commentary from campaign insiders such as David Axelrod and David Plouffe. * NCIS (8/7c CBS) Since the season began for TV's highest-rated show, it seems that cases have been bringing the team members face-to-face with their past. Tonight Gibbs reunites with his former mentor, Mike Franks (Muse Watson), while investigating the murders of two mercenaries. * Kathy Griffin: Balls of Steel (9/8c Bravo ) D-list jokester Kathy Griffin gets dissin' and dishin' in her new stand-up special. She takes the San Diego Civic Theatre by storm, offering tart-tongued observations, recalling a guest turn she endured on The View and riffing on her experience at the Teen Choice Awards with her date, Levi Johnston. But Kathy is most known for striking verbal blows against celebrities, and she rides roughshod over an assortment here. In her crosshairs: Barbara Walters, Jon and Kate Gosselin, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. Source Here

NCIS "Outlaws And In-Laws" Season 7 Episode 6 - Preview

Watch a preview of the NCIS "Outlaws And In-Laws" Season 7 Episode 6 airing Tuesday November 3 (8:00-9:00PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Episode Synopsis: A murder investigation prompts Gibbs and the team to play family counselor to his former mentor, Mike Franks, in the hopes of preventing a bloody international conflict, on NCIS , Tuesday, Nov. 3 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Source & Preview

Rena Sofer cast in "NCIS"

Rena Sofer has joined CBS' "NCIS" in a potentially recurring role as a no-nonsense attorney with mysterious motives. Sofer was recently seen in the Hallmark Channel movie "Always & Forever" and also had recurring roles on Fox's "24" and NBC's "Heroes."