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'NCIS' Boss on Gibbs' Devastating Twist, Season 13's "Impending Danger"

Gary Glasberg tells THR about the final scene's "long-term effects" and reveals which familiar face is returning next season.   Read More...

'NCIS' Boss on Ned's Death, Finale's "Shocking and Disturbing" Closing Scene

Gary Glasberg tells THR that this season's last episode will find Gibbs and Tony in "some very dangerous territory."   Read More...

NCIS Season Finale Photos: Finding Neverland

It's the NCIS season 12 finale - and the team is still reeling from the shocking loss of one of their own. Agent Dornegat'sbrutal death has left ripple effects throughout the team, but it's more important than ever to stop the global terrorist group using the internet to recruit children to their cause. Will the NCIS team be able to find the head of this organization and cut it off? Will Dornegat's mother, CIA Officer Teague be there to help?   Read More...

Is One NCIS Death Theory Boosted or Debunked by NCIS: LA Crossover?

A newly announced NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles crossover and more curiously, the timing of it seems to snuff one theory about the significant loss hitting the original series next Tuesday. Or, maybe, supports it? CBS official twitter feed on Wednesday night revealed that NCIS fave Michael Weatherly will cross over to the LA offshoot []

Who's Going to Die on NCIS? Ziva?

  The NCIS team will deal with a tragedy before the season is out - but who's going to die? "It's a fan favorite, and I think it's going to be quite a shock," star Emily Wickersham , who plays Ellie Bishop, tells . "It was a shock to me, and I think it will be a shock to the fans."   Read More...

NCIS Exclusive: Emily Wickersham Drops S-Bomb, Teases Death of "Fan Favorite"

A new NCIS arc kicks off tonight with NCIS Season 12 Episode 22 , "Troll." In advance of the closing three episodes of NCIS Season 12 , TV Fanatic chatted with Emily Wickershamabout Bishop's character evolution, her first "kill" and an upcoming loss to the NCIS family that will impact the show in more ways than one. Scroll down for excerpts from our exclusive Q&A...   Read More...

NCIS: Emily Wickersham Previews a Sad Loss, Gibbs' 'Secret Relationship'

Emily Wickersham opens our interview with a playful, clandestine whisper: Jake and Gibbs are having secret relationship. Jake (played by guest star Jamie Bamber), of course, is the husband of Wickershams NCIS character, probationary Special Agent Ellie Bishop. Gibbs, her boss. And Wickersham is teasing the light runner, as they say,in this Tuesdays episode (CBS, []

NCIS: Mimi Rogers to Guest-Star in Final Season 12 Episodes

Mimi Rogers can now add NCIS to her extensive TV resume. The actress will appear in the CBS procedurals final two Season 12 episodes, TVLine has learned. Shewill play a CIA officer in The Lost Boys and Neverland, airing May 5 and 12, respectively. Further details about her character arent yet available. Rogers whose TV []

NCIS 12x18 - ''Status Update'' Promo

McGee reunites with his girlfriend Delilah to investigate the death of a thief who is found dead in a marine's house. The probe reveals a clue to a terror group Delilah and the Department of Defense have been tracking from Dubai. Airs Tuesday March 24 on CBS.

NCIS 12x17- Promo ''The Artful Dodger''

Evidence in a murder case reveals that a rare painting has been swapped for a fake. Airs Tuesday March 10 on CBS.