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One Piece Gets New OVA in 2010

In the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, it was announced that a new prequel chapter of the pirate shonen series One Piece will be published into a manga and turned into a limited edition anime. The manga chapter (Episode 0) will be published in the 51st issue of Weekly Shonen Jump while the first 1.5 million people who attend the movie next month will also receive a manga book with the chapter in it. The new prequel chapter shows the One Piece world as it did twenty years earlier and will highlight the battle between Gold Roger and Gold Lion Shiki. To Read More Click Me!

One Piece Manga Release Schedule Speeds Up! - featured

As part of the continuing effort to keep One Piece fans current with the Japanese releases, Viz Media has announced a boldly accelerated release schedule for the One Piece manga. The manga, which has only been released through volume 21 in the American market, is already up to volume 55 in Japan. Starting in January next year, Viz will release five volumes of the One Piece manga each month to get fans up to speed, culminating in the release of One Piece volume 53 in June. In addition, the January issue of Shonen Jump Magazine will leap forward and start the Impel Down saga, letting fans catch up with the latest and most exciting arc in One Piece's 12 year history! To make sure that no one gets left behind in the flood of content coming next year, Viz plans to provide summaries of each grand saga on the official One Piece website , from East Blue to Thrillerbark and on. Between Viz's efforts to bring One Piece readers the latest manga and FUNimation's One Piece simulcast every Saturday , One Piece fans have truly entered a great age of pirates!

1 More Day To Go

The Two-Week break is coming to an end tomorrow. The next episode is scheduled to be aired tomorrow (9th November). Stay Tuned.

A Two Week Break

The next episode, 376 is going to air on 9 November 2008. "Kuma's Nikyu Nikyu Abilities That Deflect Everything"