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Rick Tests Out a Revolving Cannon From the 1870s on 'Pawn Stars' (VIDEO)

When Rick Harrison got his first look at the Hotchkiss .37 millimeter revolving cannon on 'Pawn Stars' (Mondays, 10PM on History), he said it looked "like hellfire and damnation." Anyone facing down the weapon when it was used in the 1870s might have felt the same way. Harrison was looking at the cannon as a potential investment, and got to try it out with live ammunition. Harrison turned the crank and fired the weapon at a bunch of water-filler barrels, hitting the targets with a force that impressed him. But it was the last barrel, rigged with explosives, that was the clincher. When Harrison hit it, the barrel exploded into a high cloud. Rick was giggling like a school kid the whole time.

Massive 'Stark Trek' Collection for Sale on 'Pawn Stars' (VIDEO)

Hardcore 'Star Trek' fans had to be salivating at the collection that walked into the shop on 'Pawn Stars' (Mon., 10PM ET on History). The owner had a massive collection of figures of varying sizes, and many of them were signed by the stars of the various shows and movies. Corey brought in an expert to appraise it after hearing the $14,000 opening offer from the seller. After the appraisal came in at $8-9,000, the negotiations began. The owner tried playing on Corey's sympathy by telling him he has a wedding to pay for, but Corey wasn't playing that game. "It's not my issue, man," he said. "You can get married for 99 cents in the Prius right down the street."

'Pawn Stars': Corey 'Big Hoss' Harrison Isn't So 'Big' Anymore

Rick “The Spotter” Harrison  won’t have to do go out of his way anymore to encourage his brother and  Pawn Stars  cast mate,  Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison , to lose weight on the History channel show. The reality star reveals that he has dropped more than a hundred pounds in a matter of months. Harrison tells TMZ that he got lap band surgery in February after his doctor diagnosed him as prediabetic. And the results have been staggering – about 115 pounds lost in the last five months. Read More...

Pawn Stars Co-Host Arrested After Bar Run-In

Pawn Stars  co-host Corey Harrison was arrested after a run-in at a bar, The Associated Pressreports. Harrison, 27, reportedly shoved a deputy and security guard Sunday night at Murray's Saloon and Eatery in Big Bear, Calif., after getting into an argument with another customer. Following the incident, he was booked into the Big Bear Lake jail for investigation of battery and resisting arrest. He was later cited and released.

Why Aren't You Watching 'Pawn Stars?' - Starpulse

When “Antiques Road Show” premiered in America thirteen years ago, it astoundingly became something of a phenomenon. The idea of attaching a monetary figure to all that old junk people collected made for some interesting, if not particularly compelling, television. The problem was, of course, no one ever got to sell their antiques as the show only appraised, and never purchased items or put them up for auction. Also, there were only so many antique vases a fellah could see before wondering what else was on. Enter "Pawn Stars". Following the proprietors of the family owned “Gold & Silver” pawn shop in downtown Las Vegas. “Pawn Stars” takes the appraisal element of “Antiques Road show” and mixes it with a rock n roll vibe, some curse words, a cast of characters only Las Vegas could provide, and most importantly, shows us the money. To Read More Click Here.

Meet the Pawn Stars

Now in its third season, History Channel's buy-and-sell reality series, Pawn Stars (Monday, 10/9c), is hotter than a stolen diamond ring. With help from hock-eyed pawnbroker Rick Harrison - who runs the family business with his pop and son - we got the lowdown on the guys. Corey Harrison Corey is the resident pop-culture expert. "The other day, John Mayer wanted to go out to lunch to talk watches and I didn't know who he was and I thought, 'Corey would know!'" says Rick of his son. "But Corey's very business-minded, too." To Read More Click Here .

'Pawn Stars': Rick Harrison talks about cable's most unlikely hit!

If you've never seen The History Channel's Pawn Stars, you are seriously missing out. Much like an actual pawn shop, this good-natured reality show - which airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET - has a little bit of everything: unbelievable objects, absurd stories, ridiculous family banter, and surprise fortunes. Viewers can't get enough of the cable smash, which is reaching ratings heights that almost any network would be willing to trade for. We got the chance to speak with shop-owner Rick Harrison, the man-in-charge on Pawn Stars, about the success of the show, his old man's work ethic, honesty in the pawn business, and a whole lot more. To Read More Click Here .

What's the Coolest Thing in the Pawn Stars' Shop?

From an engraved whale's tooth to sunken treasure from the Taj Mahal dynasty, the Pawn Stars have seen a fair share of historic - and obscure - items come through their Las Vegas shop. But what items does Rick "The Boss" Harrison think are the coolest things he currently has in his family-run store? caught up with the star of History's hit series (Mondays at 10/9c) to find out the answer, as well as to find out how the business came to be and what it's like working with his son and father (aka "the old man"). Plus: Find out about their eBay charity auction where the winning bidder will get to intern at the pawn shop with the whole gang. To Read More Click Here .