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Awesome! Made those f#@kers look like the charlatans they are. That chick looked like she belonged in the first P&T show on orgasms! One of their best show.

penn and teller bullsh*t ninjavideo

I saw one of your comments in the penn and teller page here on sidereel and you said that there were videos of the show in ninjavideo but I just cant find them would you help me?o


The best show EVER


I added a bunch of episode for all who hasn't watched them if they stay up i don't know lets hope.

Disappearing episodes/links?

Yeah... some the links are broken and episodes are disappearing. Particularly season 2 which I remember was full with all the episodes at one point. Can you guys get back the missing episodes ASAP? Oh... and can you also fix the broken links ASAP as well? I really like to watch this series and I want to watch ALL of the episodes from ALL of the seasons. Just please try to fix the broken links and re-ad the missing episodes ASAP please. Thanks.