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The Top 50 Sexiest Men! - Featured

According to AIM, the list of the top 50 sexiest males contains some of our very own TV stars we have come to know and love. Some on the list are Wentworth Miller of Prison Break , David Boreanaz of Bones , Tom Welling of Smallville , Matthew Fox of Lost , and Milo Ventimiglia of Heroes . Others include Christian Bale from The Dark Knight , Brad Pitt of Burn After Reading , David Beckham; a soccer superstar, and Channing Tatum from Step Up . Check out the photo gallery

Spoiler : Episode 4.24 - Casting Sides

New Casting Sides for 4.24

Set Photos - 20th Feb

Here are some new photos from the set

'Prison Break' Spin-Off Inches Closer (Plus Potential Spoilers!) - Featured

Prison Break 's going to return in April, which for most of us is definitely a long time, considering the show is down to its last six episodes. I'm sure they're getting down to shooting those episodes, and pretty soon we'll hear news about their last day of production and all the off-camera drama that it entails. But that's now that I'm here for. What we have are possible spoilers. Yep, this early. Well, the spoilers are more about that rumored Prison Break spin-off. It's been a long time since it was announced - when producers were planning to do a spin-off set in a women's prison. The plan was to introduce the new show within an episode of Prison Break itself - pretty much like, err, Private Practice was to Grey's Anatomy . We haven't heard about this in months, and it felt that the plans have been abandoned entirely, but right now it seems it's really going to get, err, going. Read More - warning: spoilers- Here .

Episode 4.23 - Casting Sides

New casting sides for 4.23

Spoiler : Episode 4.23 - Casting Call

New Casting Call for episode 4.23

Episode 4.22 - Casting Sides

here are some casting sides for Episode 4.22

Spoiler : Episode 4.22 - Plotline and Casting Call

Here is a new Casting Call for Prison Break Episode 4.22

Featured Cancellation Buzz: Save Prison Break!

Prison Break 's Status: Prison Break will officially end when this season wraps up, so if you need more Prison Break, don't let it die out! Currently, Prison Break will return April 17th, moving it to a Friday (death) timeslot, where it will run its final planned episodes, wrapping up Season 4 and the series... unless you do something about it! Here's what you can do to help: Example: SideReel Page: Prison Break Graphic: Send paper swans and letters to Fox: Fox Studios 10201 Pico Boulevard Century City, CA. 90064 Join our Facebook Group and invite others to spread the love and keep up to date on PB's status: Save Prison Break Facebook Group Sign the petition: Save Prison Break Petition We'd love to hear about anything you do to help the campaign, so feel free to post any efforts you've made here in the comments to inspire other fans to help too!

Episode 4.21 - Plotline and Casting Call

Some details from Episode 4.21