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Prison Break 4.12 Sneak Peek

The search for Scylla comes to an end on Prison Break Season 4 Episode 12 Selfless. Read more.

Prison Break: Sarah Wayne Callies on set Pictures

check out sarah shooting/getting read to shoot the scene where she's taken hostage here

Wentworth Miller says Season 4 is the last

Wentworth Miller says here that Season 4 is the last.

3 New Clips from 4.12

Here are 3 clips from 4.12

Check out Promotional Pics from Episode 4.12 Selfless

Selfless Promo pics

Episode 4.13 Promo Photos

Here are some new promo photos from 4.13

Check out some pictures from PRISON BREAK "Quiet Riot" airing this Monday, November 17

Check out some pictures from PRISON BREAK "Quiet Riot" airing this Monday, November 17, at 9pm on Fox.

Prison Break 4.11 Sneak Peek

It's make or break time in Prison Break Season 4 Episode 11 Quiet Riot. Read more.


Well, it was extremity to hap rather or later. According to The tone Reporter , there is a quantity that PRISON BREAK strength intend cancelled. Read the rest at GossipUp

Is the end of Prison Break near?

Fox's Prison Break was a smash hit during its first season, but ever since has been declining in the ratings (and, some could argue, creatively...). Now in its 4th season, it is a possibility that Break will come to a conclusion. The writers of the program have been informed to pitch ideas for 2 additional episodes...and the speculation is that these episodes will serve as a conclusion to the series. Prison Break is not currently a part of FOX's midseason schedule , so these 2 episodes would have to air as either a special, or be held for the Fall. Guess we should have added Prison Break to our Cancellation Danger Zone. So...would you be satisfied with a 2-hour conclusion for the series or do you think the show's got more seasons left in it? Source: THR