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what happens?

omg is addison rly gna hav an affair with noah? i mean i agree he is goodlookin nd all bt atleast wat happens wit his wife? can't jst leave her alone!! i wonder wat happens bt i want them to be together! did u guys c da promo for the nxt weeks episode? watch it on youtube nd tell me wat u think!!

Cooper and Charlotte In love?

What do you think of this couple's on again-off again relationship? Remember Charlotte in Season one; tough, charismatic, empowering and the last guy she would have seen herself with was Cooper. Cooper was the complete opposite, he was more a distressing sex-slaved animal, addicted to picking up people on the internet. Eventually that all changed and now Cooper continues to profess his love for Charlotte and Charlotte cries in Copper's arms. I miss the old Charlotte. I don't necessarily miss the old Cooper, but I would definitely prefer if he and Charlotte take a big break from each other. Cooper continues to put himself in serious denial if he continues to carry on his 'friendship' with Violet and 'relationship' with Charlotte. Whew! What a dilemma!

Don't always trust your personal TV Schedule

I was really upset as I logged in today. None of my shows appeared on my TV Schedule this week. No Being Erica, no Private Practice. Suddenly I went to the official websites of my series and what a relief - they will air this week. So be careful with your personal TV-Schedule: If you trust it too easily, you might miss an episode of your favorite show.

When is he coming back?

so... guys i've been wondering this but am.. when is WYATT coming back? hello! plz! addison is waiting!! well im sure that archer is now gone, he would be coming back and getting his office back too right?? plz any body with clues tell me! oh, and yeah. is there any private practice next week? can't find the promo...

Enough with Megavideo!

seriously people ! stop uploading at megavideo! it's a waist of time (you all know why), and i'll get an aneurysm soon. don't get me wrong, i love you guys for giving us (the non-us-citizens) the opportunity to watch our shows, but i'm tired to search for links, and all i can find are megavideo-vids... i'll tell you a secret... come closer to your screen... supernova is the new megavideo. pssst.....

Thursday Nights!

Hey I just wanted to let you all know that this show is on Thursday nights at 10PM on ABC...not 9PM, that's Grey's Anatomy (right now sidereel shows them both being on at (PM).

Its gotta a lot of heart

I must admit when I watched season one I wasn't exactly over the moon in love with Private Practice. I enjoyed it but it was more of a time filler than a must see. However, with each episode of this new season I am findind myself more and more attached to the show and the characters. They all have a lot of heart. I like them all esp Charlotte King. Anyway the point of this discussion topic. Who else out there thinks that Charlotte is a first rate character. I really see her and Coop and a batch of strange kids with thinning hair and weird accents! lol! I wish they would give the break up the time it deserves, more tense moments. Just a passin thought that ran through my head! lol!

Links for episode 9?

Has anyone got any links? the ninja video one doesnt seem to be working anymore (not for me anyway).

episode 209

no links for this episode ?? i thought this aired in the us on wed night, 10th dec ?


Grr, anyone else having trouble with supernovatube, or is it just me? I can't even load the page! It just keeps telling me there's a connection problem =(