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Too watch private practice greys etc outside the states

Use the videos are generally uploaded a few hours after screening in the US and are accessible at least in Australia so i assume everywhere else too. Plus you can choose between divX and megavideo (although megavideo has that stupid 1hr free limit on it now so I would recommend the divX)... for the video to work that you want too see e.g. (this is 2.08 private practice) click on the text in red above the video that says "click here to launch ninjavideo beta helper 0.3.3" Hope you enjoy! Cheers

Blind Item Fun: Backstage War

I've seen at least 3 separate sites discussing this blind item , which was originally posted by EW's Michael Ausiello. My interest has officially been piqued. The show is said to be a show in its sophomore season (and a drama) and the clue is as follows: "Each actor is crazier than the next," whispers a staffer employed behind the scenes at the war-torn program. "And they all pretty much hate each other." And they're finding it increasingly difficult to hide their mutual disdain from viewers. Per my snitch, the male lead "cannot stand" his love interest, "and it's obvious by their complete lack of chemistry." The good news is, the nightmare may soon be over for all concerned. Although the show enjoys a rabid cult following and solid critical support, its ratings are such that a third season is looking very unlikely." Sophomore show options: Pushing Daisies Private Practice Dirty Sexy Money Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Chuck Life Lipstick Jungle Eli Stone Ausiello added that it's definitely not Pushing Daisies . So...there's not that many options here. Let's figure it out. My first guess was Dirty Sexy Money , but does that really have a rabid cult following? And it's not Chuck because those kids' chemistry is electric! My money's on Private Practice (Addison and Pete haven't had all that many scenes together this season...). However, I haven't been keeping up with T:TSCC (which of the batch I would honestly say has the most rabid cult following). What's the chemistry like there?


is there only nd itunes links for the latest episode? i cant watch the one on abc cuz i dont live in the US nd i hav to buy it on itunes?? anyone please~ links~

Season 1

Does anyone know where i can see the first couple of episodes of Season 1??? They are no longer on the ABC website and you have to buy them on itunes

TV Death Watch: Sophomore Shows

While the Fall TV Death Watch usually focuses around the awful new in the already canceled Do Not Disturb and the soon-to-canceled (we can only hope) Kath and Kim . But...this year you should also start getting concerned for a lot of sophomore shows - ones that premiered last Fall to pretty decent numbers, had abbreviated seasons due to the strike, and have now returned with far less impressive stats. Last night, 5.6 million watched Pushing Daisies , 7.3 million saw Private Practice and 5.9 million watched Dirty Sexy Money . Over on NBC Monday, sophomore dramas Chuck and Life received 5.8 and 5.6 million viewers, respectively (and...not a sophomore show, but Heroes had a series low 8.2 million viewers). On Fox, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles also had numbers only in the 5 million range - 5.7, this week. Rumors of cancellation have already been circulating about this show in particular. For each of these shows, not only are the numbers far lower than what they were receiving last year (Private Practice received 14.4 million viewers for its series was an ABC hit), but they are also currently still in decline from week to week. So...while it's a sad question that I pose...which of the above Sophomore shows do you think will next be canceled. Chuck ? Life ? Dirty Sexy Money ? Private Practice ? Pushing Daisies ? Terminator: TSCC? These shows will not all survive to see a third season; that much I am sure of (unless their numbers magically double...a tripling would be ideal). My vote is sadly going to go towards Pushing Daisies as the next victim. This speaks nothing about the show's quality, but I can only imagine that production costs are particularly high for Daisies...and there's no way that it's making any money. Which show do you think will be the next victim? Weigh in below! Sources: Variety and THR

unlocking links???

whats this new thing about taking surveys to open a link????????? it simply takes forever when you simply wanna relax and watch a show, and all the links are simply to get your personal details anyway!!! hopefully there are no idiots out there doing it!!!!!

Hot Docs Week: Which docs belong together?

As plastered all over our Hot Docs features this week, the doctors we so love on our TVs are far too beautiful and have far too many hot hookups to be anywhere close to reality, but that's why we've gotta love 'em! In our feature Hot Docs Bringin' Sexy Back , we brought you a little something from many hot doc flirtations and hookups, so now we pose the most important question: Who do our hot docs belong with? There have been so many love triangles or love octagons (cough, Grey's Anatomy ), but for most, there are couples we are just dying to see stick together. So of the many couple possibilities there have been over the seasons for these shows, who do you think was best together? (This list is already excessive, so if any couples have been forgotten, feel free to comment to include them!) Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice Meredith & Derek Derek & Rose Meredith & George Derek & Addison Addison & Mark Addison & Alex Addison & Pete George & Callie Callie & Mark Callie & Erica Izzie & Denny Izzie & Alex Cristina & Burke George & Lexie House House & Cuddy Cuddy & Lucas (PI) House & Cameron Cameron & Chase ER Doug & Carol Mark & Elizabeth Mark & Susan Carter & Abby Carter & Lucy Carter & Susan Carter & Anna Carter & Harper Luka & Abby Luka & Carol Kerry & Kim Kerry & Sandy Peter & Carla Peter & Elizabeth Peter & Cleo Romano & Elizabeth Photo courtesy of

Hot Docs Week: Who's your favorite TV hot doc?

Sure we watch the medical shows for the interesting and sometimes cool or gross medical cases, but we also watch for that delicious drama going on around the cases with none other than quite a few hot doctors, whether McDreamy, McSteamy, or McClooney! So who's your favorite hot doc? Grey's Anatomy : Dr. Derek Shepherd Dr. Mark Sloan Dr. Alex Karev Dr. Izzie Stevens Dr. Meredith Grey Private Practice : Dr. Addison Montgomery Dr. Pete Wilder Dr. Sam Bennett Dr. Cooper Freedman House : Dr. Gregory House Dr. Lisa Cuddy Dr. Eric Foreman Dr. Robert Chase Dr. Allison Cameron Dr. Rena Hadley aka Thirteen ER : Dr. John Carter Dr. Peter Benton Dr. Doug Ross Dr. Luka Kovac Dr. Neela Rasgotra Dr. Ray Barnett Dr. Tony Gates Dr. Maggie Doyle Lost : Jack Shephard Juliet Burke Scrubs : Dr. J.D. Dorian Dr. Elliot Reid Dr. Chris Turk Dr. Perry Cox The Todd Photo courtesy of

does anyone know??

when will pushing daisies new season be out? when will private practice new season be out? when will brothers and sisters new season be out? when will greys anatomy new season be out?


Hey uhh can someone upload links where I can watch Private Practice? The only ones available are iTunes and another that requires being a resident of USA. I can't view either. ......someone help?