Private Practice to Give Addison Which "Happy Ending?"

On September 25, Private Practice will kick off its sixth and possibly final season. But while the fate of this ABC drama is unknown, the future of its main attraction was made clear in May: Kate Walsh will depart the series after its subsequent 13 episodes. How will Addison be written out? Shonda Rhimes told TV Line during a recent set visit that she changes her mind on a weekly basis, but the "character deserves a happy ending" of some kind. Hmmm.... okay then...

Private Practice The Musical?

While Grey's Anatomy 's 2011 musical episode was met with mixed reactions by both critics and the show's stars, I loved it. That's why I'm excited that a year and a half after telling me she'd like to try the same concept on Private Practice , exec producer Shonda Rhimes finally seems ready to pull the trigger. With Kate Walsh exiting after 13 episodes, "the writers and I have approached this season as a no-holds-barred, all-bets-off season," Rhimes says. "Every episode will be special. Some of it's going to be hilarious and some of it's going to be heartbreaking." Asked if some episodes might feature a fantasy element, Rhimes turns cagey: "Hmmm...that's interesting. Possibly."

Private Practice Season 6: No Rules, No Holds Barred!

Despite the impending departure of Kate Walsh , it's unclear if Private Practice will bow out after its 13-episode sixth season. But creator Shonda Rhimes has made one thing clear in a new interview: the drama will be doing all out this fall! "The writers and I have approached this season as a no-holds-barred, all bets off season," the uber producer tells William Keck of TV Guide magazine. Meaning what, exactly? Rhimes teases that time will have "no meaning," stories will "overlap one another" and everyone will have a "point of view" on Season 6. Sounds vague, confusing and intriguing, no? "Any episodes we've ever wanted to do we're doing," says Rhimes. "Any idea we ever had we're playing. Every single episode will be a special episode and none will seem like your typical episode of Private Practice . No two will even seem alike. It's really freeing and the actors are really energized." The series returns on Tuesday, September 25. Do you think Private Practice should go on without Kate Walsh?

Shonda Rhimes Debating 'Private Practice's' Future Beyond 13 Episodes

The showrunner nixes the idea that Kate Walsh could return to "Grey's Anatomy" and says the upcoming sixth season will be "no-holds-barred."

Private Practice Going Out With A Bang?

Private Practice creator Shonda Rhimes tells me that with series star Kate Walsh committed to exiting the series after just 13 more episodes, she is going for broke. "The writers and I have approached this season as a no-holds-barred, all bets off season," she says. Yet that 13th episode isn't...

'Cupcake Wars': 'Private Practice's' Kate Walsh picks treats for her Billionaire Boyfriend

Having already feted everything from Broadway hits and long-running TV series to awards ceremonies and high-profile sporting events, Food Network's "Cupcake Wars" comes up with as many tasty treats as celebs have reasons to party. And now the show has landed its highest-profile celebrity guest yet: "Private Practice" star Kate Walsh.On the Sunday, July 15, episode, Walsh is on hand to help choose the sweets served at a VIP soiree to launch her newest fragrance, Billionaire Boyfriend. And, says host Justin Willman, she was as down-to-earth as the homegrown bakers vying for her business.PICS: Cupcakes!"Whenever we have our celebrity guest judges, you get to know them pretty well because we are literally sitting at that table with them for 12 hours," Willman tells Zap2it. "She was just lovely -- and extremely funny, which was probably the biggest surprise for all of us."So how did the show's producers find a way to blend high-end fragrance with...

'Private Practice' Actress Welcomes Baby Girl

It’s a girl for Caterina Scorsone! The Private Practice star and her husband, musician Rob Giles, welcomed their first child, daughter Eliza, on Friday, July 6 in Los Angeles, Calif., Scorsone tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Kate Walsh Confirms She's Leaving Private Practice After Season 6

Bad news, Private Practice fans! Star Kate Walsh (Addison Montgomery) has confirmed that Private Practice Season 6 is her last season — even if the show itself goes on. Kate confirmed the news while appearing on former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel's new talk show, Bethenny. "This is my last season of Private Practice," Kate said. "It’s been an incredible journey and an amazing ride … and I feel incredibly grateful to Shonda Rhimes and all the fans that...

ABC Announces 13-Episodes for ‘Private Practice’ This Fall

The news has been hot and heavy  for  Private Practice  lately. First there was  the announcement  that lead actor Tim Daly would not be back for the medical drama’s sixth season. Then a few days later,  the surprise news broke  that lead Kate Walsh would only appear in 13 episodes of the new season . Read More...  

Kate Walsh Leaving ‘Private Practice’

Earlier this week  it was announced that  Private Practice  star Tim Daly  would not be returning for the show’s sixth season. Now even bigger news has hit the fan that lead  actress Kate Walsh  will reportedly leave the AMC medical series after the first 13 episodes have aired this fall. Read More...