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Psych Scoop: Tom Arnold Books Spooky Season 8 Guest Spot

Move over, Jennifer Love Hewitt ! There's a new ghost whisperer coming to the small screen. Veteran comedian Tom Arnold is set to guest-star on an upcoming episode of Psych as a...

Academy Award-Winner Mira Sorvino to Join USA's "Psych" for a Multi-Episode Arc

Sorvino will play the Santa Barbara Police Department's newest head detective, Betsy Brannigan.

Psych's Eighth (and Probably Final) Season Gets Supersized! Will Next Season Be The Last?

A USA Network favorite gets a supersized final season! TV Line confirms that the network has increased Psych's eighth (and likely final) season order from 8 episodes to 10. Voting is currently open at for fans to choose the plot of one of the bonus episodes, with the winning storyline to be announced at Comic Con this summer. Do you think Psych still has plenty of life left, or should the upcoming eighth season be the show's swan song? Let us know what you think in the comments and stick with us for more TV buzz from Celebified.

Psych Coming To Comic-Con 2013; Fans To Choose A Season 8 Episode

t’s a big day for Psych news. First up, USA announced that season eight will be getting an additional two episodes-expanding the number of episodes from eight to ten. But wait, it gets better; one of those episodes will be viewer’s choice. Starting today (Wednesday, June 26th), fans can choose from three potential episodes at the official USA Network page. The winning episode will be announced at Comic-Con 2013 where the Psych gang will be on hand for the fifth year in a row. READ MORE...

'Psych' Season 8: Vote for an episode plus Comic-Con information

Exciting news, "Psych" fans. USA has ordered two additional episodes of "Psych" Season 8, which means that the eighth season will now run a total of 10 episodes. But even more than that, fans will be able to vote on a storyline that will air in Season 8. Voting starts Wednesday, June 26 on the USA website, where fans can choose between a "Telethon" whodunnit case, a "Dream Therapy" episode that is a take off on "Nightmare on Elm Street," or a "Food Truck" episode where a local food merchant is murdered. The winning storyline will be revealed when "Psych" makes its fifth annual appearance at San Diego's Comic-Con on July 18, which will feature an exclusive midnight screening of "Psych: THe Musical" and a panel discussion moderated by frequent "Psych" guest star Cary Elwes. Woo hoo, "Psych"-Os! Which storyline will you be voting for? We know which one we're choosing....

'Psych' Adds Loretta Devine, Peggy Lipton for Season 8

The two actresses are set for guest stints on the USA comedy.

Emmys 2013: 13 TV shows likely to be overlooked

Since the Emmy ballots have been sent out to voters, the entertainment world is busy speculating about which shows will get Emmy nominations in 2013. But what about the many deserving shows that will most likely be ignored? Every year, plenty of television programs fail to get any Emmy love. From "Psych" to "Hannibal" to "Fringe," here are 13 of the biggest errors the Emmy voters of 2013 are about to make.Last-minute disqualification: "Orphan Black" Were it not for Tatiana Maslany's surprise win at the Critics' Choice Awards, this BBC America wouldn't even be on anyone's radar. It's still a long-shot. 13. "Raising Hope" For three seasons, this comedy about five generations of a love, blue-collar family is as sweet as it is insanely funny. The acting is uniformly good -- even baby Hope is entertaining -- and the humor of everyday life never gets old. Cloris Leachman and Martha Plimpton have both been...

'Psych' Season 8 casting: Olivia D'Abo, Vinnie Jones and Kali Hawk joining

We have some exciting "Psych" Season 8 news for you, "Psych"-Os -- three new faces are joining everyone's favorite seaside psychic detectives.USA tells Zap2it that Olivia D'Abo (Kevin Arnold's sister Karen on "The Wonder Years") will guest-star on the "stylistic journal through the London underground crime syndicate, which we know means she's involved in the return of Despereaux in some way.D'Abo will pair up with Vinnie Jones ("Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels"), as Dierdre and Ronnie, respectively, a pair of street-wise criminal entrepreneurs who pull off heists. Dierdre is good with the knives and is one lass you don't want to cross, while Ronnie will kill you quick if you double cross him. Elsewhere, Kali Hawk ("New Girl") will guest-star as Emmanuelle, a private investigator who goes toe-to-toe with Shawn and Gus as they follow leads on the same case -- "her unforgettable beauty and magnolia scent will stay with Gus for as long...

Top Moments: Mad Men's Affair to Remember and Today Gets Down and Dirty

Our top moments of the week: 12. Weirdest Finish: Smash ends its two-season run with former rivals Karen and Ivy dueting on — appropriately -- "Big Finish." The musical endnote is a predictable one, but Ivy's unplanned pregnancy is definitely not. Ivy decides to keep her baby and raise it with her cranky sometime-boyfriend Derek. Is it too late for NBC to order a...

'Psych' Season 7 finale: Harris Trout in, [spoiler] out

"Psych" went out in Season 7 with a less dramatic cliffhanger than a year ago when Henry was shot, but there are certainly bigger implications for the next season. RELATED: Watch the 'Psych' the Musical promoHarris Trout (guest star Anthony Michael Hall) swept into the station to do an audit of the team's ... creative way of solving cases and decided that Jules, Lassie, Shawn and Gus are all suspended, after they recount the Case of the Week for him. Of course, they won't let something so petty as a suspension stop them, so they solve the case anyway, which is exactly what Chief Vick was hoping they would do. But the collateral damage is that Vick is out and Trout is the interim chief. Now, Vick says her suspension is only six months, but we know that Trout is still around for Season 8 because the cast has tweeted pics of Hall on set....