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Revenge's Barry Sloane to Star in History's SEAL Team Drama SIX

Revenge vet Barry Sloane has enlisted in SIX, History channels eight-episode action drama from Academy Award-nominated Apollo 13 screenwriter William Broyles Jr. and military special opsveteran David Broyles. Inspired bycurrent events, the series will follow Navy SEAL Team Six, the best of the best, whose 2014 mission to eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan goes []

Revenge's Final Season Gag Reel Is Full of Clumsy Actors, Flubbed Lines...and Explosions?! Watch Now! - E! Online

Just because Revenge is over, that doesn't mean we can't get more Revenge ! Wait...what? OK, so there still isn't any news about a Nolan-themed spinoff (even though we desperately still want one...ABC, get on that!) but E! News has your exclusive first look at the final season gag reel of Revenge. The hilarious bloopers have everything you could want: super clumsy actors, forgotten lines, Gabriel Mann breaking character over and over...and explosions. Yes, real explosions. Read the full story at E! Online .

Revenge Video: Emily and Jack Love It Up in Deleted Scene From Season 4

Revengemight have ended its fourth season with newlywedsEmily and Jack sailing off into the sunset, but it certainly didnt start out that way. In fact, Emily and Jack werent evendatingat the top of the ABC dramas final outing, but as youll see in TVLines exclusive deleted scene from the Season 4 DVD hitting shelves []

Revenge Spinoff Not Impossible, Says ABC Boss: 'It's a Wonderful Brand'

Heres a conspiracy worthy of the Initiative:Revenges story might not be entirely over just yet. Maybe. Though the ABC drama wrapped its four-season run in May, there had long been speculation that it might live on in another form partially due tothe spinoff-worthy natureof Nolans ending, but also because of Kingmakers, a drama []

ABCs Revenge May Get Spinoff TCA

ABC Entertainment Group president Paul Lee has spoken repeatedly of Revenge as one of the networks most important series of the last few years, calling it a critical brand for ABC. Inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo, Revenge, which ran for four seasons, has beenverypopular internationally, making a lot of money for ABC Studios. Last season, ABC and ABC Studiosdeveloped The Kingmakers , a drama in the vein of Reveng e that was considered an unofficial spinoff .   Read More...

Revenge Season 4: Best Episode, Worst Twist & More!

Even though it was sad to see our favorite revengers go this year, we've still drummed up the best, the worst,and the weird of Revenge Season 4 for you! While we loved Daniel and Emily's witty repartee, and Nolan's fantastic spinoffpotential, we could have done without Ben what's-his-face, and greedy Grayson money grabs. We've also got the moment that made you go "awwww" as well as the one that made you go WTF?  Read More...

Revenge Series Finale: Nick Wechsler Recalls 'Nightmare' Boat Scene, Jack's 'Weird' Wedding Speech and More

Sunday will mark four weeks since Jack and Emily Amanda sailed off into the sunset on Revenges series finale, but that doesnt mean were done talking about it and neither is Nick Wechsler. TVLine caught up with the actor formerly known as Jack Porter at the ATX Television Festival, where he happily broke down his []

Revenge Finale Gets Barry Sloane's Seal of Approval: 'Emily and Jack Were Always Supposed to End Up Together'

Two weeks after the series finale of Revenge, fans remain plagued byseveral irksome questions, including this particularly divisive issue: When all was said and done,did Emily Amandareally marry the love of her life? Many fans believe that, had Aiden not been killed in Season 3, he would have been the one standing beside Amandaat the []

Revenge's Emily VanCamp Speaks Out: Did Emily Really Get Victoria's Heart?

Despite the many story lines wrapped during last weeks Revenge series finale, viewers were left with one intentionally ambiguous question: Did Emily receive Victorias heart? Its a fun question for the audience to toy with: If it did happen, what does that mean? Revenge showrunner Sunil Nayar told TVLine after the finale aired. Its a []

Revenge Post-Mortem: Madeleine Stowe Says Goodbye, Reveals Finale Storyline That Nearly Was

Revenge is over. But the chatter remains. Following Revenge Season 4 Episode 23 on Sunday night, fans are still talking about that final showdown between enemies Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clarke) and Victoria Grayson. Madeleine Stowe, who has breathed life into the conniving, manipulative Victoria since day one, jumped on the phone with me yesterday to talk about Victorias death... her feelings regarding how the character had developed... and one part of the finale that could have gone a different way than what we inevitably saw.   Read More...