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'Revenge': Victoria Grayson's 10 Fiercest Moments

Spoiler Alert: If you haven't watched Revenge's 4.20 episode "Burn" you might want to do that now. If you're all caught up then you saw the unfortunate fate of the Grayson Manor ? and its inhabitant. The beautiful Hamptons mansion went down in a scorching explosion that tore the house and Victoria apart. In her memory, we?ve picked out Victoria?s 10 fiercest moments on Revenge .   Read More...

Revenge: Will 'Star-Crossed' Emily and Jack End the Series Together?

With only three episodes of Revenge left, is it too much to ask for Amanda Clarke to get her happy ending? If were talking about her love life, specifically in relation to one Jack Porter, it just might be. When last we left Jack, he was flying to Los Angeles for a fresh start with []

'Revenge's' Madeleine Stowe on Victoria's Shocking Fate: She Always Had a "Death Wish"

"I think in the next few episodes you'll see some flashbacks that reveal why she did what she did, how it went down and the real motivation behind it," Stowe tells THR of her character's surprising decision.   Read More...

Revenge Season 4 Episode 21 Photos: Shirtless Jack Porter Alert!

Sunny Los Angeles definitely agrees with Jack Porter. Or maybe shirtless Jack Porter just agrees with ME. Or something. Anyway. Jack took to the skies at the end of Revenge Season 4 Episode 20 in search of a new life for Carl on the West Coast. That life looks good on him. Or off of him.  Read More...

Revenge Boss Previews Major Return: 'It Will Literally Blow People's Minds'

Roll out the red carpet,Revengefans! A familiar face is returning to the Hamptons this Sunday (ABC, 10/9c), and he (or she) is planning a killer entrance. Its a fabulous re-entry into the show, one of the greatest sequences weve done on this show, showrunner Sunil Nayar tells TVLine. It will literally blow peoples minds what []

ABC Unveils Finale Dates for Revenge, Scandal and Many More

ABC is yet to announce a single renewal for 2015-2016. But the network has now come out with its season (or series , in some cases) finale air date schedule, alerting readers to the final spring episodes of a number of comedies and dramas. Get your DVR ready. Grab that box of tissues. Prepare for some memorable finales and don't make any plans for the following dates/times...   Read More...

Revenge First Look: [Spoiler] Returns to the Hamptons After Circling Amanda

The question on everyRevengefans mind after Sundays episode (who Sharpied Emily Thorne Amanda Clarke?) might already have an answer. Newly released photos from the ABC dramas April 26 episode find Emanda engaging in some rather suspicious behavior with a very familiar face: Mason Treadwell! Yes, Roger Barts character is coming out of hiding and []

Revenge Sneak Peek: A Brutal Attack (By Emily?) Leaves Victoria Shaken

Victoria hasnothad the best luck lately. Last week, she was stuck fighting her way through tourists in Times Square, and in TVLines exclusive clip from SundaysRevenge(ABC, 10/9c), she finds herself being held at knifepoint in a parking lot. (OK, fine, maybe this situation is alittleworse than Times Square. But only slightly, and I mean that.) []

Revenge Season 4 Episode 20 Photo Preview: Is Jack Saying Goodbye?

At the end of Revenge Season 4 Episode 19 , Nolan Ross told Jack Porter that their Amanda Clarke was back and now was his chance to make a move on the woman he's loved since he was a child. Judging by the photos from Revenge Season 4 Episode 20 , Jack's making a move alright, but it isn't in Amanda's direction. See for yourself:   Read More...

Revenge Boss Previews Amanda's New Triple Threat as Season 4 Concludes

Is this really a photo of the trio destined to take down Amanda Clarke? Revengereturns Sunday (ABC, 10/9c) with the final five episodes of Season 4, and showrunner Sunil Nayar advisesTVLine to keep an eye on Victoria, Margaux and Louise, who might just be the Hamptonsversions ofOnce Upon a Times Queens of Darkness. (Even though []