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Revenge Recruits Tom Amandes for Everwood Reunion See Photo

The Graysons may be dropping like flies onRevenge, but another family namely, the Abbots appears to be more unified than ever. Tom Amandes, who played Emily VanCamps TV dad Dr. HaroldAbbot on The WBsEverwood, will guest-star in an upcoming episode of the ABC drama, though details about his character are currently unavailable.Amandes recent []

Revenge 4x17 Promo "Loss"

Emily strives to clear Jack's name; Louise and Nolan are visited by officer Ben Hunter. Airs Sunday March 22 on ABC.

Revenge Sneak Peek: Will Emily and Victoria Team Up to Stop Margaux?

It may be July onRevenge, but whenEmily and Victoria reunite this week on the very spot Daniel was killed, no less the Hamptons are in for some seriously icy weather. In TVLines exclusive clip from Sundays episode (ABC, 10/9c), an uninvited Victoria accuses Emily ofvoting against a wing being named in Daniels honor, which []

'Revenge' Interview: James Tupper Says a 'Whopper' of a Twist is Coming

Fans of Revenge might have thought the show was going to run out of steam once it seemed like everyone knew Emily Thorne was actually Amanda Clarke. But now in its fourth season, the ABC nighttime soap is executing some of its best twists yet, many of them thanks to the return of presumed dead David Clarke, played by James Tupper.   Originally inadvertently pitted against his daughter, David is now one of her most consistent allies and seemingly safe from danger with the death of Malcolm Black, season four's main antagonist. But is he truly safe? And will he once again struggle with the desire for revenge against Victoria?   Read More...

Revenge 4x16 Promo "Retaliation"

Natalie throws a Fourth of July party and invites David as her date. Airs Friday March 13 on ABC.

Courtney Love to Recur on Revenge But Who Brings Her to Town?

Fresh off her dramatic multi-episode turn on Foxs Empire, Courtney Love is rockin another role, on ABCs Revenge. Per, Love will play wait forit White Gold, a jetsetter who is brought to the Hamptons by (well, of course) Margaux. Loves recurring Revenge gig kicks off Sunday, March 29.   Read More...

Revenge Season 4 Episode 16 Photos: Sparks Are Flying!

Emily Thorne may have thwarted Margaux LeMarchal'sattempts to release an incriminating video to the public, but it doesn't look like Margaux's going to roll over and give in. During a Fourth of July celebration on Revenge Season 4 Episode 16 , Margaux meets with her private investigator who has acquired dirt on Officer Ben which Margaux plans to use to force him to give up the dirt on Emily Thorne. Her plan will probably backfire. Probably. Elsewhere on the episode, sparks are certainly going to fly. Take a look now to see what we mean.   Read More...

Revenge Sneak Peek: Margaux Gets Emily Right Where She Wants Her

Emily gets proactive in her fight against Margaux whenRevengereturns Sunday (ABC, 10/9c), and TVLine has your exclusive first look at Ms. Thornes next move. Our clip finds Emily going full-onMission: Impossible, slipping into a slinky black catsuit and breaking into LeMarchal Media, whileNolan whispersinstructions along withthe occasional quip into her earpiece. But Emily quickly []

Revenge Photos: Is a Victoria-David Reunion on the Horizon?

Much like those beloved sheepherders of Brokeback Mountain, it seems Revenges Victoria and David just cant quit each other. When we last left the tempestuous exes, they had agreed to go their separate ways including Davids unofficial promise to, you know, stop trying tomurderher but new photos from the ABC dramas March 15 []

Revenge Season 4 Episode 15 Photo Preview: Get Ready for Bemily!

We've mourned Aiden, just when we wanted Daniel and Emily to reconnect, he was ripped away from us, and now a small contingent are fervently pulling for Jemily to happen. But first? First, we need to make way for Bemily, the hottest new romance in the Hamptons. That seems to be the focus of Revenge Season 4 Episode 15 .  Read More...