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Revenge Season Finale Sneak Peeks: Emily Goes to Great Lengths to Save Nolan

Emily delved deeper into her father's death in the penultimate episode of Revenge this week.  Determined to find the white haired man that killed her father, Emily got lucky when she was able to use Conrad to track him down.  But a surprise meeting with Daniel and Ashley about the wedding had her sending Nolan to find out where the man lived.  When Nolan interfered with Emily's plan to murder this man as retribution, she was initially furious, but soon understood his motives to protect her.  He did get lucky, however, when he was able to set up surveillance equipment in the man's house. Unfortunately, this man is far more clever than Nolan had given him credit for.  At the end of this week's episode, he kidnapped Nolan.  Emily will soon discover this when she heads to Nolan's Hamptons house, only to find him missing, with a mysterious note telling her to call his cell.  The man on the other end of the phone is her target and she's determined to take him down. Read More...

TV ratings: 'American Idol' rises with Top 3, 'Criminal Minds' finale also up Wednesday

Fast National ratings for Wednesday, May 16, 2012"American Idol" scored its biggest audience in more than a month on Wednesday night, leading FOX to a sizable ratings win. The two-hour season finale of "Criminal Minds" also pulled in strong ratings for CBS.The news wasn't as good for ABC. Its comedy lineup was down from last week, with the finale of "Suburgatory" drawing some of its worst ratings of the season. "Modern Family" was down some too, and at 10 o'clock "Revenge" took a slight dip from last week.FOX easily led the night with 17.3 million viewers and a 10.3 rating/17 share in households. CBS was the best of the rest with 10.4 million viewers and a 6.5/11. ABC (6.6 million, 4.3/7) came in third, followed by NBC (4.5 million, 3.1/5). The CW drew 950,000 viewers and a 0.7/1.FOX also dominated the 18-49 demographic with a 4.8 rating, finishing way ahead of CBS' 2.7. ABC took...

Revenge Spoiler: Will Emily Finally Choose Between Jack and Daniel?

As we dive into the final two episodes of Revenge's inaugural season, we're all wondering who Emily Thorne will choose: childhood sweetheart Jack Porter or husband-to-be Daniel Grayson. Although we'll get "a lot more clarity" about her feelings and intentions for these two suitors, actress Emily VanCamp warns us not to get too emotionally invested in either of Ms. Thorne's relationships. Right now, Emily has her heart set on someone else entirely: the white-haired man from the prison yard,...

'Revenge' Season 2: Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe move to Sunday with fewer repeats

"Revenge" is the kind of edge-of-your-seat, suspense-driven drama that doesn't lend itself to extended breaks. The first season was split up by several much-too-long hiatuses, giving an otherwise brilliant season some unfortunate pacing problems.Next year, ABC plans to air the show with fewer repeats. During his announcement of the Fall 2012 schedule on Tuesday morning, ABC TV president Paul Lee told the media that he intended to find a way to broadcast "Revenge" in a more continuous block next season. "The intention is to have 'Revenge' absolutely do 22 episodes," he says. First of all, he intends to stagger the fall premieres so that each show can get a strong promotional push, a technique typically used by cable networks. "So stagger your launches, make sure you have room to do it, make sure you can throw a network behind it and support it, and not have as much clutter on your own network as you...

Revenge “Grief” Episode 21

Revenge  “Grief” Episode 21 airs Wednesday May 16 at 10pm on ABC. Synopsis :  painful loss forges a stronger  bond between Emily and Jack, Victoria forms a new alliance that could seal Conrad’s fate, and Charlotte sets out on a vendetta of her own with Declan as her target, on “Revenge,” WEDNESDAY, MAY 16 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. Read More...  

ABC Renews 'Modern Family,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' Five Others

ABC has renewed seven series, including comedies "Modern Family" and "The Middle," as well as its popular dramas "Grey's Anatomy" and "Castle." The network also renewed its freshman offerings "Once Upon a Time," "Suburgatory" and "Revenge."

Revenge Flashback: Did Victoria Grayson's Story Make Her a Little Less Evil?

Last night we saw a different, ponytail-wearing side to Victoria Grayson in Revenge’s flashback episode, “Legacy.” She was kind, innocent, and immediately smitten with familyman David Clarke. But unlike her innately evil husband, Conrad, she didn’t jump right into bed with David. It’s clear that their connection ran much deeper than Lydia and Conrad’s.

TV ratings: 'American Idol' falls a little Wednesday, 'Modern Family' and 'CSI' finale up

Fast National ratings for Wednesday, May 9, 2012The Final Four on "American Idol" didn't pull in quite as big an audience as the Top Five did last week, but FOX still won Wednesday's ratings by a wide margin. "Modern Family" and the season finale of "CSI" both improved on last week's numbers, and "Revenge's" flashback episode was up a tick in adults 18-49.FOX grabbed 16.1 million viewers and a 9.8 rating/16 share in households, beating second-place CBS (10.6 million, 6.6/11) by more than 5 million viewers. ABC (7.1 million, 4.6/7) took third. NBC came in fourth with 4.95 million viewers and a 3.3/5. The CW finished with just under a million viewers and a 0.7/1.FOX also dominated the adults 18-49 demographic with a 4.4 rating, down slightly from last week's 4.6. CBS was the best of the rest with a 2.7, followed by ABC's 2.5 NBC averaged 1.3 in the demo and The CW 0.4....

'Revenge' Scoop: Who Will Pay The Ultimate Price?

Bring on the vengeance, the flashbacks and the answers. As we near the season finale of "Revenge," which airs May 23, creator Mike Kelley gave some hints about this week's episode, which goes back in time. “It’s sort of one from the archives, one from the 'Revenge' archives,” Kelley told EW . “I wouldn’t call it a flashback episode, as much as an archival episode. It’s a bit of a love letter to fans.” This week's " Revenge " (Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC), which takes place on New Year's Eve 2002, will supposedly answer many questions -- including how long it took Emily to kick off her vengeance trip , according to TVLine -- and bring back a character who won't be sticking around much longer. “We bring back all of these characters that we’ve taken down over the season,” Kelley continued. “At least one of those characters is going to resurface in the season’s end-run of episodes, and that character will pay the ultimate price for coming up against Emily. I won’t say which one, but out of all the conspirators, someone is going to fall.” Catch "Revenge" Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Click through our "Revenge" slideshow below.

Revenge Sneak Peeks: Nolan Nudges Emily on Her Path in 2002. Plus, See Jack's Hilarious Hair!

We know from earlier episodes of Revenge that Nolan met with Emily when she was first released from jail to tell her about the recent death of her father and to deliver his infinity box.  This week's episode flashes back to 2002 to show us the genesis of Emily's plan of revenge. Back then, Emily had recently come into a fortune, as well as her father's journals.  Nolan was hanging around, trying to get her to read the journals and learn the truth about the kind of man her father was.  His encouragement brings her to the Hamptons shortly after Christmas, where the Grayson family is planning a reunion of the conspirators.  Emily heads to the Stowaway and spots 2002 Jack, who has the most ridiculous/hilarious hairdo.  She also happens to meet his current squeeze, who gets her a waitressing job at the Grayson's New Year's Eve party, thus putting her on her path. Read More...