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'Rookie Blue' Season 4 finale -- 'You Can See the Stars': Andy and Sam's ultimate 'McSwarek' cliffhanger

Now, picking up where we left off ...Season 4 of "Rookie Blue" wrapped up Thursday (Sept. 12) with "You Can See the Stars," the two-part season finale's conclusion handled by two of the series' executive producers and behind-the-scenes reliables, writer (and showrunner) Tassie Cameron and director David Wellington.With their typical expertise bountifully evident, it's a very safe bet that any fan who was there to the final scene now feels Season 5 can't come soon enough.The show really did pick up at the end of the previous chapter, with alleged pedophile Kevin Ford (Michael Cram) again knocking out his handcuffed captive: Officer Oliver Shaw (Matt Gordon), who was in the trunk of his police car, parked in a remote area.Sam (Ben Bass) interrogated his girlfriend -- and Ford's stalker -- Marlo (Rachael Ancheril) about the last time she saw Ford, while Nick (Peter Mooney) tried to radio Oliver. Unbeknownst to him, it was a tight-lipped...

'Rookie Blue's' Missy Peregrym still has 'no idea what I'm going to do with my life'

Zap2it: As you come up on the Season 4 finale of "Rookie Blue," with Season 5 already guaranteed, how do you feel about your development as Officer Andy McNally this year?Missy Peregrym: Sometimes, I can project myself onto the character and into the storyline ... but you're constantly thinking, "Where am I picking up from?" Every time we've come back for a new season, there's been a gap of time.This last time, it was six months. It's like, "How have I grown? Who am I now?" And it's never easy. It's not like we get to see what the entire season will be like before we start filming the first episode. This year was particularly challenging because we shot out of order and had new characters coming in, but it was really fun.Zap2it: Not that long ago, you decided to undergo EMT training. What prompted that?Missy Peregrym: I thought that just the knowledge of that...

'Rookie Blue' Season 4 finale: Matt Gordon vows, 'No one's safe'

As the current round of "Rookie Blue"nears its end, Officer Oliver Shaw's fate is hanging in the balance. And the actor who plays him couldn't be happier."He did get shot, but that was by no means as dangerous as what's happening to Oliver now," Matt Gordon tells Zap2it of the cliffhanger that's set up the ABC police drama's Season 4 finale Thursday (Sept. 12). Shaw is now the captive of Kevin Ford (Michael Cram), a suspected pedophile seeking revenge against the cops of 15 Division for his recent arrest and interrogation ... and for his stalking by Officer Marlo Cruz (Rachael Ancheril)."It's the most I've ever done on the show," the good-humored Gordon says of the season-ending episode, which puts him through physically and emotionally grueling scenes. "You always want that stuff. Then, of course, when you spend two days in the same spot doing exactly the same thing, you sometimes question what you wished...

'Rookie Blue' Boss on 'Intense' Season 4 Finale, Andy/Nick and Chloe's Secret (Q&A)

Showrunner Tassie Cameron previews Thursday's action-packed closer, telling THR that the writers have "some choices to make at the beginning of season five."  

'Rookie Blue' Season 4 finale: Charlotte Sullivan 'sort of had her suspicions' about Peck's sexuality

It's been quite a "Rookie Blue" season for Officer Gail Peck, confirmed by the actress who plays her, Charlotte Sullivan.She lost fellow-cop boyfriend Nick Collins (Peter Mooney) to another colleague, Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym); she very tentatively started a new relationship with forensic pathologist Holly (Aliyah O'Brien); she suffered a serious wrist burn while confiscating marijuana plants; and she ducked the bullets of a would-be cop killer who's continuing to target 15 Division in the show's Season 4 finale.That two-part episode of the ABC police drama wraps up Thursday (Sept. 12), and Sullivan is ending the series' year grateful to be showing different colors of Gail while staying true to the character's typically edgy, not exactly sociable persona."I feel really lucky," the Canadian actress tells Zap2it. "I feel like my character has had the most growth and the most interesting things to play. I sort of had suspicions about her sexuality right from Season 1,...

'Rookie Blue' Finale: Chris Comforts Gail Over Oliver's Disappearance (Exclusive Video)

Will 15 Division be the same after the Sept. 12 season closer? THR debuts a sneak peek.  

TV ratings: NFL and Peyton Manning have a big opener Thursday

Fast National ratings for Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013The opening night of the NFL season delivered big ratings for NBC Thursday, dominating the night even though the start of the game was delayed until after 9 p.m. ET due to lightning. It didn't hurt that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning had a career night, throwing seven TD passes in Denver's defeat of the Baltimore Ravens.NBC scored the best metered-market ratings on a Thursday night since its coverage of the Olympics on Aug. 9, 2012. Elsewhere Thursday, "Big Brother" rebounded from last week's down episode with improved numbers across the board on CBS, and "Wipeout" and "Rookie Blue" were up some in adults 18-49 for ABC.Full numbers weren't available as of posting time. We'll add them as soon as they are....

Rookie Blue Season 4 Episode 12 “Under Fire”

Rookie Blue  “Under Fire” Season 4 Episode 12 airs Thursday, September 5 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. Episode Synopsis : Rookie Blue Season 4 Episode 12 “Under Fire”- Andy and Chloe are blindsided by an unseen shooter when they respond to a routine 911 call. When more shots are fired at a subsequent emergency call, the officers realize that 15 Division is being targeted by someone out for revenge. The clock is ticking as the squad tries to serve and protect, while running down suspects. Meanwhile, Oliver comes face to face with the shooter in a gut-wrenching, life-changing moment, on “Rookie Blue,” THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. Read More...

'Rookie Blue': Charlotte Sullivan on Gail's New Romance, 'Gut-Wrenching' Finale

In a chat with THR, the actress previews the final two episodes of season four.  

'Rookie Blue' Season 4: Gregory Smith 'lives for the challenge' of acting and directing

Gregory Smith didn't want to take the easy way out with his second "Rookie Blue" directing assignment ... and he sure didn't.The actor who plays Officer Dov Epstein on the Canadian-made ABC police drama is in the thick of the bountiful action -- on both sides of the camera -- as he calls the shots on the first half of the show's Season 4 finale Thursday (Sept. 5). The story is sparked by an unknown gunman who targets Andy and Chloe (Missy Peregrym, Priscilla Faia), then other cops of 15 Division.From the moment he first heard the plot, Smith knew he wanted to tackle the episode fully."I'm very, very happy with it," he tells Zap2it, explaining that executive producers Tassie Cameron, David Wellington and Ilana Frank "came up to me about halfway through the season and said, 'OK, we're starting to think about your episode. The previous year [when Smith first directed an episode],...