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Burn Notice, Royal Pains to Return in June

The USA hour-long original series Burn Notice and Royal Pains will return on Thursday, June 3 the network just announced. With other summer series White Collar , Psych and the upcoming Covert Affairs slated to start in July, USA will have the largest number of original series on the air at the same time in its history. For the first time it has the potential to compete with major networks during the off-season. Read more: 'Burn Notice' and 'Royal Pains' return in June

Return of Royal Pains to Feature Scheming Father, Possible Romance

The second season premiere date is yet to be set for Royal Pains, but the show's cast members have shed some light on what's to come. As previously reported, Henry Winkler joins the cast of this USA Network hit this summer. Mark Feuerstein (Hank Lawson) recently previewed this exciting piece of casting news in an interview with E! News: "We start shooting season two at the end of March. We have a new member of the cast - it's Henry Winkler, my favorite actor and character from my childhood, the Fonz. He's playing [Hank and Evan's] dad, who is a heel and a cad and a man who ran away with our money." To Read More Click Here .

Henry Winkler Joining Royal Pains

Royal Pains has tapped Henry Winkler for a recurring role, has confirmed. Winkler, best known as The Fonz on Happy Days, will step into the role of Eddie Larson, the absentee father of Hank (Mark Feuerstein) and Evan (Paulo Constanzo). Eddie will shake things up at HankMed as he tries to re-enter his sons' lives with unknown motivations, according to Entertainment Weekly, which first reported the casting. Winkler most recently guest-starred on three episodes of NUMB3RS, which followed his work on the short-lived shows Sit Down, Shut Up and Out of Practice. What do you think of Winkler's casting? Source Here

USA Tops 2009 Cable Ratings - Featured

From THR: USA Network made a clean sweep of the 2009 ratings race, marking the fourth consecutive win for the NBC Universal powerhouse. Per Nielsen ratings data (a blend of live-plus-seven-day and two weeks of live-plus-same-day numbers), USA drew a record 3.27 million viewers in primetime, a 14% improvement over its year-ago delivery. For the period spanning Dec. 29, 2008, through Dec. 27, 2009, USA swept ad-supported cable's three top TV demos, averaging 1.49 million adults 25-54, an increase of 11% versus 2008, while serving up 1.32 million viewers 18-49 (up 5%). The network also held off TBS to take the younger set, drawing 616,000 viewers 18-34. USA effectively shattered the records it set in 2008, when it averaged 2.86 million total viewers, 1.34 million adults 25-54 and 1.32 million viewers 18-49. (When factoring in all basic-cable nets, this year marks USA's second straight win among total viewers. In 2007, non-ad-supported Disney Channel topped the total cable universe with 2.7 million total viewers, edging USA's 2.68 million in the same period.) On the year, USA boasted cable's two most-watched new series in Royal Pains (7.47 million viewers per week) and White Collar (5.68 million). Both programs also ran away with their target demos, as "Pains" served up 3.56 million adults 25-54 and 3.15 million viewers 18-49, while "Collar" averaged 2.29 million 25-54s and 2.04 million 18-49s. USA also accounted for half of cable's top 10 returning series. With an average delivery of 7.19 million viewers, Burn Notice closed out the year second only to TNT's The Closer . That said, the wry spy drama topped the demos, averaging 3.61 million adults 25-54 and 3.27 million viewers 18-49. Other big earners for USA were: Monk , which ended its eight-season run on Dec. 4 in front of a crowd of 9.44 million viewers; Psych , which averaged 5.21 million viewers in the first half of its third season; and "In Plain Sight," which scared up 5 million viewers in its sophomore effort. What is your favorite USA Network series? Read more: USA Tops 2009 Cable Ratings

'Men of a Certain Age' launches strong - Featured

From THR: TNT's Men of a Certain Age drew 5.4 million viewers Monday night, becoming cable's most-watched series launch of 2009 among adults 25-54. The Ray Romano dramedy received strong reviews from critics, and helps TNT conclude the year on a high note after the network's other new dramas, such as Dark Blue and HawthoRNe had somewhat modest returns for a network of TNT's stature. "Age" was just shy of USA's "Royal Pains" summer debut, which drew 5.6 million viewers. "The response from viewers and critics to 'Men of a Certain Age' has been amazing," said Michael Wright, executive vp, of programming for TNT in the victory lap quote. "I'm proud of everyone involved with this wonderful series, especially its creators, Ray Romano and Mike Royce, and the great cast headed by Ray, Andre Braugher and Scott Bakula." Did you tune into Men? What did you think? Source

Royal Pains Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 12 - Season Finale "Wonderland"

Hank treats a hallucinating woman in the Season 1 finale. Elsewhere, Charlie moves in with Jill; Divya and Raj have concerns about their engagement party. Watch & Discuss: Watch Royal Pains Season 1, Episode 12 - Season Finale "Wonderland"

Royal Pains' Cast, Producer Tease Season Finale

Royal Pains wraps up its rookie season Thursday (10/9c, USA Network ) with "Wonderland," a modern take on an old-fashioned ghost story that takes places in a haunted Hamptons manor. Dr. Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein) treats the hallucinating Zoe Hill (guest star Alexandra Holden), one of the proprietors of the manor where Divya (Reshma Shetty) is hoping to have her engagement party. As with most of the ailments featured on Royal Pains, Zoe's delusions are not what they at first seem to be. In fact, her fantastical visions serve as nice metaphorical stand-ins for the various deceptions and betrayals that this juicy hour reveals. According to executive producer Michael Rauch, the relationship between Hank and his scheming, smirking brother Evan (Paulo Costanzo) is the emotional core of the show. Never mind the uncanny resemblance of Feuerstein and Costanzo, up until now the Lawsons have enjoyed snappy, charming chemistry, in which good-natured banter and brotherly love was exactly what the doctor ordered. In "Wonderland," however, a questionable business decision by Evan will move the siblings to a darker place, as elements of their troubled past return to haunt them. "Evan is kind of a player," says Costanzo. "You'll notice that he hasn't gotten laid once this whole summer, but at the end of the day, he always comes through for the business... so far," he adds with emphasis. Will Hank's troubles send him running back to Jill (Jill Flint)? "I think it's really premature to know," says Rauch, when asked if Hank and Jill are meant to be. "I think they're great together as characters and actors, but we have so much more story to tell." He says that whether or not the couple reunites, Flint will remain on the show - as will Bruno Campos, who plays Jill's estranged husband Charlie. "We haven't allowed Hank to be in the Hamptons as a single guy," Rauch hints. Indeed, Holden's guest-starring gig is no mere one-off, according to Rauch. Look for the comely caterer to make good on all that flirty eye contact with Hank, as the character will probably recur next season. And with that big party on the horizon, Divya's pesky engagement is on the verge of becoming very official and very public. "Soon enough you'll find out that all these lies she's created aren't something she wants to do, it's something that, because of duty, she's forced to do," teases Shetty. Indeed, she makes a surprising decision about her matrimonial future with Raj - one which may have serious repercussions for HankMed. So what's on tap for Season 2 (which will most likely air next summer)? "I'm calling it 'the endless summer,'" says Rauch of his tentative plan for the second season to pick up immediately following the events of the season finale. According to Feuerstein, a nine-month break in the action would raise questions the writers might not have the time or desire to answer. "There are so many elements that are time-sensitive," he says. "What would Boris' health situation be nine months later? Where would Jill or Evan be nine months later?" Shetty, for one, is already ready for another go at the buttoned-up Divya. "The focus of this season is to get HankMed going, make money and hide the secret from her parents," she says. "Until all that is sorted out, how can she just be herself? Hopefully, that'll all happen and she'll have an affair with a billionaire who lives off the coast of the Seychelles." Hmmm, I bet Boris has a place in the Seychelles... Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Thursday, Aug. 27, 2009 - Featured

* Royal Pains (10/9c USA Network ) Hank's got a lot on his plate in tonight's first-season finale. He worries about the future of HankMed as he considers replacing Divya after she ties the knot. Hank also butts heads with his brother over Evan's financial practices. In the midst of these concerns, he still has a client to treat: a woman suffering hallucinations. Add a dash of romantic woes as Charlie moves in with Jill, and it's a recipe for disaster. * Battle of the High School Musicals: Guys 'N' Divas (8:30/7:30c Showtime ) Forget the glitter, gloss and glamor of Disney's High School Musical franchise. This involving documentary is the down-and-dirty real deal. It's an intriguing chronicle that follows the intense and demanding competition among a trio of secondary schools in southern Indiana, where they attempt to mount productions to qualify for a prestigious summer-theater festival. The film is chock full of aspiring Zacs, Vanessas, Ashleys and Corbins, and the talent is extremely polished. * Project Runway (10/9c Lifetime Television ) Season 6 commenced last week in high style. Not only were there weepy dramas (Johnny was ready to throw in the towel), but actress and tabloid darling Lindsay Lohan was the guest judge. It all got fishy real fast: Contestant Ari Fish got the hook when her outfit was dubbed a "disco soccer ball" by judge Michael Kors, and she became the season's first fashion victim. And then there were 15: The remaining clothiers in this couture club are slated to create a look for a celeb in tonight's challenge. * Bully Beatdown (9:30/8:30c MTV ) Former geeks rejoice! This satisfying series returns for a second season, with more victims of bullying getting sweet revenge by pitting their former tormentors against professional MMA fighters. So-called tough guys get two options: accept the challenge (and the chance to win big bucks if they succeed in the ring) or bow out like cowards. With any luck, this series will make future bullies think twice about picking on the little guy. * Kennedy Brothers: A Hardball Documentary (7/6c MSNBC) "Join stand for go forward until the United States achieves that great goal of practicing what it preaches." From a lofty Barack Obama speech? Nope. Try John F. Kennedy circa 1960. Reported by Chris Matthews, this look at the lives and legacies of Kennedy brothers Jack, Bobby and Ted - who each, in his own way, shaped America, its culture and politics - features archival clips, including Ted's stirring eulogy of Robert, and interviews with Kennedy insiders and scholars. * Penn & Teller: Bullshit! (10/9c Showtime ) Holy cow! What kind of bull has gotten Penn and Teller riled up now? As if The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons haven't vexed and perplexed the Catholic Church hierarchy enough, now these two muckrakers are on a crusade to expose the inner workings of the Vatican. It's the series' seventh-season finale, and there's going to be hell to pay. Do the guys dig deep? Does the Pope wear a tall hat? Source Here

Preview the Royal Pains Season Finale "Wonderland" - Featured

Royal Pains has been a smash summer hit for USA Network - and Reelers also voted it their favorite new summer series in a poll conducted on the site! It's hard to believe that we've already reached the show's first season finale, "Wonderland" airing Thursday, August 27th at 10PM/9c. In this episode: "Hank treats a hallucinating woman in the Season 1 finale. Elsewhere, Charlie moves in with Jill; Divya and Raj have concerns about their engagement party." Watch a Trailer of "Wonderland" here You can also check out some preview images, courtesy of Electric Artists :

Royal Pains Wrap Rap by Two Live Jew & The RP Crew!

The first season of Royal Pains is coming to an end and in celebration of the finale next Thursday at 10/9c the cast and crew produced a music video. Royal Pains proudly presents: THE ROYAL PAINS WRAP RAP by TWO LIVE JEW & THE RP CREW! The Royal Pains Wrap Rap Music Video So what do you think? Are you loving this RP goof or do you think they should stick to their fictional Hank Med doctoring?