Saturday Night Live: Daniel Craig "Bonds" With Taran Killam

After a break last week, Saturday Night Live is back this week with first time host Daniel Craig, a.k.a. James Bond and the pressure is on to keep the momentum moving in the positive direction it has been so far this season. Joining Mr. Craig for the show will be second time musical guest Muse. Although audiences are used to seeing Craig as more of a dramatic actor, it should be an interesting departure to see him try his hand at comedy, especially in front of a live audience. In the promos for this week’s Saturday Night Live, the writers took advantage of Craig’s stone face intimidating persona to play off of Taran Killam, however, in one sketch, he did break a smile and even shared an overtly gleeful montage with Killam. Read More...

Shirtless Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shows Off Magic Mike Stripper Moves on Saturday Night Live

Holy sex attack, Robin Batman! Um, welcome back to Saturday Night Live, Joseph Gordon-Levitt! Please return soon. Like, Sunday night is fine. Who says Saturday should have all the shirtless fun? We were wondering how J G-L would top his big song and dance intro during his first stint hosting SNL. Well, he showed exactly how during his opening monologue last night. "It is so great to be back here hosting Saturday Night Live!," he said. "You know what my favorite superhero movie of the summer...

SNL: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Hypnotizes as the Son of the Most Interesting Man in the World

Joseph Gordon-Levitt brought his A-game— and some very strangely shaved facial hair — for his first time hosting Saturday Night Live . In the most memorable sketches of the evening, The Dark Knight Rises actor played the son of the Dos Equis beer's faux spokesman, the self-styled Most Interesting Man in the World. Among his special abilities? He can make a woman cringe just by entering a room and he can almost do a 180 on his razor scooter. So why did he make Tres Equis Beer? "Because he was never....

'SNL' Paints Romney as Racist in 'Fox & Friends' Sketch (Video)

"Saturday Night Live" is taking harder shots at Mitt Romney: After months of portraying the Republican candidate as merely out-of-touch, the show presented him in a political special Thursday as a relentless and casual racist.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: 'SNL' Hype Man

It's times like these we can't help but wonder if Lorne Michaels isn't secretly a 25-year-old woman. This weekend, "Saturday Night Live" will welcome two of our most favoritests: host Joseph Gordon-Levitt and musical guest Mumford & Sons. Yeah, we're swooning already. Read More...

'Saturday Night Live': Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a ninja; Paul Rudd is afraid of donkeys

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is hosting "Saturday Night Live" Sept. 22, his second time hosting the show, with musical guest Mumford & sons. In the promos, "Jogolev," as Jason Sudeikis calls him, alternately promises to cut himself in half during his monologue, tells us that he's a ninja and then decides to do a sequel to "Looper" called "Scooper," where he goes back in time and picks up all the dog poop he didn't pick up. It's a redemption story.Below, Paul Rudd plays seven minutes in heaven with Mike O'Brien. Rudd is asked about the journey of Polish Jews in America and also says his favorite dessert is cherries jubilee. He also says he does not laser his butthole hair. He uses an old-fashioned straight razor. Dry. "It's the way [his] papa taught [him]." He's also afraid of donkeys.Okey dokey....

'Saturday Night Live' premiere: How do you like the new Obama? Watch Jay Pharoah's cold open

"Saturday Night Live" ushered in a new presidential administration in its Sept. 15 season premiere when Jay Pharoah took the podium in place of outgoing impersonator Fred Armisen After addressing "his" daughters and telling Sasha and Malia to go to bed, Pharoah's Barack Obama says, "I do that to remind you that I have two adorable young daughters and not five creepy adult sons," referring to his Republican opponent Mitt Romney. Pharoah nearly nails POTUS' cadence and mannerisms, even in his rendition of the Sanford & Son theme song (to describe our economy) while interspersing clips of his "secret weapon" and "Christmas miracle" Jason Sudeikis' clownish Romney and Taran Killam as GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan. Watch the cold open below and tell us what you think of the new presidential candidates!...

Saturday Night Live Premieres With Host Seth MacFarlane

Tonight Saturday Night Live returns to our small screens to kick off its 38 th season and unlike premieres of the past which chose to use an SNL veteran to mark the occasion, tonight’s host is a Saturday Night Live newbie. Funny man Seth MacFarlane will take the stage tonight hosting for his first time with musical guest Frank Ocean. Typically known by audiences for his deep sounding and sarcastic dialogue in characters such as Stewie on The Family Guy and that inappropriate teddy bear in last summer’s hit movie ‘Ted,’ it will be a change of pace for viewers  to see him live and in person. As fans of Saturday Night Live well know, hosting SNL can be a challenge even for the most talented of actors. Studio 8 has seen its fair share of huge first time host successes such as last season’s Jason Segal and perhaps, an even greater deal of serious tanks (hello Channing Tatum), so the question is, which of these categories will MacFarlane fall into after tonight’s performance? With so much experience in both comedy writing and comedic delivery, Seth should be able to knock out a pretty solid show tonight as long as performing live doesn’t throw him off. This season Saturday Night Live has also scheduled returning host Joseph Gordon-Levitt and first timer Daniel Craig to host upcoming shows in late September and early October. Saturday Night Live airs at 11:30/10:30c on NBC.

'SNL' Promo: Seth MacFarlane Reveals His Teddy Bear's Dirty Name (Video)

The man behind "Ted" and "Family Guy" hosts the NBC show's season opener, which includes musical guest Frank Ocean.

'SNL': Jay Pharoah Replacing Fred Armisen as Obama (Video)

"Saturday Night Live" impersonator extraordinaire Jay Pharoah is taking on the role of President Obama this season, replacing Fred Armisen, who has played Obama since the last election.