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Spotlight On TV Shows That Have Outstayed Their Welcome - Featured

Television is one of the world's favorite entertainment pastimes, and every year dozens of networks try their best to win the viewer's hearts and their precious time. The competition gets fierce in the fall when all the major shows come back, and everyone is always looking for the next big hit. In time, however, those shows that we once loved or thought so well of begin to show signs of age and wear. Sure we enjoyed their adventures for the first few seasons, but all good things must come to an end ... some of them sooner than others. Here's a look at some of the shows that have outstayed their welcome and should seriously think of retiring before their memory is more annoying than nostalgic: - Spotlight On TV Shows That Have Outstayed Their Welcome Photo courtesy of

Scrubs Rounds Out Season 9 Cast - Featured

As we have already read about in great detail, Scrubs will be a very different show when it returns to ABC in 2010. Gone (minus a few episodes) will be Zach Braff, as well as Sacred Heart as the show's chief setting. Replacing this will be a medical school/teaching setting, with Donald Faison and John C. McGinley taking over duties as the series' leads. We already knew that Eliza Coupe - Denise from last season - would be sticking around the series - and now we have 3 additional faces that will be joining her: Dave Franco (Left) as "Cole, a charming, conservative, confidently stupid and incredibly entitled medical student whose family donated a wing to the school." Franco appeared previously on Privileged , Greek and Do Not Disturb . Michael Mosley (Center) as "Drew, a scruffy and attractive thirysomething med student, who is getting his second shot at medical school after a major meltdown 10 years ago when he was a top candidate at Harvard Medical School." Mosley recently appeared on Kings , and was also seen in The Proposal and Kidnapped . Kerry Bishe (Right) as "Lucy, a 22-year-old first-year med student who is an attractive all-American girl and the first in her close-knit family of commercial fishermen to go to college." Bishe is a relative newcomer, but made appearances in Virtuality , Royal Pains and Life on Mars . What do you think of the new Scrubs cast members? Source 1 and Source 2

Scrubs: Why Turk is the New Mr. Belding

Full Post The remarkably resilient Scrubs is coming back next season as a very different series. With Zach Braff no longer a series regular, the show is being completely overhauled, now focusing on a medical school where familiar faces Turk (Donald Faison) and Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) teach. I recently sat down with Faison to discuss this new incarnation of Scrubs, and what it will be like for J.D.'s best buddy/"Chocolate Bear" Turk to take on his new responsibilities. And while Scrubs actually won't be officially changing titles, Faison was quick to give the new version of the show a humorous title, as you'll see below. Faison has also appeared in the past on his friend Seth Green's Robot Chicken, and discussed his work on that show, along with Green and his Robot Chicken collaborators' upcoming series - the Voltron inspired Titan Maximum. IGN TV: When do you go back to work on Scrubs? Donald Faison: August 31st is the first day we shoot. There's a read through coming up and a picnic tomorrow - the Scrubs / Cougar Town picnic. [Editor's Note: Cougar Town is Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence's new series] It's been a year since I've worked on that show, so it's kind of weird to go back. Literally, a year. Usually it's like six months off, but it's been a year since we actually filmed anything for Scrubs, so I'm a little excited. IGN: I'd imagine it must be a little strange, because two years ago, before the writers' strike, you thought you would be wrapping up Scrubs. And then a year ago, it seemed like okay, that would be the final season... Faison: This isn't the same Scrubs. This is Scrubs: The New Class. It's sort of like Saved by the Bell: The New Class.. I'm Belding though. I'm not Screech. IGN: [Laughs] So does that make Cox Screech? Faison: Cox is definitely Screech. I'm Mr. Belding. IGN: What did you think when Bill [Lawrence] and the network came to you with the idea for this new version of the show? Faison: Well, I had already agreed to do another show called The Law, with Cedric the Entertainer. It didn't go, unfortunately. So it was up in the air whether I was going to be able to do Scrubs or not. And at the last minute, it worked out. Bill never really came to me. It was like, "We're going to do this show. Do you want to do it?" I got a call from ABC and they were like, "Do you want to do the show?" I was like, "What's the show?" They said, "We're thinking about doing Scrubs: The New Class." I was like, "Yeah, I'll do it!" Kelsey Grammer had a small part on Cheers and then wound up going on to do Fraiser, where he made a crapload of money and it's probably some of his best work to date. So anytime you get the opportunity to work, I suggest you take it. So I took it. IGN: You've played this character for a long time, but do you think it will be interesting to have him in a new scenario? You're actually shooting the show in a different place now too! Faison: It'll be awesome. We're on the same lot as Cougar Town, so it'll be an even bigger family. And we were getting so sick and tired of that abandoned hospital! There was a really bad asbestos problem in that hospital, and we didn't take care of it while we were there. IGN: So good luck to the next guy? Faison: Yeah, good luck to whoever goes there next! But yeah, it kind of got old, so this makes it even more exciting. It makes the show feel new, because we're on a different lot and stuff like that. IGN: Do you know how much we'll see Carla and Turk's home life? Faison: I don't know. I know Zach [Braff], myself and Johnny [John C. McGinley] have signed on for a lot of episodes. Zach's signed on for six, I've signed on for all of them and so has Johnny. I don't know how often we'll see Sarah [Chalke]'s character, I don't know how often we'll see Judy [Reyes]'s character.

Scrubs Star All Set To Welcome Her First Child â?? A Baby Girl!

Hey everyone! While our favorite, Scrubs TV show is undergoing some serious changes, the life of one of its stars is also on the verge of undergoing a drastic change. Yes friends, I am talking about none other than Judy Reyes. The actress is currently in the third trimester of her pregnancy and she has recently received the good news that she will be giving birth to a female child. This is going to be the first experience of parenthood for Judy and her boyfriend George Valencia. The actress, who portrays the character of Nurse Carla Espinosa on Scrubs TV show, has said that she was feeling great and taking pleasure in a pregnancy which has been free of any complications, other than a little morning sickness she had experienced in the first trimester. The news about the pregnancy of this actress from Scrubs, who was earlier married to married to writer/director Edwin M. Figueroa, was first revealed in June. Coming from an all girl family, Judy was reported as saying that even though everyone was praying for her to have a boy, she had felt long back that her baby would be a girl and that is what it turned out to be. In keeping with her pregnancy, some changes had to be made in Judy’s character on Scrubs. Although she will not be a part of the regular cast in the upcoming ninth season of the show, she will surely be seen making several guest appearances throughout the new season. Commenting on the preparations that she and George have made to welcome their little angel, the actress said that although the couple has not started with anything as yet, but they plan to get a nursery ready in the next month. It seems right as well, since Judy’s due date is in November. But, let us congratulate this wonderful actress, who has impressed us through her role on Scrubs, across all its eight seasons, as we wait for her early return on Scrubs TV show! Source :

Scrubs: Will the Title Change and Will The Janitor Return?

During the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour panel for ABC's new Patricia Heaton comedy pilot The Middle, series star Neil Flynn talked briefly about his chances for returning to Scrubs, as the show moves into its unexpected 9th season and changes locales and core cast [Click here to read about Dr. Cox and Turk teaching at Medical School next season on Scrubs!] So what's the fate of Flynn's beloved Janitor? Well, he's "moved to Indiana and has 3 nice children," joked Flynn, tying the character into his new fatherly character on The Middle. "Yeah, there's a good chance I'll pop up on Scrubs," confessed Flynn. Flynn then laughed about the situation. "We were done," he noted. "The show ended and were free to go and find other employment, but then it started up again." Flynn stated that he was focused and excited about his new show, but that he'd show up on Scrubs just to put a little close-out on his character, especially since other original cast members like Zach Braff ("J.D."), Sarah Chalke ("Elliot"), Judy Reyes ("Carla") and Ken Jenkins ("Kelso") will most likely pop up during the season. "I'm done with Scrubs," Flynn smiled, "but I'll probably show up one more time." UPDATE: Later in the day, IGN TV asked ABC's President Steve McPherson about the changes to Scrubs. A few weeks ago, we'd heard there would likely be some alteration/addition to the title, to differentiate it from what's come before, but McPherson said, "We're not changing the title." McPherson noted it would be "a different show in the construct," with more focus on teaching, but added, "It will have the same character dynamics that you saw before." McPherson noted there would be a bigger roles for some peripheral characters in Season 9 (we know Eliza Coupe's "Denise" AKA "Jo" is now a regular) and said there would also be new characters as well. As for Zach Braff, who has agreed to do six episodes this year, McPherson said, "We'll try to convince him to do more" while stressing the show would have "The same tone and same comedy that you're used to." Source

Some news on Scrubs season 9

all of this is true and is gathered from the message boards on 1. Will be set in a Medical School with Dr Cox and Turk as Med School Professors 1 2. The show has been picked up for 18 episodes. 2 3. The show will stay single camera and shot on a studio lot in Culver City. 3 + 4 4. Zach Braff (J.D.) will appear in the first 6 episodes for a transitional phase. 5 5. Sarah Chalke (Elliot) confirmed on Fox & Friends she is back, but not for how long. Rumoured to be 6 episodes. 6 6. Judy Reyes (Carla) and Ken Jenkins (Bob Kelso) will make guest appearances 7 7. Bill Lawrence (Scrubs Creator) will still be involved 8 While Josh Bycel will act as the new Co-Showrunner. 18. 8. The show probably get a name change of sorts, that will include Scrubs but distinguish it from the old show. 9 9. My Finale is a Series Finale to Bill Lawrence. 10 10. Christa Miller (Jordan) will be able to appear due to filming Cougar Town next door. 11 11. Neil Flynn (The Janitor) probably wont appear due to his new show The Middle which starts on ABC this September. 12 12. There will be a big name casting 13 All the med students will be new castings 14 13. Eliza Coupe (Denise/Jo) is now a series regular, (congratulations if you read this board) 15 14. Denise will probably become Chief Resident at Sacred Heart, meaning its probably two - three years in the future. 16 15. Scrubs will return in the late Fall/Autumn 17 16. Once rumoured Lauren Graham as a future cast member wont be happening. 18 Thanks to remlap1986 for the post

Possible 'Scrubs' Spoiler...

To be honest, I am probably not going to watch the new season of 'Scrubs' -At least, that was my initial thought. Until I heard this: Lauren Graham ( Gilmore Girls , Bad Santa ) is considered for the new Scrubs!! Nothing is decided yet, but we might as well cross our fingers I would love to see her go head-to-head with Dr Cox, that would be some rant. Could this work for you? or what would have to be done?

Scrubs Is Headed to the Classroom - Featured

Big changes are ahead for the Little Show that Cannot Die, Scrubs ! Next season - the show's 9th - which save for a few episodes will no longer star Zach Braff (and Sarah Chalke as of now is gone entirely) - will not be set primarily at Sacred Heart. Instead - returning regulars John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox) and Donald Faison (Turk) will be playing med school professors. Says creator Bill Lawrence: "It's going to be a different show. It'll still be life-and-death stakes, but if the show is just Scrubs again in the hospital with a different person's voiceover, it would be a disaster and people would be mad." However, Sacred Heart will not be totally absent. Explains Lawrence: "Med students in their first three years have to spend anywhere from 10 to 50 percent of their time at a hospital. And that's when you'll see some of the [original cast members]. Continuity-wise, Sacred Heart will still exist with those people still working there." So what do you think? Will this new format work? I think it sounds like an interesting idea. For me, the hardest thing to accept will be Turk choosing to teach, which I don't think fits so well with his character (Dr. Cox, however, makes perfect sense). Read more from EW: 'Scrubs' shocker: School's in, hospital's out!

Scrubs: Will Sarah Chalke Return? - Featured

From E!Online: "Is the quirky and adorable Dr. Elliot Reid scrubbing back in for the ninth season of the hit ABC series? The short answer? She's still not sure. But the long answer is more fun anyway, right? The lovely Sarah Chalke is one busy lady. She's making the rounds promoting her new Lifetime miniseries, Maneater . She's still a shoo-in to drop by CBS's How I Met Your Mother . And, unfortunately, she's also still up in the air about that offer to return to ABC's just-renewed Scrubs. Read why here: Scrubs: Is Sarah Chalke Returning?

Scrubs Boss Ponders New Cast, New Setting

ABC's Scrubs might be scrubbing much of its original cast and setting, as series creator Bill Lawrence ponders ways to bring back the renewed series. At a press conference announcing the network's lineup for the 2009-10 season, ABC Entertainment president Steve McPherson could only confirm that Zach Braff would be back - and only for a half-dozen episodes, to be sprinkled across the new season's first 13. Sarah Chalke had yet to ink a deal when spoke to her on Friday, and Neil Flynn (aka The Janitor) just saw his new sitcom The Middle (where he plays husband to Patricia Heaton) picked up by ABC. The participation of other Scrubs originals is up in the air as well. But Scrubs' Season 9 might look different in ways besides its cast. McPherson said that Lawrence is considering two scenarios for what he calls the series "next generation," one of which is "a complete rethink" that would move the setting away from Sacred Heart Hospital. McPherson, though, shot down talk that Scrubs would switch from being a single-camera comedy to a more traditional multi-camera series as being not true. Source Here