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Shameless Promo: What's Sean Hiding?!?

Will the Gallaghers really lose their home? There's a possibility, but on Shameless Season 6 Episode 4 , Fiona rallies the clan together to help her keep it. Will they emerge victorious, or will they be thrown out in the cold? I can't wait to find out. Elsewhere, Frank makes Debbie fully aware that she's going to need a man to help support her with the baby and sets up a date for her, but you need to watch the full video to find out who with!    Read More...

17 Times Shameless Proved It Was The Funniest Show On TV

Shameless is the funniest show on television. It's been on the air for six seasons, but the laughs have never stopped. You'd be hard pressed to find an episode that doesn't make you laugh uncontrollably. It effortlessly manages to be both dramatic and funny at the same time. Remember the time Veronica woke up to Svetlana performing her "wifely duties?" That's just one of many hilarious moments in the gallery ahead.   Read More....

Shameless Picture Preview: The Con Is On!

Will Frank ever stop screwing the system? If the pictures for Shameless Season 6 Episode 4 are to be believed then no. If it wasn't bad enough that he schooled Debbie on how to screw the system last week, it looks like he's schooling her this week on theft. Then there's Fiona, who has her hands full with Carl and his latest criminal activity. Add in the fact that she's pregnant and things aren't going too well with Sean. She's in a bit of a pickle.    Read More...

Shameless Music Video: Gus' (Super Catchy!) Revenge Song About Fiona

Fionas scorned hubby Gus wanted to be heard on Sundays Shameless, and he certainly was loud and clear! when he performed a scathing tune in front of his estranged wife and a club full of onlookers. Titled The F Word the F is for Fiona, among other, not-so-nice things the ditty []

Shameless Preview: Fiona's Husband Is Back And He's Not Happy!

As if Shameless Fiona didnt have enough on her plate, what with her unexpected baby news and her current boyfriend Seans drug relapse. In this Sundays episode (Showtime, 9/8c), Gus, the scorned husband she never divorced, returns and the reunion is far from cordial. Theres definitely some anger, definitely some bitterness well-earned, by []

Shameless Picture Preview: Trouble In Paradise?

This show will seriously never have an episode with everyone calm for the entirety of it. On Shameless Season 6 Episode 3 , things are icy with Fiona and Sean. If there's anything that Fiona should know right about now, it's that dating your boss never works out. She needs to ditch the relationship or she's going to fall back into the reckless person she was on Shameless Season 4 . She's come a long way since then, but no one will like her if she goes back to the way she was. She needs to be the Fiona we all love. It looks like she'll finally make it up with Debbie after all the debating about the baby.   Read More...

Shameless Boss on Fiona's Discovery: 'She Doesn't Want [Spoiler]'

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Sundays episode of Shameless Shameless dropped another bombshell on viewers during Sunday nights episode but the latest baby twist didnt belong to mother-to-be Debbie. While getting drug tested for her new job promotion, Fiona learned that shes pregnant. First of all, we wanted to show real life, executive []

Shameless Picture Preview: Fight Club

Is there ever a dull moment on Shameless? If the pictures for Shameless Season 6 Episode 2 are to be believed, then no. Debbie's pregnancy bombshell looks like it's going to have a halo effect throughout the rest of the season and in the pictures below, you can see that her and Fiona are from close to burying the hatchet. That's unless of course you roll around in the grass to bury the hatchet. South Side rules and all.   Read More...

Showtime's 'Shameless' Renewed for Seventh Season

The series recently kicked off its sixth season with its most-watched premiere.   Read More...

Why It's Okay That Shameless Killed TV's Best Same-Sex Relationship

It's okay to mourn Ian and Mickey, but from a narrative standpoint, this ending had to happen for the sake of Ian's story.   Read More...