Shameless Season 3 Episode 11 “Order Room Service”

Shameless “Order Room Service” Season 3 episode 11 airs Sunday March 31 2013 at 9 pm on Showtime. Episode synopsis: Shameless Season 3 Episode 11 “Order Room Service” – Fiona takes the kids camping, while homeless Frank tries to get Carl to sneak him into the Gallagher van for the night. READ MORE...

Shameless 3.11 Sneak Peeks: Lip Goes to Kev About Mandy

The Gallagher family has been through quite a lot in the three seasons of Shameless, to the point where the latest shocking event barely registers compared to their past endeavors. Although they may initially want to panic or curl into a ball until the hurricane passes, they very quickly pull themselves together and help one another out for the good of the rest of the family, bonding through the tragedy they experience like very few families have to. However, when Lip found out that Mandy ran Karen down with her car, he didn't quite know how to react, what to do, or where to begin regarding his relationship with her. READ MORE...