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See you later Smallville

The CW filled a dark Hollywood nightclub to tell us that it's time to say good-bye to Superman. The series chronicling the humble origins of our favorite superhero is coming to a close and the final season will be part of the Fall 2010 line-up. The reality behind a life devoted to fighting crime and all the challenges he and his family of friends faced in between, will wrap up the most successful comic book to small screen crossover, wrapping Clark Kent's world before the tights and flights he would eventually take in order to keep the human race out of harm's way. With so much Iron man out there- did Superman have a future beyond these years? Most bands don't break up soon enough- Smallville seems to have found their sweet spot and will take their bow right on time. Nothing is more enjoyable than making a happy ending out of a timely exit, and the 10 seasons in the can is enough to make anybody smile.

Was that a finale or what!

That left us with such a cliff hanger!! And did ye see the suit who have thought that superman got his suit from his mom!


just seen the preview of next weeks episode and MY GOD IM EXCITED. martha kent being the red queen? i never would have guessed that. i personally thought it was going to be someone new. also, not sure as its not a clear picture of who it is, but i think just MAYBE clark finally learns to fly next week. after all. this weeks show ended where all the kandorians flew away. so clark HAS TO LEARN soon if he has any chance of beating them. bottom line is a cant wait for clark to finally learn to fly and the return of martha kent who has had a serious change in personality... i just hope they explain how she became the red queen.

What happened to Lana Lang

loll it's almost if the writers didn't know that people who were watching would have an Alternative idea for episodes. Lana absorbed so much Kryptonite that Clark couldn't even be in the same room as her. Also with Lana's Super Speed, Super Strength and Bulletproof skin with no weakness, she could have easily stopped Zod and his army in Episode 9. She doesn't have any morality issues like clark. Haha it was only one year in the future, it's not like Lana grew old and died =|. Yeah most of the links to get to most of the episodes are directed to something completely different or doesn't work at all. Trust worthy, working links would be more appericated.


Whoever organizes the links is on idiot. Why post 13 different megavidio links when you know none of them work yet. And on top of that you people feel the need to put them on top and not let you delete them. WHY POST A LINK TO A VIDEO THAT IS GOING TO BE CONVERTING FOR 2 AND HALF HOURS? And you do it for every tv show nealy every night lately. Come on people get it together. Your site is about LINKS for god sake. You think you could at least get that right.


i can finde smallville season 9 episode 1...10 .so if anyone have this episode please leave a comment thank you:D

clark is a fool

zod is getting on my last nerves...i no his ass would have gotten power and clark is jus as stupid to a have trust in him. Oliver be wising up can't wait for the next episode

i'm not too sure

i am kinda new to this whole thing, but how do i actually watch the new episodes, i created an account and i want to watch smallville. how do i do it?

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'Smallville': O Rau, Where Art Thou?

The Sacred Book of Rau: source of neverending platitudes--and apparently a necessary component for the completion of Zod's turbo tower. So the questions remains... Where art thou hidden Rau? If one believes Zod, Jor-El left the book on earth. Following the breadcrumbs, one might then identify the object Jor-El retrieved from the Kent farm during the episode "Kandor" as this book--or an essential map or key for uncovering the book. But with Jor-El dead, the cetainty of those answers lies buried with him. To Read more Click Here .