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Is it taking to long for Clark to gain his full potential?

I love Smallville! But as a regular, I'm getting tired of the same old Clark Kent. The show has evolved to the point that Clark is hardly necessary anymore. Get him up to speed with the rest of the cast and move on with the second best show on T.V. (#1 Two and a Half Men).


Tonights show was just awsome, by far the best episode Smallville ever in my opinion. Instead of doing the predictable thing and killing off Lana they added a great twist with her and clark never being able to be close again. Great writing tonight. The person they got to play Lex was such a dead ringer for Michael Rosenbaum it was scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anywho

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Prometheus / lana

ok i know smallville doesn't exactly follow the main series but isnt clark suppose to end up with Louis, i hate lana with a passion and the though of her having power pisses me off.... and i dont get this whole lex thing... from what i see in the preview hes back in next episode but i refuse to believe so easily lana got the suit just like that???? when in gods name is clark going to wake up... i mean serious 8 season? chasing the same f###ing girl? and all of a sudden once lana comes back louis is no where to be found after chloe said please dont hurt my cousin he didnt even give a f###..... lana truly makes me wanna stop watching smallville.... i hope and pray in the next episode that she is dead and stays dead...///// is it me or can anyone????? or can anyone shed some light please.

wow on episode power.

I was not expecting Lana to get powers o.O i mean isnt Clark supposed to be with Lois by now or what? thats what im waiting for is the superman story to start. but it looks like Lana is back for now but i actually like her more for now.

australian viewers

i was just wondering if any one in the U.S or in any country over than australia could link some sites that have episodes 11 and 12 here because we cant view them from the sites that are here already

Smallville- episode 12 discussion

This episode was absolute horrid. It was boring. The whole good cop bad cop message could have been a good idea, but it was executed poorly, and I just found myself completely not caring at all. Lois freaking ruins episodes she isn't in. Chloe gets one scene, and it's dedicated to be about LOIS I could go on... I might later. I don't know. This was TERRIBLE. Down there with Subterranian, Sleeper, Committed, and Trespass. But thank god next episode is the last for lana and really the kiss between lana and clark was a goodbye kiss.

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Is CHLOE really over CLARK and vise versa ?

I don't think Chloe is really and truly over Clark. And it also appears that Clark is not quite over Chloe either in the "Plastique" when they hugged at the end. They may both trying to ignore and resist the passion that they have for one another, but it is still there. Should they form a partnership and explore the possibilities? I always thought they would be best together from the first season and on.

Enough with Megavideo!

seriously people ! stop uploading at megavideo! it's a waist of time (you all know why), and i'll get an aneurysm soon. don't get me wrong, i love you guys for giving us (the non-us-citizens) the opportunity to watch our shows, but i'm tired to search for links, and all i can find are megavideo-vids... i'll tell you a secret... come closer to your screen... supernova is the new megavideo. pssst.....